Design a room for a teenager: stylish ideas for a modern interior


The teenager boy is no longer the obedient kid who agrees with the wallpaper chosen by mom and the furniture selected by dad. Almost an adult, already having his own opinion and his own view of things, a teenager needs a thoughtful and rational space that leaves room for creativity and imagination. Finding the perfect design solution for a teenager’s bedroom is extremely difficult. The main problem is not only the variety of suitable style and layout solutions, but also the need to take into account the opinion of the future owner of the room.

What interior room to choose for a teenager boy

At the mention of the phrase “ideal room for a teenager,” each represents something of their own: comfortable or technical, spacious or, conversely, compact. The main feature and difference of a teenage bedroom from a child’s room is a pronounced individuality in everything from decor to layout.

The opinion of the child should be taken into account at all stages of creating the interior: from the choice of material for wall decoration to the final planning decision. Only involvement in the creation of their own corner in an apartment or house will allow a teenager to feel his adulthood, significance and increased responsibility for his actions, words and his choice.

Designers note the importance of loyalty and psychological mobility of adults who are creating a bedroom for a teenage boy. It is not enough to provide the future owner of the room with the maximum rights to make final decisions; it is important to direct and regulate his choice in a stylistically correct direction.

The room for a teenage boy should be equipped according to standard recommendations:

The psychology of color dictates a certain framework for the use of certain colors. So, an active and easily excitable teenager should stop at calm pastel colors, but you can try to stir up a melancholic with more juicy combinations – yellow, orange, green.

The layout of the room largely depends on its size, on the presence of an active hobby in a teenager, as well as on the presence of associated premises. For example, if the room has a dressing room, then cabinets in the bedroom are not needed. Consequently, there is more room for creativity or relaxation..


The teenager’s room is different from the classic nursery, which is a reflection of his master’s inner world. And how exactly this world manifests itself – with the original chandelier, a wall glued with posters, a black painted floor or a collection of pens on the shelf – is up to the room owner only.

Room for a teenager: interior features

Boys perceive their room in a completely different way, so the design techniques for organizing space for a teenager will be different. In such a room there is no place for children’s sentiments and memories, because ahead is an adult life filled with impressions, which must be prepared for now. A sports corner, a tool box, a wood burning table – this is the right filling for the men’s bedroom.


A place to sleep should not take up much space and interfere with activity. An attic bed or a folding bed will be an excellent option for a teenager’s bedroom.

A workplace, namely a desk, should be combined with a place for the creative realization of the boy. For example, you can equip it with drawers with tools, mount a stand for models of sailboats, install fasteners for a soldering iron and other electrical appliances.

Boys of any age prefer to relax actively, so if there is space in the room, it’s worth installing compact exercise machines and allocating space for your favorite bicycle. Do not forget about other home entertainment: for example, a TV with a set-top box and a comfortable sofa will become a meeting place for the owner’s best friends.


Photo wallpaper in a teenager’s room is considered not only a rational element, but also an original way of adding originality and personality to an interior. The choice of pattern for such wall decoration should be based on the appropriateness of a particular motive in the interior, and on the child’s desire to see a specific story on the wall of his room.

Designers draw attention to the importance of choosing the right place for such a decor in the interior of a teenage room: photo wallpapers, as a rule, turn out to be too bright and noticeable, overwhelming other decor in the bedroom. On the other hand, for a bedroom of a child of this age, maximum harmony in everything is important, therefore only a balance of colors and semantic load in the choice of decor will allow you to create a picture suitable for a quiet life.


How to make a room for a teenager

The layout of the room for a teenager is the process of choosing the best place for sleeping, working and relaxing. It is these three elements that are considered the minimum set for a teenage room, which allows you to satisfy the basic needs of the owner.

Sleeping area. A bed in a teenager’s room can be central. Unlike a children’s bedroom, this feature allows you to make a large single or double bed a key element of the interior.

The presence of drawers for bedding and other important things in the bed is a rational use of space in the room, especially if there is a problem of free space.


Workplace. An important role in the life of a teenager is study, the process of obtaining new knowledge, work on oneself. Therefore, it is most preferable to place the table opposite the window, which guarantees access to high-quality natural light and significantly reduces eye strain. In addition, it is extremely important to use a chair correctly selected for height, prolonged sitting on which will not be fraught with problems with the spine. Since adolescents 13-16 years old grow very quickly, a table and chair growing with the owner will become a rational acquisition. Such furniture is much more economical and ergonomic in a modern bedroom..


A place for relaxation and creativity. The organization of this part of the bedroom is individual in each case, since each teenager is fond of something of his own and the area of ​​interest of two boys of 14 years old can lie in diametrically opposite planes – for example, football and music. The athlete should equip a comfortable and thoughtful sports corner with a Swedish wall and compact simulators, the musician should allocate a place for an instrument and equip a small stage for impromptu concerts, and the artist should create a free space for creativity without restrictions – an easel, numerous drawers and shelves for colors, a panel for demonstration the resulting masterpieces.


Things are somewhat more complicated with the layout in a small room. Limited space will cause some difficulties with the choice of decoration, furniture and layout of the room. In a small bedroom it is extremely difficult to allocate a full-fledged place for sleeping, working and relaxing. In this case, there is a need to combine these zones in a minimum space. Most often, the working and creative corner is combined in one part of the room, using modular cabinets and sliding storage systems..

Interior design room for two teens

Of course, from the point of view of psychology and physiology, each child in the family should have his own room. But housing conditions are not always possible to allocate an individual space for each family member, and the need to coexist within the same bedroom two same-sex or even same-sex teenagers is not uncommon for our country. In this case, it is extremely important to organize the space as competently as possible, highlighting each untouchable corner, and at the same time maintain the style unity of the room.


A room for two same-sex teenagers can be considered as a kind of dormitory, so the techniques for organizing free space in such places are also applicable to the home bedroom. The most rational decisions are the use of competent zoning, the mandatory presence of an individual sleeping and working place for each child.


A closet to the ceiling will allow you to place everything you need for two teenagers, while at least the relative order will be preserved in the room. Designers recommend paying attention to the possibility of using a bunk bed, which significantly saves space and allows each child to equip an isolated sleeping area.


A room for two teenagers needs maximum rationalization of free space: modular systems, compact and convenient drawers for storing things, modern lighting and ventilation technologies of the room – all this will help to make the room more practical and comfortable.