Hiromassage – we are treated and cheer up!

Hiromassage is a successful combination of oriental and classic massage practices. He comes from Spain, so it is also called Spanish massage. Thanks to a huge mixture of styles, he does not have a definite technique, and the massage therapist has the freedom to apply techniques, of which there are about a hundred.


The main thing is that they have a beneficial effect on the human body, and its life support system.

How is massage?

During the Spanish massage, two massage therapists massage the human body, and one massage during the facial massage. Not only fingers and palms are used, but also elbows and forearms.

The main task of the massage therapist is to thoroughly wash all the muscles, remove all kinds of blocks or static tension, and then fill the muscles with vitality. In this case, the massage therapist should be well aware of the anatomical points of a person, for a more beneficial effect on the nervous, muscle, vascular and other systems.

The real pleasure is to watch the work of a professional chiromassage specialist. At this moment he creates like a sculptor, fashioning a new beautiful image from the supple body or face in his hands. A talented chiromassist is able to work miracles with a patient, rejuvenating him, transforming him into a healthy and energetic person.

In the practice of chiromassage, there are several areas:

  • myotensive;
  • neurosedative;
  • hemolymphatic drainage.

Body massage technique

Myotensive technique is primarily aimed at the joints. First, the blocks that are stored in the joints are removed as a consequence of excessive stress, various injuries or stress. Because of this, the muscles around the joint often tighten and block it. The purpose of the massage therapist is to first relax the muscle, and only then act on the joint itself.

The neurosedative technique is indispensable for emotional or mental disorders. It brings relief to people experiencing prolonged stress, suffering from sleep disturbances, emotional overstrain, irritability and irritability.

In addition, such a massage releases endrophins – hormones of joy, acting on the pleasure centers of the brain. This technique includes the calm, monotonous movements of a masseur. Therefore, if you want to have fun, be sure to visit a chiromassage!

Hemolymphatic drainage technique is aimed at the human circulatory system. With this type of massage, the movements of the masseur are slow, wave-like. This technique is perfect for those people who lead an inactive lifestyle and do not want to go to the gym.

The goals of massage

People going to Spanish massage sessions have very different goals. Someone wants to get rid of cellulite, in order to get elastic and smooth skin. Someone in order to prevent, in order to maintain the general condition of the body, increase stress resistance.

Someone turns to massage therapists to improve metabolic processes, normalize the very ill-fated metabolism, which makes a person gain extra pounds.

Body and face chiromassage

The influence of the Spanish chiromassage on the face and body is very beneficial.

After the first and second sessions, many observed a lifting effect. The skin was smoothed, its elasticity was enhanced, spider veins disappeared, the face contour was tightened.

Face and body chiromassage can be done at home, only at the beginning it is worth familiarizing yourself with its technique and taking a few lessons from a professional.


Unfortunately, Spanish massage is not available to everyone. There are contraindications to chiromassage of the body and face. So, patients with burns or wounds, it is better to refrain from massage procedures.

This type of massage is not recommended for people suffering from various types of hernias or exacerbation of osteochondrosis. It is prohibited in oncology, varicose veins, trophic ulcers and other similar diseases..

Decide what you need more – to improve the contours of the face and body, remove cellulite, increase joint mobility, urgently rejuvenate for 5-10 years or overcome protracted stress, and – go to the masseur!