Papillomas due to parasites


Until now, medicine has not been able to give an exact answer on how papillomas appear in humans. Only the general mechanisms that provoke HPV (papillomavirus) have been identified. In some cases, the disease may not manifest itself for a long time, but it is completely unexpectedly expressed in a large number of neoplasms.

Signs of parasites in the human body

One of the reasons for the transition of the virus to the active stage is the penetration of helminth worms (worms) into the human body. The influence of other infections and parasites that weaken the immune system is not excluded. The following main symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are distinguished:

  • muscle, joint pain;
  • increase, decrease in body weight;
  • violation of the digestive tract, for example, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation;
  • allergic reactions to the skin;
  • intestinal dysbiosis, discomfort;
  • teeth grinding in a dream (bruxism);
  • airway inflammation;
  • mental disorders (manifestation of the detrimental effect of toxins that secrete parasites);
  • anemia;
  • oncological diseases;
  • malfunctions of the immune system.

Papilloma removal

To all the above signs of parasite infection, damage to the internal organs: kidneys, liver, and vascular system can be added. This provokes a malfunction in their work and causes the need for long-term treatment. The above symptoms are not an accurate sign of the development of helminthiasis, they indicate it indirectly. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe treatment after the necessary tests.

How are papillomas and parasites interconnected in the human body

The presence of helminth parasites in the body does not directly cause the formation of warts and papillomas. However, there is a relationship between the result of their activity and a sharp exacerbation of the papillomavirus. The presence of parasites in the human body significantly increases the risk of contracting the disease, so their timely detection will help to avoid the appearance of neoplasms on the human body. If papillomas are already present on the skin, you should check the body for the fact of infection with helminths..

Why do papillomas appear on the skin

To understand the relationship between HPV and the presence of parasites, you need to know why warts appear on the skin. Papilloma is a benign tumor, it looks like small processes (shown in the photo below). A neoplasm is an external manifestation of a viral infection, any person can be a carrier. The main reason for the formation of papillomas is a decrease in immunity, which can be triggered by prolonged use of drugs, an improper lifestyle, illness or nervous stress..

Papilloma on the human body

Can parasites in a person cause papillomas

The development of papillomas due to parasites is associated with the features of their behavior in the human body and the effect on their health. According to scientists, worms secrete toxins, which entail a structural change in blood. This causes the appearance of neoplasms on the skin and is a sign of the possible presence of parasites in the patient’s body. The main causative agent of the disease is vaginal trichomoniasis.

It should be understood that the appearance of neoplasms provokes only the papillomavirus, parasites only prepare for him all the conditions for rapid spread, therefore their influence is indirect. Helminths themselves cause serious harm to the human body, make people more susceptible to any viruses. Timely removal of parasites from the body will reduce the likelihood of papillomas.

How to deal with papillomas

In the fight against papillomas, an integrated approach to solving the problem will be effective. To avoid the appearance of new warts, it is necessary to exclude the root cause of a decrease in immunity. If papillomas appear due to parasites, the body should be cleaned of helminths. To remove external manifestations, cosmetic surgery procedures are usually used:

  • Laser removal of papillomas. Using a tool, a specialist burns out a neoplasm. The procedure is painless, there is no postoperative inflammation, it requires only 1 session.
  • Cryodestruction of neoplasms. This method involves the use of low temperatures in order to begin the rejection of papilloma tissue. Liquid nitrogen acts on the wart, after a few days it just falls off.
  • Electrocoagulation The essence of the method is in cauterization of the affected papilloma region using high-frequency current. The main minus of the procedure – perhaps after it there will be a small scar.

Laser papilloma removal

Drug treatment

Papillomas are treated due to parasites in the first stage with the help of anthelmintic drugs, vitamins (to strengthen immunity). Confirm the cause should appropriate blood tests, feces, sputum or urine. After that, the doctor will be able to prescribe the optimal course of treatment:

  1. For therapy in children with enterobiosis, ascariasis, trichocephalosis, Pyrantel, Mebendazole or Albendazole is prescribed. In addition to a person infected with parasites, it is necessary to treat for the prevention of all family members simultaneously.
  2. To eliminate the symptoms caused by helminthiasis, antihistamines are used.
  3. When treating adults, the use of Medamine, Levamisole, Furazolidone, Vormila is recommended. The scheme and duration of treatment is determined only by the doctor, based on the weight, age of the person, stage of development of parasites.
  4. Some larvae, eggs and parasite worms are resistant to medication, so after 2 weeks you need to undergo a second course of therapy. Additionally, Diazolin, Suprastin, Bifidumbacterin or Linex can be prescribed.

Papilloma examination

Traditional medicine methods

The scheme for the comprehensive treatment of papillomas due to parasites includes the use of folk remedies. It is not recommended to use only them, because the healing process can take much longer than when combined with medicines. Alternative recipes are especially useful if a person is allergic to any of the drugs for the treatment of parasites or develop unwanted side effects due to drugs. Combine traditional therapy and home recipes should be after consultation with a doctor.

Common products for removing parasites are pumpkin seeds, carrots, garlic. There is an integrated approach scheme that will help get rid of the problem with worms in a few days. It also helps to cleanse the intestines, which will favorably affect the general state of human health:

  1. On the first day it is necessary to eat only liquid food: cereals, mashed soups, dairy products. Before going to bed, take Glauber, English laxative salt.
  2. On the second day, put an enema, eat at least a handful of pumpkin seeds. After an hour, drink a laxative, after 2 hours, eat.
  3. Every day, drink a strong decoction of ash bark.

Celandine juice

Helminths begin to come out after 2 days gradually. To make the result more tangible, it is recommended to do cleansing enemas every day. To combat the external manifestations of papilloma, you can use the following recipes:

  1. You will need a fresh sprout of celandine. Break the stem and squeeze the juice onto the papilloma. Treatment with this substance should last at least a month. The first week lubricate the growth every 3 hours, the rest of the time – every 8.
  2. Cooking garlic cream. Mix garlic gruel with any hygiene product in a 1 to 2 ratio. Mix the ingredients with a wooden stick. Apply the product on gauze or bandage, attach to the papilloma with a patch. Peel it off after 3 hours, wash the growth with soapy water. The duration of treatment of neoplasms is from 3 to 6 weeks every day.