Medication-Free Depression Treatment


Complaints of constant depression, poor mood, irritation may be the first symptoms of depression. Being in a psychological disorder, a person does harm not only to himself, but also to close people with whom communication takes place. Learn how to beat depression without medication, based on medical advice.

How to cure depression yourself

The period of gestation and the birth process can have a detrimental effect on the mental health of the mother, cause a state of depression. It is necessary to prepare for such a crucial moment in a woman’s life in advance, read the appropriate informational literature, try to rebuild her views, habits in parallel with the processes that occur inside by the will of nature. Not always a young mother manages to cope with nervousness, so it will be useful to familiarize yourself with how depression is treated without drugs that are not recommended for this period.

During pregnancy

A change in the hormonal background during pregnancy directly affects a frequent change of mood, the appearance of tears, the perception of the world in a negative light, can cause a state of depression. In order not to harm the development of the fetus, taking antidepressant drugs is undesirable. The main treatment for depression during pregnancy is the attitude of the woman herself, family members and close associates.

You can react differently to the same change in appearance: “I have recovered, there are age spots, nobody likes me like that” or “My husband said that he is crazy about my new condition, pregnancy decorates a woman, an inner light comes from her “. Spouse, parents should maintain a positive mood of the pregnant woman, and not “dive” with her into depression, where everything is scary, bad, there is no way out without drugs.

Being in a state of pregnancy, a woman can and must allow herself to relax more, increasing the number of hours of sleep, reading interesting books, watching comedies, and doing what she loves. A visit to a massage therapist, manicure and pedicure salon, hairdresser will help to relax, get a surge of positive, replacing medications and forgetting about the state of depression. Care of oneself and health should come first, and everyday problems can be solved later and not necessarily by the woman herself.

How to deal with postpartum depression

A serious illness called “postpartum depression” should be treated under the supervision of a psychotherapist. Sometimes short-term episodes of fatigue and sadness are taken by young mothers as a chronic mental illness. So that the state of lethargy, lack of sleep, irritation does not turn into a real depression disease, the treatment of which may take several months and medications, you need to give the emotional support to the woman who gave birth, more often say that she is still loved, desired, help her forget all fears and memories about pain.

Physical assistance for caring for a nursing baby will enable the young mother to rest and relax more. The room should have a lot of sunshine, walks in the fresh air must become a daily ritual. Her close circle needs to understand that the best cure for depression for a new mother is not medication and treatment with other methods, but care, attention, help, interest in the state of health, both emotional and physical.

Treatment of depression with folk remedies

With the help of alternative medicine and without the use of drugs, the patient can cope with most diseases. Treatment of depression at home with folk remedies has good results. The use of a certain group of products, herbal teas, and drinks by patients will contribute to a balanced internal state, relieve causeless anxiety syndrome, improve mood, normalize sleep without drugs.

Herbs calming the nervous system

The patient can get rid of the tense internal state during depression by using soothing teas instead of drugs. A few days after the start of treatment with herbal infusions, the first positive signs will appear when sedatives accumulate in the body and begin to act. Here are some popular recipes in which instead of medicine, alternative remedies for depression and anxiety are suggested:

  • Tea brewed with lemon balm or mint leaves tastes good. With a calming effect, it will help treat insomnia. Having a warm bath for the night with the addition of a decoction of these herbs, help the body plunge into a calm deep sleep.
  • Kenaf flowers, hop cones, mint, valerian root (1: 1: 2: 2.5 ratio) pour warm water for 6-8 hours. Drink warm as a medicine after straining.
  • Fill a small pillow with dried hypericum, lavender. Going to bed, keep close to the head of the bed.
  • A fragrant soothing tea for the treatment of depression will turn out if it includes strawberry leaves, hawthorn fruits, oregano, valerian root, peony root, linden flowers, calendula. Brew with boiling water, drink in a warm form. The composition can be simplified, depending on which of the plants are available..

