How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

Almost every house has a TV, and sometimes even a few. Most often, we associate it with a pleasant pastime with family or friends. Our views turn to this electronic device quite often and it doesn’t matter if it broadcasts television channels or is it just a monitor for watching movies or videos on the Internet.

TV in the interior of the apartment, room layout

Let’s see how to properly position the TV monitor in the room so that it is as comfortable, safe and convenient as possible for all households. Read all the points carefully, constantly looking at your conditions. All the tips here are closely interconnected, and the technical inconsistencies of one of them in the selected room can affect the features of the layout, which, it would seem, are precisely identified.

How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

1. In which part of the room is the TV set

The location of the TV dictates the arrangement of furniture in the room. First of all, decide on which point in the room (or several) you will watch it. It can be a sofa, a dining table, a working area of ​​the kitchen – but other options are possible..

“A window should be a particularly important point in determining the location of a TV. If the screen is on the opposite wall, it is likely that it will sparkle and you will not see anything at all. ”

The way out of this situation may be window blinds or tight-fitting curtains with the effect of “blackout”.

Think about how you are ready to close them tightly every time you turn on the TV. For those whose location will be just that, we advise you to take a closer look at the curtains on the electric cornice, which can be controlled from a remote control or tablet. It doesn’t cost so much, and a similar option will add comfort and maintain a neat appearance and the curtains themselves, which from too frequent mechanical stress can get dirty faster and lose their original appearance.

How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

2. At what height do you hang the TV

If you are going to watch TV in the kitchen, say, standing by the stove, stand at an imaginary (if you still have a repair) or an existing work surface, and then quickly move your eyes to the part of the wall where you plan to mount the TV. The place where you looked (it will most likely be the level of your eyes or a little lower / higher) needs to be remembered and immediately gently fixed, say, with chalk on the wall. Here supposedly the center of the monitor should be.

“The height of the TV is dictated by the position in which you intend to watch it. The standards in this regard are rather arbitrary, so there can be nothing better than a personal double-check. ”

Exactly by the same principle, you will be able to determine a comfortable height for the TV on the wall in any room where it is supposed to be.

How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

3. How to attach the TV to the wall

If, during your planning, the location of the TV involves mounting it on the wall, you must first check the technical ability to perform this operation. Remember – you cannot hang a heavy monitor on a wall made of drywall. She can’t stand more than 30-35 kg and runs the risk of simply collapsing.

The monitor can be mounted on a brick or block wall using brackets. In this case, make sure in advance that wiring does not pass in the places of the intended location of the dowels.

“The brackets are both rigidly fixed and adjustable. In any case, we recommend choosing a mobile option. Who knows – suddenly you need to change the angle or slightly rotate the screen in one direction or another. ”

How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

4. Where to hide wires and cables from the TV

If your apartment is currently in a state of repair, design and prepare in advance the location of the TV and the corresponding conclusions for it. What you will definitely need is 3 ordinary sockets behind the monitor and 1 television. In them you connect the plasma monitor itself, the tuner and / or Wi-Fi adapter. All these outputs can be safely hidden behind the plasma onitor itself, by positioning the sockets at a distance of 8-10 cm from the top or bottom edge of the monitor (as in your situation it will be more convenient).

If there’s a TV stand under the TV, on which other media technology is supposed to stand, the sockets behind it will also not hurt you.

“At a height of 30 cm from the floor, place the unit on 4-5 outlets – even if you don’t need them now, the technologies do not stand still, it’s better to spend some money now and save yourself from unnecessary problems with wires, sockets and carrying tomorrow.”

If the repair has already been done, all the wires can be hidden in a cable box and carefully bring it to the TV. Later this box can be designed to the style of the wall on which it is located – in order to mask it as much as possible.

In the case when the TV is located in front of the window and you decide to take advice on the curtains on the electric cornice, plan another outlet under the ceiling in the place where such a curtain will hang (curtain specialists and electrician will tell you more about this).

How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

5. How to choose the diagonal size of the TV

Many TV fans dream of a large plasma half wall. Buying such a TV is not difficult, but before you do this, check to see how the parameters of your room will allow you to look at such a monitor without harm to health.

“The distance comfortable for the eyes from the monitor is 3-4 screen diagonals, in the case of LCD monitors, 2-3 diagonals.”

That is, you need to watch a 40-inch TV from a distance of 80-120 or 120-160 inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm). Now it is possible to calculate that the eyes of a person looking at 40-inch plasma should be 3-4 meters away from it, and for 2-3 meters for LCD monitors.

How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

It is easy, observing reality, to make sure that so many neglect this rule, which spoils the vision not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones. Do not repeat these mistakes.

How to position the TV on the wall: 6 rules

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