Curtains for the living room

The living room is one of the main rooms in the apartment. In the living room, the family spends all family holidays, friendly gatherings and just quiet evenings with friends and relatives..

The living room has the right to look luxurious, even solemnly. And one of the key accents in it can be curtains. It is difficult to overestimate their value, because windows are the eyes of the house, and curtains are their decoration. Without curtains, a room may look uncomfortable and incomplete. But at the same time, choosing unsuccessful curtains, the whole room will easily lose its charm and comfort. In this case, you need to know a few simple tricks and rules with which to choose the right curtains for the living room is not difficult.

Choosing curtains in the living room: important tips

The first and most important rule – curtains should be in tune with the style of the room in which they are posted.


Despite the fact that this rule seems trivial, many choose some composition from the curtains and tulle, which looks good separately, but does not fit the specific interior, which means that you need to think about curtains while planning the entire project.

the curtains in the living room

It often happens that the question with the curtains is postponed for later because of the apparent simplicity of the solution. And now, when the entire repair is already completed, it turns out that it becomes very difficult to understand which curtains fit this furniture and these walls. And therefore – do not complicate your life and think about the curtains in advance.

the curtains in the living room

If you have created a beautiful interior, curtains can choose very simple. In order not to overload the whole atmosphere too solemn mood. In the photo below, a vivid illustration of such an example is a beautiful rich interior and a delicate flowing tulle was used as curtains. The effect is amazing – at the same time luxurious and gentle.

the curtains in the living room


Color harmony is a necessary quality for everything that surrounds us. As for the interior design of the living room and curtains in particular, here you need to remember that curtains are the logical color scheme of your living room. If you have several bright colors in your interior, you can choose curtains with an ornament that has the same colors.

Also, curtains can be a good tool in solving problems such as a dark, slightly lit room or an apartment on the ground floor, in which little light penetrates the windows. In all these cases, dark curtains will darken the room even more, while light or bright colored curtains, on the contrary, will not impede the penetration of light into the house and even “illuminate” the room due to bright or light shades.

the curtains in the living room
the curtains in the living room

In this photo we see that the room is in the basement, but thanks to the light colors and white curtains, it does not look gloomy or dark.

white curtains7
the curtains in the living room


This question is very relevant, since it is sometimes difficult to understand what length of curtains is best for the living room. There is no unequivocal rule, but one thing is clear – the length of the curtains, first of all, depends on the material and functions of the room. Long curtains are welcome in the living room, since shorter curtains are more appropriate for the dining room or kitchen, where by their length they create a more informal atmosphere. Dense heavy curtains should reach the floor, maximum – “stand” on the floor. If there is more overlap, then the material will begin to give ugly creases that will spoil the overall appearance of the windows..

Recently, long curtains that lie on the floor, forming beautiful folds, have become fashionable. But this technique is only suitable for curtains made of soft thin fabrics – chiffon, silk, organza, or for soft curtains made of cotton.

the curtains in the living room
the curtains in the living room
the curtains in the living room

the cloth

The curtain fabric market offers a very large selection. They are loved by everyone’s favorite jacquard, delicate cotton – which can be dense and tough, or soft and delicate, various types of silk – from shiny satin to wild chesuchi. All these fabrics give free rein to your imagination, and therefore choose the material that suits the texture, gloss and print to your living room..

Incredibly good curtains with prints on different topics – floral ornaments, damask patterns, cage and heraldry. A very good reception when sewing curtains is a compacted bottom, so that the curtains will keep their shape beautifully and create a beautiful wave.

the curtains in the living room
the curtains in the living room

Curtains or Tulle?

Recently, it is increasingly possible to meet a trend in window fashion – to use only curtains or only tulle. It will be natural to hang both curtains and tulle in the living room in the house, which is located on a busy street or on the first floor, because no one canceled privacy. But in the living room on the upper floor of a high-rise building, you can completely dispense with tulle – leave only curtains. In the case when you have a luxurious interior, you can limit yourself to a light tulle, which simply shades the windows, without taking all the attention.

white curtains13
the curtains in the living room
white curtains14
the curtains in the living room

If you decide to refuse tulle, but sometimes you want to close the living room from prying eyes from the street, you can install blinds that will perfectly cope with this task. In addition, the blinds are practical, comfortable, do not require special care, and most importantly – are almost invisible.

the curtains in the living room

The absence of tulle is more typical for private houses, where there is a private territory and a fence that separate your living room from prying eyes.