High Magnesium Products

How to cure depression at home without taking medication? To remove the feeling of despondency, anxiety, spleen, melancholy will help some products that raise the mood. On the table of people who decide to start treatment for depression without drugs, there must necessarily be foods rich in the amino acid tryptophan, as well as tyramine, magnesium, fatty acids. To avoid a side effect of an allergic reaction to some components, consult your doctor. Product Leaders to Overcome Signs of Depression:

  • vegetables, fruits, which have not only a rich vitamin complex, but also a bright color (bell pepper, oranges, carrots, beets, persimmons, bananas);
  • high-fat marine fish in meat;
  • chicken stock and white poultry;
  • dishes of frozen (not canned) seaweed;
  • cheese of all kinds and grades;
  • dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa beans;
  • nuts
  • buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • the eggs.

How to deal with depression at home

Even being outside the walls of the hospital, one needs to fight with a depressive state, and not only with the help of drugs. It will be especially easy to defeat him at the initial stage, when the first signs appear. Not sure how to get rid of depression at home without the help of medical psychotherapy? A few effective treatment recommendations will help to return to normal without taking medication, then life will not seem gray, dull and hopeless.

Lifestyle change

Having carefully studied the suggested tips for treating a state of depression without taking medication, you may be surprised to see that some obvious actions help you get out of a passive state. What does it mean to change your lifestyle? If you have not yet taken any actions from the proposed list, try it – and you will notice that depression recedes without treatment with medications, and the mental state began to improve:

  • do a morning warm-up, starting with such basic exercises as swings, arms, legs, inclinations;
  • alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, if present in your life – it’s time to part with them;
  • daily walks, the time and routes of which are often best changed;
  • start taking care of someone – an elderly person, an animal;
  • remember your childhood dreams and make at least one of them a reality;
  • getting rid of a pessimistic mood, communicate more with positive people;
  • take time to relax;
  • take a vacation and go traveling along an unfamiliar route;
  • buy a new thing for yourself or as an interior detail.

Music for relaxing and calming nerves

During depression, the calm, bewitching sounds of the melody help you find peace of mind without taking medication. Even professional psychotherapy sessions as a treatment include listening to soothing music. To obtain a relaxing effect, you need to take a comfortable pose – lie on the couch or sit in a comfortable chair. It is advisable that there is no bright light in the room. Music should sound quiet, pleasant for perception. The theme of the melody for relaxing treatment can be selected according to individual taste:

  • classic
  • sounds of nature (noise of the surf, birds singing, light noise of wind and leaves);
  • Saxophone tune
  • light instrumental.

How to treat depression without medication

Information on how depression is treated without the use of drugs will be of interest to all those who want to improve their mental state without resorting to medications. Classes with a psychotherapist can take place individually or in a group. A patient experiencing a period of depression, he chooses which scheme is more comfortable for him to undergo treatment. The doctor, based on the analysis made during the conversation with the patient, prescribes a method of psychotherapy that is suitable in a particular case, or will offer an integrated approach to the treatment of depression without drugs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A feature of the use of CBT in depression is that, without using drugs, begin treatment. The meaning is the separation of negative thoughts, the patient’s reaction to the events and the situation as such. During treatment, with the help of various unexpected questions, the doctor helps the patient with depression to take a look from the side of the action and make sure that nothing really happens.

During treatment, a gradual study of the patient’s thinking takes place. Gloomy thoughts, which entailed severe stress, are concentrated only in the patient’s mind. Reconsideration of the attitude to a specific situation helps a patient with depression to get rid of an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, insecurity, increase his own assessment of significance as a person. The result of the treatment is a change in thinking that positively affects the behavior and general condition of the patient with a diagnosis of depression.

Hypnosis Depression Treatment

An experienced psychotherapist, having carefully examined a patient with depression, will advise using hypnosis sessions through effective alternation together with cognitive-behavioral therapy to obtain a greater effect of non-drug treatment. Plunging into a trance with the help of a doctor, the patient has the opportunity to “look inside himself” to get rid of the state of depression. During a hypnotic session, moments pop up in the consciousness when a person felt a sense of happiness, joy, satisfaction, forgetting about depression.

It can be both childhood memories and adults. Sometimes vivid dreams and fantasies may float in one’s thoughts, which, according to the patient’s feelings, are no different from the actual events. During treatment with hypnosis, the doctor helps the patient remember the state of joy, euphoria, happiness, so that, coming out of the trance, it is easier to overcome the state of depression without drugs.