Room decor: mirrors in the bedroom, living room and dining room


We know a lot about the functional and aesthetic properties of mirrors, among which we can single out the ability to expand space, multiply light and create the necessary volume in a room whose dimensions are far from desired. In addition, all reflective surfaces, and especially mirrors, tend to make the room more mysterious and attractive, as if there is something hidden behind the curtain.

In our article today, we will talk about exactly how to place mirrors in living rooms, and which techniques are better to refuse.

 Room Interior: Mirror in the bedroom

As has been said more than once, the bedroom is a special place in the house where a person rests from worldly fuss. Therefore, ideally, nothing should disturb harmony or interfere with your solitude. This means that mirrors are best placed where they will not be disturbed by the constant flickering of reflection.

“If you have provided for the use of mirrors in the bedroom, it is better to use them for their intended purpose. For example, to put yourself in order: apply makeup, comb your hair or pick up clothes ”

The use of a decorative partition, as the photo below shows, is a very interesting and very functional technique, as it serves not only as an element of zoning, but also as the most successful mirror location in a duet with a dressing table. The mirror in this case is not directed to the bed, which means it will not bother you during the rest.


Headboard Mirror

The use of mirrors in this area is more likely to have decorative significance, and if there is no urgent need, you can refuse this arrangement. If you still intend to use them above the bed, you should choose small mirrors – round or oval, placing them randomly or symmetrically above the head.

Decorative mirrors in curly thin or massive (picture) frames are a spectacular way to create an empty wall above the bed. Speaking of choosing the right height, in this case it’s not fundamental, and you can well position the mirrors just above the middle of the wall or just below it.

mirrors in the bedroom-666
mirror in the interior of the bedroom
mirror in the interior of the bedroom-777
mirror in the interior of the bedroom


Bedroom Interior: Mirrors in the dark bedrooms

If the main tone of the walls of your bedroom is dark, then using mirrors in this case will help visually lighten and lighten the room. Choose mirrors of strict geometric shape, repeating the outlines of the selected section of the wall. The size of the mirror is quite large, so it will reflect more space and light coming from windows and from lamps.

mirror in the interior of bedroom-12
mirror in the interior of the bedroom

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Floor mirror in the bedroom

We like large mirrors that can be placed without mounting just on the floor against the wall. They are extremely convenient when you need to properly evaluate the appearance from head to toe. But, for a well-known reason, it is better to install such a mirror farther from the bed or near the side wall at the level of the foot. So you will be as comfortable as possible to consider the reflection, which, in turn, will not disturb you during your vacation.

mirror in the interior of the bedroom
mirror in the interior of the bedroom
mirror in the interior of the bedroom


Location of mirrors in the living room: interior design of the living room

Of course, the living room is not the place where we look after our appearance, and therefore, even if mirrors are present in it, they have a completely different function. First of all, it is an expansion of space and an effective way of decoration. To this we can add that the mirrors in the living room make it much more luxurious and original..

“You can not be constrained by any frames when choosing mirrors for the living room. They can be large, of strict geometric shapes, round, convex, and also, in the form of a placer of small, forming a single panel of round lenses ”

interior mirror -555
mirror in the interior
interior mirror -777
mirror in the interior
mirror in the interior -1-62
mirror in the interior


Accent mirror above the fireplace

If the living room has a fireplace, it is unlikely to be of a small area, which means that in such a room there is a place for other interesting objects. Such, for example, can be a mirror, which, if placed above the fireplace, will certainly turn into the main accent of the room. You can put it directly on the fireplace or attach it to the wall a little higher. In a room with high ceilings, you can hang a mirror high enough to visually balance the lower and upper parts of the living room.

To make the mirror above the fireplace a truly unforgettable object in the living room, we advise you to enclose it in a massive frame in a color contrasting with the shade of the walls.

interior mirror -765
mirror in the interior
interior mirror -1
mirror in the interior


Location of mirrors in the dining room

The use of reflective surfaces in the reception area and family dinners will help to create the effect of being in a restaurant or cafe. If you want to use mirrors in your dining room, we recommend that you purchase specimens of a rather large size in the frame or those that are mounted on the wall with liquid nails.

It is quite easy to determine the height for the location of the mirror in the dining room, you just need to remember that in institutions they often draw up a wall area, starting from the back of sofas or from the surface of countertops.

We do not recommend using mirrored surfaces in large numbers in a room such as a dining room or kitchen. This can harm your coordination, and mirror care requires a fairly frequent and thorough wash..

mirror in the interior
interior mirror -8
mirror in the interior

interior mirror -23-555