Best places for a romantic getaway


There are a lot of places where you can spend the best romantic holidays around the world. Options in different styles and price categories are offered, but rest in such a hotel will be remembered for a lifetime! Each of the options will offer you a luxury vacation with your loved one, a full range of necessary services and many positive emotions.


Best places for a romantic getaway

The best romantic hotels in the world for lovers


Beautiful hotel on the beach with sandy beaches, high level of service, attractive prices. The main advantage of the hotel is that it offers 65 detached villas decorated in natural colors with a colorful decor. The hotel is built on a small island, which gives rest to intimacy.


Best places for a romantic getaway

Everything you need for quality relaxation is offered: restaurants, bars, a sports ground, a varied entertainment program. Three categories of villas are offered – they differ in size, style, class.

• Jacuzzi Water Villas – private villas with an area of ​​77 sq.m., with a private promenade, located on the water.

• Jacuzzi Beach Villas – cozy villas with a personal area.

• Beach Villas – stylish bungalows on the beach.

The hotel offers a wedding ceremony, a wedding on the beach.

COCO PLUM ISLAND RESORT on the islands of Belize

The colorful houses, decorated in a traditional style, invite guests to the islands of Belize. All guests of this paradise place for a romantic getaway celebrate a high level of service, a wide range of services provided to tourists. Thanks to the climate, you can relax all year round.


Best places for a romantic getaway

For guests are provided fully equipped lodges, clean beaches. This is a great place for a honeymoon for several reasons:

• Belize Islands are incredibly beautiful;

• Developed infrastructure;

• Attractive prices;

• Mild climate.

The most important thing is the unusual resting place. Belize – the choice of a couple who is tired of vacationing on the “fashionable” islands and wants to expand the boundaries in their travels.


A paradise away from civilization. The hotel is located on an island, is a comfortable villa with incredible scenery. Namely, due to the views in the vicinity of the villa, the hotel received special fame and recognition.


Best places for a romantic getaway

The room of the villa is made in a traditional island style. Natural materials prevail, natural, neutral tones that cause a feeling of relaxation and help to feel the atmosphere of a magical island.

LE CHATEAU DE FEUILLES, Seychelles, East Africa

Seychelles is popular among tourists who want romance and solitude, thanks to the special atmosphere, amazing landscapes, mild climate. The main advantage of the hotel is its location on a small, picturesque island.


Best places for a romantic getaway

Hotel Le Chateau de Feuilles invites newlyweds and couples who wish to marry away from their usual surroundings, on the islands, in a unique exotic place.

The hotel takes care of all the festivities.

Living in spacious bright rooms will allow you to fully appreciate the quality of luxury rest. For vacationers, a beautiful beach, car rental, travel to a private island. Here you can spend the most romantic holidays.!

MYSTIQUE, Santorini, Greece

Luxury hotel on the magical island of Santorini. This vacation destination, in addition to amazing landscapes and high-quality service, offers a convenient location near the airport and attractive price conditions..


Best places for a romantic getaway

Located in the resort of Oia, it includes 22 villas, 18 of which are with sea views. Features of architecture and design of buildings – local flavor. The Greek style of construction, the special structure of the villa are recognizable to anyone interested in culture and architecture. The incomparable rocky terrain will allow you to forever leave the image of an amazing island in your memory. Romantic island invites couples for a wedding, honeymoon.


Maldives – a favorite vacation spot for newlyweds! Many hotels for a romantic getaway on the island offer a wedding ceremony with a wide range of services. It does not matter if you are married – the ceremony is formal in nature, does not require the actual registration of the marriage. With the help of professionals, you can give yourself a magical vacation that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Best places for a romantic getaway

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives is located on a picturesque island that will give an idyllic landscape and ideal conditions for a ceremony and a paradise honeymoon.


The 5-star paradise is offered by the island state of Mauritius. Comfortable conditions, high quality service, amazing cuisine and magical landscapes are presented to couples..


