How to perform self-massage

Performing an independent body massage will help to strengthen health, increase blood circulation, and improve well-being. Self-massage is performed in your free time, without rushing, well kneading all areas along the massage lines of the body.

Where to start – diagram:


lower legs;






In this order, we do body massage, paying attention to the joints. Make a massage cream or oil.

To perform massages in the hips, you can apply anti-cellulite products. So let’s get started.

To perform a foot massage, stretch your feet by stroking and rubbing. Now sit comfortably and grab the feet with both hands. Place your thumbs on the upper part of the foot. In a circular motion, perform self-massage from the ankle to the fingers, and in the reverse order. Next, rub the sole with your fist. Bend and unbend fingers alternately.

We pass to the lower leg. Sit and bend your knees. Grasp the shin with both hands – place one hand in front and the other behind. Rub your feet up and down. Now place your thumbs on the front side, the rest on the back and massage in a circular motion from the knee joint to the bottom and back. Remember the calves.

Massage lines on the hips

Massage of the hips from cellulite is performed by longitudinal and transverse kneading. Sit on the floor, bend your knees slightly. Stroke the hips – the inside and the outside. Rub in a circular motion longitudinally and across. Try to grab the folds and squeeze them. Mind your thigh as hard as possible, but don’t overdo it.

Finish the procedure by stroking from the bottom up, before reaching the groin. Massage body lines from cellulite with cans. Vacuum massage corrects the figure, eliminates stretch marks and improves tissue elasticity.

Next are the brushes. Start by stroking from the fingers to the forearm. Massages are performed with the palm and fingers of the second hand. Now rub the palm of your hand with a small pillow in a circular motion, each finger individually – pads. Then the wrist joint and the back.

Now massage your forearms and elbows.

Continue massaging your chest.

Stroking is done from the solar plexus and sideways. We hold the hand on the processed part freely, lowering it down. Rub slowly without rushing.

We pass to the stomach. Lie comfortably on a hard surface. Start by stroking lightly. Then do circular movements clockwise. First with a slight pressure, then gradually increase. Now with your fingers gently crush the skin of the abdomen.

To strengthen the abdominal muscles, twist the hula-hoop and swing the abs.

And last do a head massage. It can not be performed with hypertension and purulent inflammation on the skin. Appointment – improvement of blood circulation and nutrition of skin cells. Influence no more than 15 minutes.


  • free the neck from the collars and cover the shoulders with a cloak;
  • lubricate the skin of the neck and head with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or vodka;
  • if hair is long, rub vodka into the skin with your fingers;
  • dry hair before applying alcohol with cosmetic oils – olive, burdock, almond, optional.

With the thumb and forefinger of both hands, massage the line of the superciliary arches, the action is performed from the bridge of the nose, following to the temples. Make up to 10 such movements.

Now place your fingertips on your whiskey and gently massage your skin in circular motions.

We turn to the scalp. Fingers push your hair and massage your head in a circular motion.

After completing the massage techniques, we put a plastic bag or a rubber cap on our heads. The oil applied earlier will saturate the hair with the missing vitamins and moisture, and the alcohol base will enhance growth. After an hour, rinse your head with hot water using shampoo.

Better yet, take a contrast shower. Dry the body with a towel and apply a softening cream or baby oil on the surface of the skin. We apply an anti-cellulite gel or cream on the hips. The scheme of body massage lines can be found on the Internet..

Self-massage contraindications

There are many contraindications, so before such procedures, assess the state of health or consult with professional massage therapists.

Do not massage:

  • in acute heart failure;
  • with diseases of the blood, heart;
  • psychological abnormalities;
  • during skin diseases, pustules, rashes, acne;
  • with pulmonary edema, renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • with irritation on the skin, psoriasis, neurodermatitis.

To refuse the procedure, one contraindication from this list is enough. If you are doing well in this regard, feel free to proceed with the procedure!