Makeup artist mirror with bulbs: ideas


Makeup artist mirror with bulbs – a necessary thing for every woman. Currently, the make-up mirror is not only the prerogative of actors and other creative personalities performing on stage. This is an indispensable attribute of the bedroom, dressing room or bathroom of any woman, without which it is very difficult to apply quality makeup and evaluate your wardrobe.

And if the make-up mirror is also equipped with the corresponding good light, which ensures the correct incidence of light on the face, then this is an indispensable option for every beauty.


Makeup artist’s mirror: basic criteria for choosing a mirror

Now the consumer market is full of various options for make-up mirrors, designed for every taste and budget. Why spend money on buying a fairly expensive copy, if you can use powder, or apply makeup while standing in the hallway or bathroom. A make-up mirror has a number of advantages that distinguish it from a conventional model. First of all, using a large make-up mirror with bulbs, you can evaluate your makeup completely, not fragmentary. Indeed, in its small analogue, you will see only certain elements of makeup – lips or eyes, which will not allow you to consider the entire image as a whole. As a result, it can turn out to be completely harmonious..


Among other things, if you become the happy owner of a make-up mirror with professional lighting, then it will provide the correct direction of light. This will allow you to properly apply makeup. You will not achieve this effect in rooms where there is no appropriate lighting. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a mirror already with built-in lighting.

And one more important nuance. Looking in a powder box or in a mirror in the bathroom, you will not get that aesthetic pleasure, like preening in front of a real make-up mirror, the analogue of which was once used by Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. Preening in front of such a mirror will turn into a real ritual, will become a mystery and will help create a suitable image.

In addition to its main functional purpose, the make-up mirror also has an aesthetic component. Indeed, sitting in front of a beautiful large mirror, it is so easy to feel in the image of a real movie star.

Features of using mirrors in interior decoration

Currently, there is a wide variety of options for all kinds of shapes and types in the cosmetics market. How not to be confused among such abundance? We give a classification that will help you navigate.

When choosing a mirror, you should be guided by the fact that it best fits into the interior of the room. Therefore, you should carefully approach the choice of frames for your faithful “assistant”. The simplest option is without a frame. Such a model is suitable for a room designed in any stylistic direction, but more organically it will fit into a room in the style of minimalism or hi-tech.


Ideally, if the frame will be in harmony with any detail of the interior, for example, with elements decorating the bed. Choose the same frame for the mirror. So, if your bed is decorated with forged elements, then a mirror with exactly the same frame will look very nice. True, in this case, you will most likely have to purchase a “custom made” mirror. However, in this scenario, you can also “play” with the color of the frame. Indeed, in most cases, offers on the market are limited only to black and white, which may not be suitable for your interior..

Forms and types of make-up mirrors

First of all, mirrors vary in shape. The most classical of them is considered square or rectangular. It was in front of such a model that such a movie star as Marilyn Monroe was preparing for release. You can purchase the same option for your premises. However, a round-shaped mirror still seems more suitable and aesthetically attractive. In addition, such a model is suitable for placement in any style. Regarding size, a 50/50 square mirror is considered standard. But keep in mind that the larger the mirror, the better you can see yourself.

Tip: Do not overdo it with dimensions, otherwise the mirror threatens to occupy most of the wall, and it will look too overloaded. So, a more miniature mirror looks much neater.


There are also full-length mirrors that are placed on the floor and allow you to evaluate the whole look. Mirrors differ in the method of mounting and installation. So that it does not fall, it is advisable to mount it in the wall adjacent to the dressing table. Or immediately purchase a table or trellis with a mirror. But more professional mirrors are still sold separately..

If buying a make-up mirror seems like an unnecessary waste, then you can try to do it yourself. In this case, you will receive a unique copy that will meet exactly your tastes and needs..

How to make a make-up artist’s mirror yourself

In order to make a make-up mirror with bulbs with your own hands, you will need the following tools:


straight wide bars of wood – 2 pieces (the size corresponding to the selected mirror);


measuring tapes,

copper wire – white and blue,

wire cutters,


light bulbs (25 watts),

cartridges for them and additional fuses,

wire plug,

bolts 2.5 cm long,


double-sided tape (industrial),


When making a home-made mirror with backlight, you should follow safety precautions. In particular, we recommend that you use shoes equipped with rubber soles. She will provide additional security.


