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Stylish manicure with sparkles: how to make? (photo step by step)

A manicure with sparkles or, as they are also called glitter, has become popular due to its excellent appearance and at the same time ease of implementation. Nails covered with colored sequins are an excellent option for an evening manicure. For daytime manicure, colorless glitter, gold or silver is more suitable. Gold glitter coating looks very beautiful as an autumn manicure, as well as a festive winter manicure.

Glitter Manicure: Varieties

To date, in specialized stores you can find an incredible number of different sets of loose glitter and ready-made varnishes with sparkles in the composition. You can experiment with a variety of colors, sizes and shapes of sequins for nails: from metallized “dust” to large glitter with particles with a diameter of 1-2 mm.






Trend: fashionable manicure with friable transparent glitter

Today, flickering nail designs and a combination of several manicure techniques are in fashion. A novelty in the nail design was the coating made in the popular ombre (ambre) technique and decorated with “dry” transparent glitter in the shape of a hexagon. Performing such a “brilliant” manicure is quite time-consuming, it can take more than one hour. However, the result is worth it! Usually, such a glitter manicure involves covering all of the nails, but if time is limited, use glitter partially.

The gradient on the nails can be done in two ways: apply transparent sparkles to the color coating or use color glitter. Glitter manicure options, see the photo.

Glitter manicure: technique of execution (photo step by step)

The process of performing manicure with sparkles is long in time, but quite simple in technique. What is required?

  • transparent base;
  • white nail polish;
  • colored varnishes;
  • colorless finish;
  • wooden stick for manicure;
  • transparent glue;
  • glitter / glitter on a transparent basis;
  • sponge / sponge;
  • Scotch;
  • nail polish remover.

So, a photo with step-by-step instructions for performing glitter manicure.

  1. First coat colorless.
  2. We take white varnish as a basis and carefully cover all nails with it.
  3. Carefully cover the skin around the nails with tape so as not to get dirty when applying a gradient coating.
  4. We apply colored varnishes in the form of stripes on the sponge, then print the coating on one or two nails. For subsequent application, the varnish must be updated. The coating should dry.
  5. Glitter / glitter is applied one at a time. To do this, apply a transparent varnish to the part of the nail (where we will attach the first glitter particles). Then dip the edge of the wooden stick in transparent glue, pry the glitter and attach it to the transparent varnish until it dries. Next, repeat the procedure until the entire nail is covered with sparkles.
  6. We fix glitter with a transparent finish varnish.
  7. We remove the tape and gently with a brush dipped in nail polish remover we remove the remaining coating from the skin.

Stylish manicure with sparkles is ready.!

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