Feeling of fear and constant anxiety

Feelings of anxiety and fear are familiar to every person. Usually they occur when there is a reason. As soon as the circumstances leading to them disappear, the psycho-emotional state also stabilizes. However, there are times when constant fear and anxiety become commonplace, these feelings begin to haunt and become habitual..

The causes of fear and anxiety

If there is no obvious reason to be afraid and worry, you should find out why a person is experiencing constant stress. In fact, the reasons lie in a combination of physiological and psychological factors. Of great importance in solving the problem is the connection of generations, that is, heredity. That is why, before diagnosing an anxiety syndrome or other disease in a child, you need to find out if parents and close relatives suffer from similar problems.


Psychological causes of constant fear and anxiety

Among the psychological reasons that cause constant fear and anxiety, we can distinguish: strong emotional experiences, stress. For example, when changing a place of residence there is a fear of change, anxiety for the future; suppression of their deepest desires and needs, restraint of emotions.

Physical causes of constant fear and anxiety

The main cause of all nervous mental disorders is usually the malfunction of the thyroid gland. Disruptions in the endocrine system entail a malfunction of the hormonal background, which leads to the fact that fear hormones begin to be actively produced. It is they who direct the mood of a person, making them afraid, anxious and worried for no apparent reason. In addition, great importance is: strong physical exertion; severe course of the underlying disease; the presence of withdrawal syndrome.


Constant fear and anxiety in pregnant women

Pregnant women, as well as those who, more recently, became a mother, are experiencing severe hormonal changes. Unpleasant sensations of anxiety and fear for his life, for the life and health of the baby are also associated with this. To this is added the mass of new knowledge gleaned from medical literature and the stories of those who have already gone through this. As a result, fear and anxiety become enduring, and the future mother does not need any nervous stresses. If this happens and swami, then enlist the support of loved ones, as well as an experienced doctor who is ready to advise you on any issues.

Treatment for anxiety and fear

If you have only recently begun to feel that you are constantly pursued by fear and anxiety, but no other symptoms are observed and you have not experienced a strong emotional shock, then you can take measures for independent treatment. The word “treatment” is conditional here. Try the following tips: think about switching to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. This will not only maintain good physical shape, but also stabilize the hormonal background; sleep and rest more; combine mental loads with physical ones, only in conditions of such a balance you will feel in good shape; Find yourself an activity that would give you maximum emotional satisfaction. It can be any hobby; communicate with people pleasant to you and limit unwanted contacts; try not to think about what bothers you, especially if these events are left in the past. It’s also not worth imagining a dysfunctional future, deliberately exaggerating everything; Find a relaxation method that is right for you. It can be auto training, a relaxing bath, massage and much more..