Why do your fingers go numb – reasons. What to do when numb fingers of the left or right hand


Numbness of the limbs is often associated with the term “paresthesia”. A passing condition, but extremely unpleasant, causes internal discomfort, becoming the main cause of increased nervousness. The patient first feels a slight tingling sensation that develops into the presence of “goose bumps” throughout his body.

Fingers go numb – reasons

Some patients associate numbness of the upper extremities with excessive physical activity throughout the day. Others equate such discomfort with problems of the heart and blood vessels. In any case, this is an unpleasant symptom that needs to be treated competently and in a timely manner, but first to find out in detail why the fingers are numb. There is an answer. Here are the most common causes of numbness in the fingers:

  • overload of the body;
  • emotional overstrain;
  • Iron-deficiency anemia;
  • cardiac colic;
  • monotonous performance of monophonic work;
  • Raynaud’s disease;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • deep vein thrombosis in the arms;
  • seasonal vitamin deficiency.

Numb fingers on left hand

There may not be a global health problem, but you need to pay attention to such an alarming body signal. Numbness of the fingers of the left hand eloquently indicates that there are heart problems, possibly of a chronic nature. You should not immediately ascribe yourself a serious illness, but making an appointment with a cardiologist will also not hurt. This may be a sign of tachycardia or impaired circulation. Other reasons why fingers become numb are:

  • insufficient intake of vitamins in the autumn-winter period;
  • long work at the computer;
  • spinal diseases caused by displacement of the vertebrae;
  • disorders in the nervous system, for example, pinched nerve;
  • pneumonia;
  • pathology of the liver and kidneys.

Numbness of the fingers of the right hand

If the other hand is numb, this is also a symptom, although the diagnoses are somewhat different. Medical assistance is definitely relevant. Clinical pictures, in which the fingers on the right hand go numb, are much less common, but also lead to disturbing thoughts that not everything is in order in the body, it is advisable to undergo a diagnosis. Effective treatment and the need for it completely depends on the diagnosis made by the doctor. This is why it puts fingers together:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • prolonged tendon tension;
  • complete muscle atrophy;
  • prolonged physical activity;
  • poor blood circulation.

Why do your fingertips go numb

Such a symptom often progresses with the disease osteochondrosis, which the patient is not even aware of. Nothing hurts him, the only complaint is the discomfort of his palm or pillows. To answer the question why fingertips are numb, a neurologist will help. He will prescribe an effective medicine, physiotherapy. There are several reasons why fingers on the hands go numb, and not all of them have a physiological character:

  • diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system;
  • inflammatory processes of the joints;
  • bone fractures near the myocardium;
  • endocrine disorders in the body;
  • disturbed water metabolism;
  • trauma, for example, an unnamed position;
  • weakened immunity, acute lack of vitamins.

Numb fingers during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman wears tight clothes, the appearance of such an unpleasant symptom is easy to explain. It is necessary to remove it, and overall well-being will return to normal on its own. If such actions do not help, and numbness of the fingers during pregnancy still deprives sleep at night and rest during the day, it is necessary to consult a local gynecologist. There are several reasons why the legs began to swell, why the fingers on the hands go numb. The most commonly diagnosed are described below:

  • hormonal changes in the body;
  • water imbalance, for example, polyhydramnios;
  • disturbed metabolic processes;
  • lack of magnesium and calcium;
  • spinal overload;
  • arthritis, osteochondrosis;
  • diabetes.

Why hands and fingers go numb at night

If the pads are tingling, this is a common symptom of a disease that can affect all internal organs and systems. You can get more detailed information about your condition if you specifically determine the focus of the pathology, the intensity of the symptoms, and consult a specialist. When your fingers are numb in a dream, it is important to remember which one is particularly disturbing. The decoding is as follows:

  1. An index on the right or left side indicates an inflammatory process that occurs in the elbow joint.
  2. Nameless and little fingers are responsible for the nerve root, so the problem may be hidden in the central nervous system lesions, hidden nervous disorders.
  3. Middle and nameless may indicate spasm of the vascular network, and the symptom exacerbates more often at night..

The right arm from the elbow to the fingers is numb

The causes of this symptom are also pathological. For example, with nervous breakdowns or hypothermia, the hands from the elbow to the tips of the fingers go numb. There are physiological factors, among them – physical overwork, tight clothing, life in a state of constant stress. If the problem is concentrated in the index or middle position, you can contact a cardiologist, take the prescribed pills or folk remedies for the heart.

After sleep numb fingers

If such a problem occurs, it is better to do morning exercises regularly. Blood stasis may prevail in the body, which is why the fingers become numb in the morning. In addition, the brush can be difficult to bend – to bend until it is developed by elementary physical activity. If after a night she starts tingling, it is difficult to warm up her middle and index position, more serious problems of systemic circulation, diabetes mellitus, impaired metabolism are not excluded.