Zodiac signs that are in a toxic relationship more often than others


Everything in life happens, feelings can evaporate, and love is gone. But some signs of the zodiac, sacrificing themselves, remain with a partner to whom they already practically do not feel anything.

Zodiac sign Virgo


Idealists by nature, they do not want to spoil the picture that they created over the years. And so it’s easier for them to be in a toxic relationship than to explain to everyone the reason for the breakup. .

Pisces zodiac sign


All because of a kind and soft heart. Pisces quickly get used to their partner, and from the first minute of communication with him, they begin to show excessive care. And if the passion from the relationship evaporates, then they are still in them, because they find another source of joy. No, this is not treason! Is it art, fashion or just delicious food.



All because of the love of stability! Scales rarely want to leave the comfort zone, even if they need to be in a toxic relationship. Moreover, Libra – Monogamous, change partners, like gloves they simply can not. In general, the airiness of Libra in this case does not play a significant role.

Cancer Zodiac Sign


Of course, for Cancers, family and love are important. However, they are loyal, smelling something was wrong with their loved one, or having lost their feelings, they will still continue to do everything possible to maintain the existing relationship.

Take care of yourself and your family.

Good luck guys!