Anti-cellulite baths: we carry out the procedure at home

Such imperfection of the skin as cellulite is familiar to most of the fair sex, regardless of age and body structure. If the orange peel was formed in a full lady, then, most often, with a properly selected diet and physical activity, it is possible to cope with the tubercles on the body without problems.

But if cellulite adorns the skin of a very thin woman, in whom everything is fine with nutrition, then cosmetic procedures will come to the rescue.

One of the effective assistants in the fight against skin imperfections for beauties of any complexion can be called anti-cellulite baths..

We will talk about this procedure.

Procedure Efficiency

Ideally, in order to defeat such an enemy as cellulite, you need to approach the problem comprehensively: monitor nutrition, exercise and conduct beauty procedures. If everything is fine with weight and diet, and skin imperfections do not want to recede, then it is important to organize the right body care.

To do this, it is completely optional to go to an expensive salon, you can do everything at home. Massage, rubbing cream and conducting water procedures for the strength of each lady. The main thing in this matter is systematic and persistence, the only way to defeat the orange peel.

Anti-cellulite baths at home have a beneficial effect on the skin, improving metabolic processes even in places where massage cannot be done, and indeed, which are difficult to work out. Carrying out water procedures will help improve the appearance of the hips, reduce imperfections on the sides and lower back, and restore skin smoothness and silkiness..

Baths help to remove toxins from the body, nourish the epidermis, making it more elastic and toned.

Bath Recipes

To prepare a bath at home that will help overcome cellulite, the following components are most often used:

Sea salt is truly a storehouse of beneficial substances that can nourish your skin. Salt for the anti-cellulite bath is the most common and is sold in any pharmacy or cosmetics department. For cooking, you will need a pound of seafood for 200 liters of water. Its temperature should be no higher than 37 degrees. The procedure is recommended 15–20 minutes. Then you need to take a shower, wipe dry and apply a moisturizer to your skin. Anti-cellulite baths with sea salt perfectly nourish your skin and improve metabolic processes;

Soda. It softens the skin, makes it soft and silky. The easiest option for the procedure with soda is to dilute it in 200 liters of water, the temperature of which should not exceed 38 degrees. You need to take a bath while sitting so that the heart area is not covered with water, the procedure takes a quarter of an hour. Anti-cellulite baths with soda are done in a course of 10 sessions, then you need to take a break of at least 60 days;

Essential oils. They not only help to overcome skin imperfections, but also cheer up, give a charge of vivacity. For the procedure, oils of citrus, coniferous and others are usually used. Just 5-10 drops of an oil substance are enough to carry out the procedure. They can be added directly to the water, but it is better to dilute in a few tablespoons of sour cream. By the way, salt and soda baths are often made with essential oils;

Infusions of herbs. Such procedures nourish your epidermis with vitamins of groups A and E, soothe the nervous system. Add 500 ml of decoction to the water, for example, sage, chamomile, mint or other favorite herbs, you will get a kind of healing bath;

Black tea. It works very well on the skin and helps improve metabolism. Add 350-400 ml to hot water of strong tea leaves and immerse in liquid for no more than 10 minutes. Do not sit longer, or there is a danger of staining the skin in a dark shade;

Honey. It nourishes the epidermis with microelements and vitamins, especially group B, and also helps fight orange peel. For the procedure, fill the bath with warm water and dilute 200 ml of honey there. Immerse yourself in a sweet liquid for a quarter of an hour. Wiping is not recommended;

Milk and butter. These products not only help fight the orange peel, but also tone the skin, make it soft and smooth. To conduct a session, pour 200 ml of milk into warm water, after adding a few drops of blackberry, rose and rosehip oils there. Sit in the bathroom for 15–20 minutes and then take a cool shower.

As you can see, there are a large number of recipes for conducting water procedures. But if you decide to make anti-cellulite baths with essential oils, soda, salt, honey or other components, then first consult with a specialist.

After all, all methods of combating skin imperfections have their contraindications, and everyone has different organisms. Therefore, it is not worth taking any anti-cellulite bath without the permission of a doctor. Protect your health!