Why do circles and bags appear under the eyes?

Until recently, it was believed that the problem of “bags” under the eyes occurs solely due to a decrease in the elasticity of the connective tissue membrane that separates the periorbital tissue from the skin of the eyelid. In mid-2008, scientists proved that the appearance of this cosmetic defect is due to an increase in the volume of periorbital fiber itself. Conclusion: if a person does not get bags under his eyes for a long time, the reasons can lie in a wide variety of factors. Let’s study this topic in more detail to understand the essence of the problem..

Why do bags appear under the eyes

An increase in the volume of periorbital fiber indicates that some natural processes in the body proceed incorrectly. A precise examination and analysis of lifestyle will help to establish the exact cause of the appearance of the bags. Equally important in this matter is age and gender. Swelling under the eyes indicates the presence of more serious disorders, so a person, observing this phenomenon, should look for the source of the problem in the back of the body. In the following sections, you will learn about the characteristic causes of the appearance of bags in various categories of people..

In children

Swelling of the eyes in a child is a clear sign of serious problems with internal organs. Children rarely suffer from lack of sleep, so factors associated with an improper lifestyle can be discarded. Eyelids can swell due to the following disorders in the body:

  1. Liver problems.
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Disruption in the production of hormones in the body.
  4. Acute / Chronic Heart Failure.
  5. Disorders of the venous / lymphatic system.

If you see red circles beneath the eyes of your child, take an egg test. Most likely, the baby wound up helminths. Black circles under the eyes in children, as a rule, indicate an allergic reaction of the body. To cope with this problem, you will have to find the pathogen and eliminate it. In addition, the genetic causes of edema are not ruled out. Hereditary factors are not easy to identify, and to cope with their consequences without the intervention of plastic surgeons is almost impossible.

Among women

The fairer sex is constantly wondering why the eyes swell. Spoiling the appearance of blue and constant water swelling under the eyelids can appear at any age. The reasons why this can be caused lie deep in the body. The most common ones are listed below:

  1. Changes in the hormonal background in the body during certain phases of menstruation.
  2. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. It is found at the regulars of resort beaches and tanning salons..
  3. Pregnancy. During intrauterine gestation, the woman’s body undergoes serious hormonal and physiological changes. Severe purple swelling around one or two eyes is normal.
  4. The disease. Disorders associated with the kidneys and allergic reactions of the body often lead to gray circles.
  5. Overwork. If blue circles appear under the eyes, the causes in women are often associated with serious workloads and lack of sleep at night..

In men

The problem of swelling of the eyelids overcomes representatives of the stronger sex no less than women. Dark circles under the eyes in men can be caused by the following factors:

  1. Alcohol abuse. Excessive drinking, which is often associated with a lack of sleep leads to edema.
  2. Age. Almost all men over 50 complain of white double circles under the eye sockets.
  3. Excessive salt intake. Bad habit that occurs very, very often. Salt retains fluid in the body, causing bruises under the eyes.
  4. Respiratory disease.
  5. Inflammation of the sinuses.

What do the circles under the eyes mean?

In most cases, people simply gloss over unwanted cosmetic changes on the face or hide them under the glasses. Such an approach can hardly be called reasonable. The appearance of bags should be regarded as a hint from the body that something needs to be done. Having carefully studied edema, you can suggest a possible disease and consult a specialist of the appropriate medical profile.

Dark circles

If you have dark circles under your eyes, you should look for reasons in your lifestyle. Similar manifestations are often observed in people loaded with responsible work. Chronic fatigue leads to circulatory disorders throughout the body. Stagnation of blood appears in the capillaries, due to which gray bags appear under the eyes. To remove them, you have to take a vacation and have a good rest.

Red bags

As a rule, such manifestations indicate an allergy. A characteristic feature of the body’s reaction to an irritant: first, a red circle appears on the left eye, and then goes to the right, or vice versa. If you know which allergen causes redness, get rid of it immediately. Otherwise, you will have to urgently consult a doctor.

Bruises under the eyes

Blue bags under the eyes for no reason do not appear. As a rule, this cosmetic violation indicates elementary fatigue of the organs of vision. Most office workers who spend at least 75% of their time staying awake at a computer note this problem. To cope with it, simple exercises for the eye muscles, proper lighting in the office and sports for the overall strengthening of the body will help.

Yellow circles

Doctors can talk about yellow circles under the eyes for hours, since the list of causes for this symptom is incredibly large. The most common of these are the following diseases / disorders:

  1. Protracted stress, smoking, alcohol abuse.
  2. Chronic fatigue, lack of sleep.
  3. Excessive direct sunlight.
  4. Disorders of the liver / gallbladder.
  5. Poor oxygen saturation.
  6. Increased carotene in the body.
  7. Circulatory malfunction.

Eye swelling in the morning

Morning bags under the eyes for no reason do not appear, but this does not mean that you need to immediately sound the alarm. Such edema subsides within a few hours. As a rule, they do not portend serious violations. Morning bags under the eyes indicate that the body gets too much water or spicy / salty foods before bedtime. To get rid of the problem, review your diet and try not to burden the digestive system with heavy dishes after 18:00.

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