How to resolve a conflict with a best friend

Anyone who claims that there is no female friendship simply does not know what a miracle is a best friend. With her, you can share tricks and hidden secrets, ask for advice, go shopping, chat over a cup of tea or something else. Yes, you never know how many wonderful things can be done with a friend. But even real friends sometimes have misunderstandings in relationships. If you are racking your brains on how to make peace with a girlfriend, then this material is especially for you. It seemed to you that nothing would ruin your warm friendship. Perhaps you have been friends since childhood or adolescence, perhaps you know her as yourself, but ridiculous insults entailed a quarrel. Of course, this is a strong emotional shock, feelings and remorse do not allow to live in peace. However, it’s worth it to calmly understand the reasons that caused your quarrel.


 Why conflicts arise: reasons

Regardless of the circumstances under which the conflict occurred, and what exactly became the basis for the quarrel, we can conditionally classify its causes.

Reason One: Emotion

If you or your girlfriend had a bad mood, you could say a lot of unnecessary and offensive words to each other in the heat. Excessive emotionality often causes the quarrel of best friends. At first glance, there was no reason for a quarrel, but either you or she simply could not keep your emotions in check at that moment. Unfortunately, a friend is sometimes not only a “vest for tears”, but also a “pillow for whipping”. A close person becomes an object on which negative emotions are splashed.

Reason Two: Different Views

Sometimes it seems to us that we know a person “from” and “to.” Your friendship lasts for many years, you know even the most insignificant habits of a friend. But it turns out that there are things whose views are opposite. This can be an unpleasant surprise and also lead to quarrels and disputes. Mismatch of views is no less common cause of quarrels than emotions. Even if you are soul mates, support and understand each other, you may have different political views, different priorities in raising children, different hobbies. On this basis, a quarrel arises. For example, you decided to learn how to weave French braids, and your friend is sure that this activity is completely useless for you, because you have a fashionable short haircut. Oddly enough, even because of such “trifles”, adult and accomplished women quarrel.

Reason Three: Love Relationships

If a man is involved in the conflict – either your lover or your girlfriend, then such a conflict is the most difficult to resolve. Reconciling with a girlfriend in such a situation can be very difficult, because flirting with someone else’s lover is a serious reason for the final break of relations. Regardless of the cause of the quarrel, friendships can almost always be restored..


How to make peace with a girlfriend

The most correct decision on your part is the first to take a step towards reconciliation, regardless of who became the culprit of the quarrel. If a friend is dear to you, talk to her frankly, you can by phone, but better in person. Do not use for reconciliation, Internet communication or communication via SMS. Was the conflict your fault? Have the courage to admit it. Apologize to your girlfriend. If you quarreled because of the excessive emotionality of one of you or both of you, it is better to wait a few days. If your fault – apologize. If the quarrel was caused by a friend’s fault, ask what caused her this reaction, maybe there are problems, and you can help solve them. But there are probably no serious problems. It’s just that the day wasn’t good, and most likely, a friend is now experiencing no less than you. Have a quarrel on the basis of different views and interests? But that is the beauty of the relationship that each person is individual. It is with this phrase that you begin reconciliation with a friend. Despite the difference in interests, you have already experienced so many pleasant moments, have supported each other so many times in difficult situations, that you simply have no reason for quarrels. Different views are such a trifle. After all, friendship means a lot to you, and each of you has the right to an opinion. Accept this situation as another stage in your relationship, and try to find something positive in this moment in life. Thanks to this quarrel, you now know more about each other. And try not to return to the conflict topic.


If the cause of your quarrel with a friend is your lover, first of all, try to figure out the situation, no matter how difficult it is. Was flirting or flirting? Perhaps it just seemed to you or a friend. Sometimes it is necessary to solve a very complex issue, making a choice between love and friendship. A couple of “caught red-handed”? Did your friend know about your relationship with this man? If so, that sounds like a betrayal. Or from a friend, or from a lover. Another point: remember that people tend to change. Both you and your girlfriend can simply become different over time. Sometimes in this case, to continue the relationship simply does not make sense. If you can’t make peace with your girlfriend for a long time, analyze whether you need these relationships or is it time to look for new friends. But conflict is always a test. A test for your friendship for strength. If you made the right conclusions from this article and decided for yourself how to make peace with a friend, we are sincerely glad for you!