Eye circles – how to get rid of at home. Causes of dark circles under the eyes and how to remove them


Normally, our whole body should work like a clock every day – calmly, smoothly and smoothly. Often, even with minor violations, external indicators occur that are the reason that there are problems in the body. This situation develops around the common problem of circles under the eyes, bruises, swelling, and bags. None of us thinks about the seriousness of this phenomenon, attributing the fact to cosmetic defects, fatigue and other passing problems. According to many doctors, the true causes lie much deeper.

Causes of dark circles under the eyes

The main reasons why bruises under the eyes occur, highlight malfunctions in the kidneys, heart and blood vessels. In women, in men, in a child at any age, there are swelling under the eyes due to fatigue, lack of sleep. But even if you follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, this problem may appear. With age, the skin around the eyes loses elasticity, moisture – this leads to lowering of the skin, a decrease in tone.

Dark circles and bruises under the eyes

According to doctors, blue and then black areas on the lower eyelids may appear due to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Improper nutrition, imbalances in the digestion system, sharp and spicy foods in large quantities – these problems are detected on the face in the form of bruises under the eyes, and then deep black. Try to review your menu, remember that every day we need all the vitamins and minerals, without it there will be no full development, no matter how old you are, and then the question of how to remove bruises will not be a problem for you.

Yellow circles around the eyes

The main reason for the appearance of yellow circles around the eyes is heredity, when skin pigmentation, yellowness in this area came as a gift from parents. A routine doctor check will quickly help identify the problem. Violations in the body itself lead to the appearance of brown, sometimes yellow spots on the skin around the eyes, these are serious reasons and appropriate treatment is required. This type of face is a signal of problems in the work of the gallbladder or liver. Self-medication in this case is dangerous, it requires qualified supervision by a good doctor.

Green circles under the eyes

An interesting situation is with the diagnosis of the causes of green circles in the lower eyelids. Doctors speak of a similar symptomatology with yellow circles on the skin of the eyelids, with the only difference being that the skin pigment reveals a different hue. Another reason for the problem is the wearing of glasses in a metal frame, a commonplace skin allergy to metal. The check here is simple – wear glasses in a plastic frame, if everything went well, then trouble has passed. If not – urgently to a doctor, go through an examination, take tests, taking care of yourself will never be superfluous.

Red circles under the eyes

If an adult can cause red circles around the eyes, there may be an allergy, then in a child they show the presence of an infectious process, serious health problems. An intoxication of the body occurs, and the result is redness of the skin around the eyes. Sore throats, tonsillitis, frequent respiratory diseases, possibly even helminthic invasion – the most popular circle of diseases, which means danger and are spotted. It is immediately necessary to undergo an examination, and consultations of several doctors will give a complete picture of the disease.

Swelling and bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes – this problem: a symptom of an allergy or kidney disease? Allergy – everything is clear here, consult a good doctor, choose the right treatment. The kidneys are a completely different matter. It is necessary to monitor yourself, first of all, control the amount of fluid you drink. The next question is: how often do you go to the toilet and do you experience pain in the lower back? Only a good doctor will give you practical advice and help get rid of bags under the eyes. Problems discovered in time will help you avoid complications and enjoy a healthy life for a long time..

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes at home

If after a detailed examination of the doctor you have not revealed any pathologies, but there are still problems, then home methods will help you. In the morning, “wake up” the face with a contrasting wash – this is a way to quickly reduce dark circles, bruises and invigorate the skin. The use of warm compresses in this area also helps: just dip the cotton pads in warm water, wring out, cover them with eyelids, and take a horizontal position. A few minutes – and you have no problems.


Try nice folk remedies to reduce dark, bruises, circles under the eyes – these are home masks. Our ancestors trusted nature to nature, people knew how to treat any ailment with healing herbs, infusions, which were sometimes prepared from simple products, but were very useful. Natural compounds, tangible benefits for the skin, economic benefits: prepare potatoes, fresh cucumber, sprigs of parsley.

  • Mask potato or cucumber from bruising under the eyes. Peel fresh potatoes or cucumber. Grind in mashed potatoes, keep the mask on the eyelids for 15 minutes.
  • Mask of parsley to brighten the skin of the eyelids. Chop the sprigs of fresh parsley (a few pieces), mix with fat sour cream, apply on the skin of the eyelids for 10 minutes. Wash with warm water or a decoction of herbs after the procedure..


Brew green tea or a decoction of chamomile, pour into ice containers, send to the freezer. In the morning, wipe the entire face and eye area with one such cube. Try frozen grated potatoes: Apply in small portions on the skin of the eyelids in the morning for several minutes. To save time, use ice cotton pads – soak them in mineral water, freeze, apply as a mask in the morning. You will see bruises become lighter.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes using cosmetology

Get ready for some nasty procedures. Among the common methods, it is worth noting mesotherapy injections, which well help to remove the problem, but scare some. Sensitive natures will like lymphatic drainage, because it is not as frightening as injections, but also effective. At the level of the deep layers of the skin, excess fluid is drained, which reduces circles, bruises, spots on the eyelids. There are also hardware and manual methods..

By laser

Laser bleaching of the skin of the eyelids is an expensive but effective procedure. With the help of a laser beam, the skin is lightened, causing bruises, dark circles will be less. You have to suffer a little if the goal is to get rid of the problem! You can see the effect on improving the appearance of the skin in two or three weeks, and later repeated procedures may be needed so that the bruises go away forever.


Is going to the salon not for you? So, choose cosmetics. The benefit of creams, gels, ointments from bruises is released a huge variety, but the removal of darkening on the skin is completely unlikely. To get started, sort out the color of the bruises themselves. To whiten brownish shades – use creams with vitamin C, caffeine, hydroquinone. For bluish and purple tones of problem areas, use formulations with vitamins K, A, they well strengthen the skin vessels, which helps get rid of the problem.


The method, which has worked well, has gained a lot of fans. Useful substances that stimulate cell metabolism and solve the problems of bruises, dark circles, bags in the eye area are injected under the skin with a thin needle. The procedures are carried out in courses, and after that more careful care is needed about this tender area. Contraindications – pregnancy, infectious, oncological diseases, diabetes, allergies.

How to mask circles under the eyes

How to deal with skin imperfections, how to hide them? The answer is simple: corrector! It should be used only for acne, minor skin problems of the entire face. But the scope of use of the concealer is the eyes, because the consistency of this product does not injure the delicate skin of the eyelids. Another myth – for the effect you need only the best, expensive brands. This fact is easy to refute: a good remedy is one that is correctly matched to skin tone.

tip: how to hide circles under the eyes with makeup

Simple makeup secrets can be mastered by any representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Using just one cosmetic product, it is quite possible to hide imperfections on the skin of the eyelids – dark circles, bags, bruises. Learn to use the famous “Hollywood Triangle” makeup artist’s famous technique that will help you easily apply makeup – and your face will delight you with a reflection in the mirror.

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