Cut the frame from the bars, according to the size of the original mirror. Saw the bars in such a way that their ends form angles of 45 degrees. To do this, use a ruler and a pencil. Do not forget to make notes beforehand. Handle the resulting frame parts properly with sandpaper. They should be perfectly smooth..

Then measure and mark the holes at the same distance. In them, in the future you will insert lampholders.

After that, we proceed to one of the most creative works – painting. Choose in advance the paint that most suits the color scheme of the interior. Use special paint for wood. Alternatively, you can leave the frame in its original form – in this case, it harmoniously fits into the interior in the Scandinavian style or in the country style and Provence. Just remember to coat it with wood varnish.


It is advisable to attach the mirror with a double-sided industrial tape to the frame. She must hold on tight. The next stage begins with the separation of a part of the blue wire from the white into pieces of about 15 cm in size. Output them into the special lamp holes provided for in the previous stages of work. Thus, you will get a pair of blue and a pair of white wires in each of the holes.

The final stage of work. Here we need ammo. It is necessary to twist the bare wires on the corresponding side of the cartridge screw. Attach the cartridges directly to the frame using a screw. Thus, we made the wiring and secured the cartridges. Now is the time to do the fork. For this we need a long strip of wires. One end must be connected to the first lamp holder in line. The opposite end must be connected to the plug. In doing so, it must maintain the appropriate wire color..

Attention: For safety reasons, make sure that the wires do not touch each other. If one of the lamps does not work, be sure to check the wiring.

Use several fuses – they will help significantly extend the life of the bulbs. Keep children away from the mirror! Use LED fluorescent lights. It is not recommended to buy ordinary incandescent bulbs. Indeed, in this case they will be too hot.


If we describe the stages of manufacturing a mirror, we can distinguish the following of them: manufacturing a frame, drilling holes, choosing a molding, grinding, painting, priming, varnishing, grinding between layers, mounting cartridges, mounting a mirror and a back cover.

Using these recommendations, you can make a make-up mirror with bulbs yourself.

Makeup mirror with bulbs: which lighting to choose

Very often make-up rooms or makeup mirrors are sold with built-in lamps. It is advisable to invest in just such a model, since it has significant advantages over the others.

One of the best lighting options is lamps located around the entire perimeter of the mirror. You can choose both lamps that scatter cold and warm light. It should be noted that under cold lighting, wrinkles, age spots, acne and other skin imperfections will be more noticeable. This is important if you want to properly mask them..

Another lighting option – with the help of lamps that disperse warm light – is more pleasing to the eye, and your psyche will not be injured once again from possible skin imperfections. In any case, the choice is yours. As for the number of bulbs, this criterion is strictly individual. However, there is one main rule that should not be forgotten – two lamps must always be at face level. In this case, you can create the perfect lighting for makeup.


When buying a mirror with lamps, or individual lamps, pay attention that they do not heat up. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable for you to sit in front of such a mirror, not to mention the fact that this may not affect your makeup in the best way. The mirror and lamps should be positioned so that there is a small distance between them and you.

Makeup Artist Mirror: Which Lamps to Choose

Optimal for creating makeup are LED lamps. Such lighting is used by professional make-up artists and makeup artists. Follow their lead. Never waste money on fluorescent lamps. They will distort the colors and, as a result, putting on what you think is the perfect make-up, after going out into the daylight it will not be so perfect.

For the same reason, do not make-up in the bathroom. Indeed, in this case, the light will fall from above and as a result of this, your complexion will change.

Of course, make-up rooms or makeup mirrors have a price tag more expensive than usual. But they are worth it. After all, every woman wants to appear in the best light. Therefore, do not save on a much-needed accessory. Try to find a place for a dressing table with a mirror, even if you do not have a separate bedroom. Indeed, only in this case you can create the perfect make-up. Such a mirror with the right lighting will allow you to see all the smallest imperfections in the skin and properly disguise them. In addition, such a mirror is indispensable for home cosmetic procedures. In the end, it’s just nice to sit and comb his hair or apply perfume. It is this accessory that makes you feel like a real fatal beauty!