How to choose a good depilator?

The issue of removing excess vegetation on the body is of concern to many women today, so the selection of a good tool for depilation is quite relevant. It becomes especially sharp in the summer, when it is time to pack on the beach or wear short sundresses.

How to choose the depilator correctly and get a good result, this will be discussed in our article.

Depilation. Highlights

Today, there are many ways to remove body hair. One of the most popular methods is depilation – the procedure for removing unwanted vegetation using special chemicals.

Most often, this role is played by a depilatory cream, which is applied to a selected area of ​​the skin, penetrates the base of the hair and destroys keratin. After this, the hair becomes brittle, dissolves at the root and is easily removed..

This type of depilation meets the basic requirements of modern women and is:

  • Effective;
  • Quick;
  • Painless.

It should be noted that the depilator does not affect the structure of the hair, so this method is temporary. After some time, the hairs grow back, and their thickness and stiffness remain the same.

How to choose a depilator correctly?

The key to a successful procedure for getting rid of excess hair, no doubt, is a good cream. To choose a high-quality “tool” for depilation, you must always pay attention to the expiration date of the goods, which is indicated on the package. After all, an expired product can not only not give the desired result, but also harm delicate female skin.

It is also worth paying attention to the integrity of the packaging and compliance with temperature storage conditions. Since many creams lose their “destructive” properties under prolonged exposure to high temperatures, and buying such a product, you just throw money away.

When choosing a depilation cream, always pay attention to what hair structure it is designed for. Since the product for thin and fair hair is unlikely to produce a visible effect if your hair is hard and dark. Many people miss this moment, guided by the choice of only the price or brand identity..

An important point is the type of your skin, which is going to have a depilation procedure. If the skin is prone to irritation and sensitive enough, then it is worth giving preference to funds with the appropriate parameters. Otherwise, you may get an unpleasant picture in the form of redness on tender places.

The location of the skin on which you are going to remove the hair also matters when choosing a cream. For example, a depilator cream for the face is needed completely different than for the skin of the legs. Since in the first case, the required intensity of exposure to the agent is much lower.

This also applies to those who like to save money. Therefore, if you need a cream for depilation on the face and legs, then you can’t avoid buying two different tubes.

As for brand selection, successful reviews to date have earned funds from companies: Venus, Veet, Cleven and Vikvet. They belong to the middle price category of goods and managed to gain popularity among women.

Arguments for”

Many women prefer hair removal using a cream, so it is worth noting the advantages of this method and listing the main points:

  • Guaranteed painlessness of the procedure. Many people choose depilation with a cream precisely because of this important factor, since using an epilator or wax brings a lot of bitter tears;
  • Affordable price. As a rule, the cost of depilatory cream is in the public domain, so this purchase will not be a big chagrin for your wallet;
  • No skin damage. This type of depilation is completely safe for the skin. You can safely use a depilatory cream to remove hair in the bikini area, without fear of getting cuts and abrasions;
  • It will help everywhere! One of the main advantages of the cream is its wide geography of application. After all, there are often hard-to-reach spots on the body, which are quite difficult to reach with a razor or epilator, so cream is best suited for intimate depilation;
  • High efficiency. As practice and reviews of “experienced” show, the depilation efficiency with a cream is always at its best, regardless of the area of ​​use of the product. The main thing is to choose the right product in accordance with the type, structure and color of the hair, and then you can easily wave his hand goodbye;
  • Modern composition formula. Today, hair removal creams are no longer as aggressive as several decades ago. The improved composition allows you to safely use depilators for sensitive intimate areas, without fear of getting a burn. In addition, many products now have a special hypoallergenic formula and successfully soften the skin after the procedure..


Nothing is perfect in our world, and the method of hair removal using a cream has several disadvantages:

Relatively short effect. As a rule, the smoothness of the skin after depilation is maintained for 3-5 days, and then unexpected hairs begin to break through again;

If depilation rules are not observed, cases of burns, allergic reactions, and skin itching are not uncommon.

The cream is very whimsical to the temperature regime and if the storage conditions are violated, it quickly loses its properties;

The presence of a sharp chemical smell;

When used on black and coarse hair, hair removal is only partially possible..

It is worth refusing to use depilators if:

  • You have a severe allergic reaction or there is an individual intolerance to various components of the cream;
  • At the place of depilation there is damage to the skin, burns or scratches;
  • You suffer from various dermatological diseases (eczema, herpes, acne);
  • There are malignant or benign skin lesions (warts, papillomas);
  • You are expecting a baby or breastfeeding.

Actually, the process itself

In order for the hair removal procedure to be effective, you need to know how to use the depilation cream correctly. First of all, you need to study in detail the instructions for a wonderful remedy and conduct a test for an allergic reaction.

After you should apply the cream with a thin even layer on the selected area and wait a while before the hairs begin to curl. If you are using a facial depilator, then it is usually enough 5 minutes to curl your hair. In the bikini area and on the legs, the wait can be 7-10 minutes.

But remember that you cannot hold the cream on the skin for longer than 10 minutes. This applies to ladies who believe that the longer the product acts on the skin, the stronger the effect of its use. On the contrary, exceeding the established time limit can lead to chemical burns and redness of the skin. And instead of the desired smooth and velvet skin, you risk getting health problems.

After the set time has elapsed, it is necessary to wash off the composition with warm water, and when the skin becomes clean, rinse the depilation site with cooler water. This avoids possible irritation and soothes disturbed hair follicles..

Complete the procedure by applying a moisturizer appropriate to your skin type. You can use special creams that slow down hair growth. You can repeat the removal procedure no earlier than three days later.

Now you are familiar with the basic postulates and secrets of hair removal, so you can no longer worry about the appearance of intrusive hair on the body. You can easily cope with this problem, most importantly, strictly follow the recommendations of cosmetologists and carefully study the instructions before using various creams.

Be beautiful and healthy!