Best places for a romantic getaway

The traditional style of cottages is in harmony with elegance and classic aesthetics. Mauritius honeymoon will be remembered forever!

The magical romance of Europe

SCARLET, Cornwall, UK

Non-standard, unique, original hotel on the north coast. This is a place of relaxation for romantics who value solitude, strict aesthetics and aristocracy of modern English style..


Best places for a romantic getaway


The hotel is located in an amazing location in the historical center of Bruges at the intersection of two canals. Bruges Market Square is just 200 meters away..

An unusual promenade, a traditional-style building with a pointed roof is associated with medieval times. The interior of the room is in harmony with the style of the facade and location.


Best places for a romantic getaway

The hotel has a restaurant with delicious cuisine. The rooms are suitable for couples and an unforgettable honeymoon..


Unique, stylish hotel in France, in the village of Biron. The special interior and location of the hotel will help you get a romantic vacation that will be remembered for a lifetime. The hotel is opposite the famous castle, which gives it a special charm.


Best places for a romantic getaway

The highlight of the hotel is a simple, concise, traditional design of the premises. There are 5 spacious rooms, around the building there are picturesque fields and historical sights that allow pleasant walks..


The hotel is located in the countryside, in an olive estate. The picturesque landscapes and stylistics of the building are characterized by a harmonious combination of traditional style and modern details.


Best places for a romantic getaway

The rooms are individually decorated with antique furniture and paintings. All rooms have modern en suite facilities and Wi-Fi. Presented a library and tennis court, swimming pools, a restaurant with traditional dishes.


A unique hotel in Ireland, designed in the style of the 17th century. The hotel’s peculiarity – it is a complex: rooms for rest, restaurants, boutiques, shops. Everything is thought out for the maximum comfort of guests..


Best places for a romantic getaway

The front part and the interior are in harmony, thanks to the precise elaboration of the design. For decoration, natural materials were used. Modern technologies and special design will provide a comfortable romantic vacation for two..

A romantic trip with an “aftertaste” of exotic

This top place for couples who do not seek to find a luxury hotel with the highest class of service, a place where the stars stayed. If the purpose of your vacation is to get an unforgettable experience from an unusual hotel in an exotic place, pay attention to these options.

1. Crazy Bear, UK – A high-class hotel with an unusual name will give not only a romantic getaway, but also a lot of new experiences. A feature of the hotel is that the rooms are made in different styles to allow each guest to get exactly what he needs. Romantic rooms are made in dark colors – the atmosphere is created by furniture in the style of the 18th century..

2. Creek n Crag’s, India – a unique tree hotel! This is an opportunity to realize the dream of an exotic vacation. The room at a height of 15 meters is made of natural materials – this gives a chance to feel in true unity with the nature of amazing India.

3. College of The Holy Spirit, UK – hotel in the existing cathedral! This is an unusual, attractive, original vacation spot in a picturesque place in Scotland..

4. Desert Cave hotel, Australia – An unforgettable, unique hotel underground. A place for real extreme sports. Here you can spend a honeymoon for a couple who want a truly thrill.

5. Elqui Domos, Chile – the only astronomically hotel on the continent. Located in a picturesque place, equipped with all the necessary benefits of civilization and a unique opportunity to book an astronomical trip, horseback riding.

6. Gamirasu Cave Hotel – cave hotel in Turkey. This popular tourist country has many amazing places of relaxation – including a hotel located in the catacombs of a former monastery. Guests are welcomed with a high level of comfort. Here, modernity is intertwined with centuries of history..

7. Kakslauttanen, Finland – An ice hotel with a huge restaurant and pool. Located in Lapland. A romantic trip in winter will give an unforgettable experience: guests will appreciate unique landscapes, warm traditional rooms, colorful cuisine.

When choosing a hotel for a romantic getaway, it is worth considering many factors: level of service, range of services, cost of rest and other features.

Good luck!

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