Papillomas on the hands – photo. Causes and treatment of papillomas on the skin of fingers


Papillomas and warts are a very common problem. In almost all cases, this type of skin lesions is benign and does not pose a health hazard. Papillomas appear on the face, hands and other parts of the body. Having determined the reason that provoked the development of this disease, the doctor selects the optimal treatment, due to which recovery occurs in the near future.

Why do papillomas appear

The human papillomavirus (HPV) can provoke the appearance of this type of formations. Almost 90% of people are carriers of infection and do not even suspect it. The virus is able to stay in the body without causing any external signs. The appearance of warts on the hands occurs as a result of contact with the carrier of the virus:

  • household way;
  • after sexual intercourse with an infected person;
  • during childbirth.

After the virus enters the body, the formation of a tumor of a benign nature begins. Papillomavirus lives in the human body, with almost no other symptoms, other than forming a wart or growth on the finger or other parts of the body.

Both an adult and a small child can suffer from this disease. The formation of papillomas in the hands occurs in approximately 30% of people. The body of the wart is very small and almost invisible, but the growths are able to become inflamed, redden or grow rapidly, increasing in size or quantity. Papillomas may occur on the arms, eyelids, neck, genitals, under the chest, on the back, etc..

Outwardly, the formations look ugly, begin to itch strongly and are easily injured. If papilloma appeared on the finger of the hand, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment. The most effective is the surgical type of therapy, but a variety of alternative methods are also often used to help get rid of formations..

People shaking hands

What do papillomas look like?

Depending on the type, papillomas on the hands manifest various symptoms. If the lesions were injured and began to get very sick, you should immediately consult a doctor. Warts could become inflamed, and there is a risk of infection and even cancer.

Types of Papillomas

  1. Skin – in almost all cases, appear on the surface of the hands. In order not to visit the doctor often, you must follow all the rules of personal hygiene. Outwardly, they will look like simple warts..
  2. Filamentous – found in almost 50% of people whose body has papillomavirus. A small child rarely suffers from this ailment; the older generation is at risk. First, the skin is affected by small yellow cones, but soon they begin to grow rapidly.
  3. Simple – in medicine, this type of wart can also be called “vulgar.” Outwardly, they will look like very hard-to-touch growths resembling small cones, the size of which ranges from 1-22 mm. The skin is covered with whole islands of formations, they appear on the fingers, palms, calves.
  4. Flat papillomas – arise as a result of the interaction of several viruses. Warts have a normal skin tone and can go unnoticed for a long time. When they form, a strong feeling of itching, redness of the skin, unpleasant painful inflammation begins to disturb.
  5. Plantar – their excitation occurs simultaneously by several forms of the virus. They look like small shiny cones, which eventually take the form of a typical papilloma, bubbles can form.

Skin papillomas on the hands

How to treat papillomas

After a thorough examination of the formation, determining the type and severity of the disease, the doctor selects the appropriate treatment. If you carefully study the photos in medical journals, it is possible to independently determine the type of wart. Its removal is carried out by surgery, laser, acid (salicylic form) and folk methods. If the face is affected, an experienced dermatologist, cosmetologist can help.

Removal of papillomas on the skin

With damage, the neoplasm can become inflamed, and develop into a malignant tumor. To prevent this, it is important to know what papilloma is and how to treat it. Often used the operational method of removing formations – laser destruction:

  1. How to cure papillomas if the wart leg comes off and inflammation begins? During the procedure, the formation of a surgical laser beam and its destruction occurs on the formation, the epidermis may turn red.
  2. After the procedure, the damaged area of ​​the skin heals quickly.

The doctor makes laser removal of papillomas from the skin of the patient’s finger

How to remove papillomas with special means

To remove warts, medications can be used:

  1. Podophyllotoxin. The components of the drug freeze genital warts. Included is a plastic applicator to handle large areas.
  2. Solcoderm. After the drug is applied to the surface of the skin, mummification begins, the epidermis turns yellow. The treatment is carried out by a qualified medical professional.

How to treat papillomas on the skin with folk remedies

  1. Grind one cabbage leaf, squeeze the juice in which to soak a piece of gauze and apply as a compress. In the morning, remove the bandage.
  2. Mix aspirin (2-3 g), pure alcohol (100 g), boric acid (2 g), iodine (2.5 g). The resulting composition to process the neoplasm.