Cellulite can massage: how to use it correctly

Winter time is drawing to a close. Spring will come and summer will follow. And that means it will become warm and you can go on vacation to the sea or a river, sunbathe, swim. And here we recall that the winter holidays brought us not only pleasant memories, but also a couple of extra pounds.

And after inspecting summer clothes, it turns out: the swimsuit does not lie very well, the miniskirt fits the hips too much and emphasizes the rounded sides. And what’s the most unpleasant – cellulite appeared, such tubercles and dimples, popularly called orange peel.

Of course, losing extra pounds is not difficult. You can go on a diet, go to the gym.

But what to do with cellulite?

And unfortunately, this phenomenon happens not only in chubby women. It can appear against the background of hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, in connection with a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle.

But every woman so wants to have a beautiful figure, so as not to be ashamed to wear a swimsuit or miniskirt. What to do in this situation? Of course, the right way of life, constant and intense physical activity are mandatory in the fight against this scourge. And besides this, anti-cellulite massage will help eliminate the nasty crust..

Cupping massage at home: fighting cellulite

You can go through a similar procedure in any beauty salon. But, unfortunately, not every woman has the opportunity to visit SPA salons. But everyone wants to be beautiful. Therefore, today we will tell you how to make a cellulite can massage.

It is also worth noting the fact that such a procedure at home will suit absolutely everyone, unlike the salon. Carrying out such a manipulation tones the muscles, the skin becomes elastic, tightens.

So let’s find out what is a can massage, and how to do it at home. It is also worth noting the fact that massage by banks, by the principle of its action, is also called vacuum massage. During the session, ordinary medical glass or plastic, silicone cans are used, within which a vacuum is created. During the procedure, banks moving around the skin act irritatingly on it, which has a therapeutic effect.

As a result, the following occurs:

  • blood circulation improves;
  • cellular metabolism returns to normal;
  • skin becomes more elastic;
  • muscle performance improves;
  • manifestations of cellulite are reduced or completely disappear.

And now let’s dwell on the question of how to properly do such a manipulation of cellulite. To carry it out, it is better to use a special plastic jar ordinary, or with a rubber bulb on top. By squeezing the can creates a vacuum.

A glass jar is less preferable – a burning cotton swab is used to create a vacuum. There is a risk of a mini-burn. For this reason, it is not recommended to make a similar session with a glass jar at home. So if you want to get rid of the orange peel only with the help of glass jars, then it is better to do such a manipulation with a professional.

Do not forget that the area of ​​the body on which the procedure will be carried out is preferably lubricated with cream or oil. So you protect your skin from damage. The jar is applied to the body in a compressed form, the skin is absorbed. Light pain occurs.

Attention! If you experience too much pain, then the session should be stopped immediately. After all, if you squeezed the skin too much, then at best you will have bruises, getting rid of which will be very difficult.

Further, the bank moves with smooth, careful circular or zigzag movements. Remember, the direction of movement of the banks should be with the flow of lymph. Pay attention to the fact that the can version can be used even if you notice a little cellulite on your hands. True, in this case you will need to purchase special small jars.

Another feature of a can massage for cellulite for hands is that the direction should be from the hands to the elbows, and then from the elbows to the shoulders. Otherwise, the effectiveness of such manipulation will be very small.

Rules for holding can massage at home

In order for such a procedure to be effective and not turn out so that you mocked your skin to no avail, you need to know several rules, the execution of which makes the session successful and harmless to your body.

These rules include:

Before starting the procedure, we warm up the muscles and body through the shower;

to easily slip the jar, the skin must be lubricated with oil. Thus, by the way, you will also protect your skin from bruising;

skin is allowed to retract no more than 1-1.5 cm to prevent hemorrhage. Hemorrhage can lead not only to bruising, but also to blood clots. And this, as you understand, will not lead to anything good;

movement by the bank is preferably done clockwise in a circular motion;

if severe pain occurs, discharge the vacuum under the can. Remember that severe pain may indicate an approaching hemorrhage. But for you and me this is completely useless;

the maximum session duration is fifteen minutes. The first time is recommended to do no more than five minutes. In general, you need to understand that any, even the safest procedure should not last too long. Otherwise, you risk harming your body..

And one more thing: it is better to make a vacuum option every other day and carry out such a procedure in the first half of the day so that there are no problems with falling asleep. The course should not exceed ten twelve procedures, since it is also not worth creating excess stress for your skin and blood vessels.

Cellulite can massage: indications and contraindications

Like all other home cosmetics, can massage has its own indications and contraindications. Anti-cellulite massage is indicated if you have a subcutaneous fat layer, the skin has lost firmness and elasticity. Such a tool is also excellent if you have certain muscle fatigue..

But before starting the massage procedure, you should carefully read the contraindications. After all, the principle of any procedure is not to harm.

So, you can not use this procedure if you have such diseases:

  • thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, the presence of a capillary network;
  • poor blood coagulation;
  • gallstone, urolithiasis or other diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage, tuberculosis;
  • any skin diseases. Pay attention to the fact that even the smallest irritation on the skin also applies here. Even if you have a small pimple, we recommend that you wait until it disappears;
  • the presence of a tumor (even benign);
  • the presence of moles in the massage area;
  • hypertension. During such a procedure, the pressure will definitely begin to increase, and if it is already quite high with you, it will not end in anything good;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • acute infection. In this case, we recommend that you just wait a bit and carry out a similar procedure after a full recovery;
  • pregnancy and several months after birth.

Jar anti-cellulite massage Absolutely forbidden carry out on the genitals, in the groin, in the region of the spine, mammary glands, in the region of the heart and kidneys, on the inner surface of the thighs and hands, under the knees, armpits, in the subclavian region, in the region of the lymph nodes. Remember that neglecting the rules and contraindications can be dangerous to your health..

As you can see, the use of cellulite can massage can be quite effective..

But before using it, you should very carefully study the list of contraindications we have provided. After all, the main thing is to become beautiful without harm to health. Good luck!

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