Why do papillomas appear

When some pimples, extra moles, warts or papillomas suddenly appear on the body, this is unpleasant. It is especially frightening when on the face, neck or in the chest area, strange growths that previously were not formed are formed. Why and why do papillomas appear, are they dangerous to health or not? Such questions perplex all people who have discovered these neoplasms. Recently, doctors have been able to accurately determine the causes of the disease..

Causes of papillomas

Papilloma is a benign tumor reaching 2 cm in diameter and having a convex shape. It occurs on the skin in different places: under the armpits, eyelids, nipples, pope or chest, and sometimes on the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. Outwardly, the first stages of neoplasm development are similar to a mole, but perhaps this has already appeared a small papilloma. Plantar, flat, protozoa, filiform forms of the disease are distinguished, but why do they appear on the body?

It is difficult to protect against the human papillomavirus (HPV). Many have it, but it is in a latent state, and getting rid of it is almost impossible. Where does papillomavirus appear in the body? You can enter the basis of a microorganism in childhood through household contacts with the carrier. In this variant of infection, the following possible causes of papillomas in the presence of small cracks and wounds are distinguished:

  • the use of other personal hygiene items (towels, washcloths, scissors);
  • handshake;
  • visits to beauty salons that use reusable tools;
  • use of objects in public places (toilets, baths, gyms).

Papilloma virus transmission during sexual intercourse was previously considered the only option for infection. There is no way to detect the disease right away. As a rule, this can only be done when analyzing for the presence of HPV. To protect yourself and loved ones, avoid accidental sexual intercourse that will cause other, more dangerous diseases. The reasons why papillomas grow are also described:

  1. Transmission of the virus during childbirth. HPV is sometimes found in newborns, so you should be examined and undergo papilloma treatment in advance, and not after or during pregnancy.
  2. Prolonged or frequent exposure to UV rays. Dermatologists strongly recommend that all people who are predisposed to the appearance of papillomas spend as little time as possible under the sun. This applies to all owners of too light skin, many moles with uneven edges or those that grow quickly.
  3. Doctors concluded that women taking contraceptives are at risk.
  4. Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can cause papillomas on the body, which is associated with a decrease in the body’s immunity.

On the body

The reason that a lot of papillomas appear on the body is mainly a colds that have weakened the immune system. It is especially dangerous if you did not treat the disease thoroughly, but only muffled the symptoms with fast-acting drugs. Prolonged development of the virus can be caused by prolonged use of medications or diseases of the internal organs in the chronic stage..

Why papillomas appear on the neck – doctors can’t say for sure, but note that such localization is more common in men than in women. Often the transmission of the virus in such cases occurs through small wounds on the surface of the skin. The neck in a person often remains open. A person sweats, his skin becomes dirty, mechanical damage occurs due to the collar or during shaving. It is a great breeding ground for infection..

On the face

The HPV virus can manifest itself in almost any part of the body, and the face is no exception. The formations are localized on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, and even on the eyelid. It is better to remove growths from the face right away. They look like colorless small moles with a rough or bumpy texture. The reason for the appearance, as a rule, is:

  • decreased immunity;
  • the presence of small wounds and other damage to the skin (direct transmission from the carrier);
  • nervous breakdowns;
  • personal hygiene.

In intimate places

The external manifestations of the disease and genitals were not spared. The main reasons why papillomas may appear in intimate places do not differ from other parts of the body. The prevailing option of infection due to erratic intimate relationships, when our genitals receive many microtraumas or cracks. Through such areas, the virus enters the body from the carrier. The disease is accompanied by a burning sensation of the mucous membranes of organs, copious discharge, minor bleeding after intimacy.

It is extremely difficult to protect yourself against the papilloma virus. In most people, he is in a latent state all his life, without causing any trouble. However, this does not mean that you should not understand what papillomas can appear from and how to get rid of them. As a rule, they are removed surgically with a laser or liquid nitrogen..