How to choose a chandelier for the living room

The living room is most often a universal room in which we spend time with our family at the end of the working day or celebrate holidays in the company of friends. This is what makes us seriously think about choosing the style of the room, comfortable beautiful furniture, as well as stylish accessories that emphasize the special atmosphere of the living room..

A chandelier is one of such objects, without which the living room would look more prosaic, because this lighting device can be called a small sun, illuminating and transforming everything around. This article we devote to how to learn how to choose a lamp for the living room.

chandelier in the living room

How to choose a chandelier

If you liked a completely charming model of a chandelier with many decorative details (beads, pendants, spirals), and the next intention is to buy it, imagine for a moment how after a while there will be a need to clean all this splendor so that the lamp retains its original appearance. In the event that the prospect of washing the smallest elements does not bother (or another, specially hired person does it), do not hesitate, make a purchase.

For those who do not have enough patience or time, we recommend finding a more practical version of the chandelier, which will be much easier to care for. Sometimes, even a very beautiful and high-quality thing can be spoiled by not performing elementary actions in time (wipe from a layer of dust or remove dirty deposits that have accumulated over several months).

chandelier in the living room

Dimensions and shape of the room

This is the first thing you should think about when choosing a chandelier, because even if the accessory is stylistically correctly selected, it may turn out that after installation you will touch it with your arm slightly extended upwards or simply with your head, or vice versa, if the height of the room is noticeable, a small short chandelier get lost and look ridiculous.

chandelier in the living room

In a square, medium size and ceiling height (about 3 m.) Living room, place the chandelier in the center of the ceiling, so the outgoing light will spread evenly in all directions. The cord can be extended to 0, 5 m, so the lamp will stop at a level slightly lower than the height of standard rooms (2.5 – 2.6 m.). If you install the chandelier higher, the lower part of the room may be less intensely lit; a little lower – the eyes will not feel comfortable from too bright rays.

Pay attention to the chandeliers equipped with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity, it is very convenient in creating the right atmosphere.

chandelier in the living room

Living rooms with very high ceilings, or simply “rooms are wells,” require special, hanging chandeliers. Ceiling models are absolutely inappropriate here, because you need to evenly illuminate the entire room. You should prefer those versions of fixtures in which a large number of luminous elements seem to descend in a stream, massive classic chandelier models with crystal pendants, lampshades or candle lamps, on a fairly long (from 1 to 2 m.) Cord, will also look good.

chandelier in the living room

Living rooms with standard ceiling heights do not tolerate the use of low-hanging chandeliers, unless they are located, for example, above a large dining table. In other cases, it is better to prefer pendants with a sprawling silhouette, mounted on a short cord.

chandelier in the living room

In spacious living rooms combined with the dining room, one, even a very voluminous chandelier, may not be enough (This should be considered before installing wiring). If you place it in the living area, the dining room will remain poorly lit, and vice versa. Suspended on the periphery of the ceiling may help a little, but it’s better to plan outlets for two chandeliers..

chandelier in the living room

The same option is good in living rooms with a narrow elongated shape. A pair of small twin lamps will make the room brighter, and therefore spacious.

Style and interior design of the living room

After you clearly imagine and remember the true size of the living room, you can begin to search for a proportionate chandelier room, based on the stylistic direction. Now let’s look at the possible options for lamps for living rooms, designed in various styles of interior popular today.

Modern style

A comfortable, practical style, in which it is customary to approach the design of the surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings with a rather restraint, choose comfortable functional furniture and a small amount of decorative items.

The issue of choosing the main lighting fixture of a room, at the same time, can be taken creatively and acquire a beautiful chandelier with a flirty character without any pathos. For example, install a lamp with crystal balls and pendants under a clean, even ceiling.

chandelier in the living room

Interior Style – Classicism

Classic-style interiors are created on the basis of spacious rooms, where the refined atmosphere of one of the historical eras arises from the use of luxurious materials, high-quality furniture, plentiful stucco moldings and a lot of light.

It must be remembered that the classic living room a priori cannot be dim – the chandelier in it plays one of the main and necessary roles. We recommend happy owners of classic-style living rooms to give preference to massive hangers with a large number of elegant crystal elements, or to carob chandeliers with several-tier lampshades and faceted pendants.

transitional-living-room (2)
chandelier in the living room

Men’s style: Art Deco

The interiors for successful bachelors are often brutal in nature: here are leather chairs and sofas of simple shapes, trim in neutral monochrome tones, reflective surfaces and status decor. But even in such a self-sufficient “strong” interior there is always a place for an elegant thin accessory reminiscent of the inextricable connection of male and female principles.

A magnificent sparkling chandelier can become such an object, as well as a lamp with delicate paper or woven petals. The main thing: to focus on the chandelier with the help of its contrasting color or texture of the material.

transitional-living-room (3)
chandelier in the living room


Living rooms in this style are created no less presentable than classic ones, but unlike them, the neoclassical room has more space, less pathos in it. Choose a carob chandelier with openwork elements and decorative pendants, making sure that it looks light and airy, almost weightless. Let the device be completely transparent, or with bright plain elements.

traditional-living-room (1)
chandelier in the living room


There is already room for imagination to unfold – it is in an eclectic living room in which everyone can find something to their liking. Rich patterns and textured fabrics, intricate decor items and comfortable vintage furniture. A chandelier in such a room needs to choose either a neutral laconic form, or combine it with the mood of a many-sided room. For example, it is possible to find a classic lamp even with multi-colored glass pendants – prisms through which light will be reflected in different shades.

contemporary-living-room (5)
chandelier in the living room

Contemporary style

Interiors for living – this is how you can describe rooms in the style of contemporary. Functional furniture, practical textures and a discreet color palette. The chandelier in such a living room can be in no way inferior to these principles of interior design. You should go to the nearest specialty store and choose a modern lamp of your choice, remembering that in the living room there is no place for pathos: the simpler the form, the better.

chandelier in the living room

French style

The interiors of the living rooms in the French style are completely refined, thoughtful, they feel a delicate taste in the whole atmosphere: from cladding to furniture materials and decor. An equally elegant, very characteristic chandelier should fill the French living room with light. Its shape may remind you of a flower with seeds, a blossomed bud with delicate petals. Lamps should emit a warm yellowish light (cold is contraindicated). The view of the chandelier is only required to slightly emphasize the ephemeral image of the room.

traditional-family-room (1)
chandelier in the living room

Chalet or Country

Soulfulness, warm atmosphere of a close-knit family, primarily dominates the country living room. Natural materials and a natural palette of shades are shown here in every subject. You can choose a chandelier made of bent wood (beech, rattan), it can resemble a pile of dry leaves or branches, and even contain real animal horns.

rustic-living-room (2)
chandelier in the living room

Fusion Style

The shift of styles in one room is what a similar trend in the interior means. Here classic canons coexist with an ethnic character. Often, items from African countries coexist with European habits of wall cladding, bright colors indicate the contradictory nature of the style.

The chandelier, as the main lamp in the fusion living room, should be as catchy and direct as the interior as a whole: a frame with gilding or bronze shimmer, carved elements and glass or ceramic shades.

traditional-living-room (5)
chandelier in the living room

Trying to reveal the main nuances regarding the choice of a chandelier for the living room, we tried to make the article useful to you, and we hope that these recommendations will be taken into account. Good luck and beautiful interior!