Pumpkin seed oil is good and bad. Medicinal properties and contraindications for taking pumpkin oil


The useful properties of such a vegetable as pumpkin are known to everyone, but few know what pumpkin oil is and what it is good for. Due to the dark color and incredibly high price, the product was called “black” or “green” gold.

Pumpkin oil – benefits and harms

Like many other types, natural pumpkin seed oil is obtained by cold pressing. Taste and smell are unusual, but most people do not cause hostility. Those who regularly add pumpkin and its seeds to their diet know the benefits of pumpkin oil. The composition can be taken orally and externally, with this substance:

  1. prevents swelling;
  2. fights skin allergies and inflammation;
  3. strengthens the immune and nervous system, suitable for the prevention of colds and colds
  4. contribute to the choleretic effect;
  5. responsible for the production of hormones;
  6. treats diseases of the digestive system – gastritis, hemorrhoids, constipation;
  7. Helps restore liver cells
  8. stimulates the heart;
  9. rejuvenates the skin;
  10. lowers blood pressure with hypertension;
  11. eliminates heartburn;
  12. supplies the body with iron in case of anemia;
  13. helps to cope with increased appetite;
  14. has an anthelmintic effect.

There is a polar side, like every product. The main key to success in introducing a new component into the diet is gradualness. It is harmful to use it after heat treatment: vitamins in this form are not stored, but only harm the body. Adding large quantities of the product right away can be dangerous. To start, 1 teaspoon is enough to determine how it is transferred.

The benefits and harms of pumpkin oil depend on quality. Choosing it is more careful, especially for food. A reliable place to buy is a simple pharmacy where you can have a good look at the packaging and get information. An online store with normal product photos will do. Starting from the date of manufacture, the period during which you can store the oil should not be more than 6-8 months, and the temperature – up to 25 degrees.

Pumpkin Oil – Composition

Pumpkin seed oil has a high calorie content: 850 kcal per 100 ml. It contains a whole group of vitamins – C, A, B, E, useful elements – selenium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus. The product is famous for making up the need for zinc for a whole day, and this microelement is responsible for the immune system. The composition of pumpkin oil includes essential substances:

  • carotenoids – help slow down aging, stimulate metabolic processes and restore cells, promote bone growth, increase visual acuity;
  • phytosterols – prevent cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestine, preventing malignant tumors;
  • tocopherols – fight anemia and a breakdown, are responsible for protein synthesis and cellular metabolism, are responsible for protecting tissues from lactic acid;
  • flavonoids – have tannic, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties;
  • phospholipids – have a healing effect in psoriasis, eczema, early aging on the skin, their functions are immunomodulation, regulation of enzymes, and organ regeneration;
  • pectins – they are useful for overweight.

Pumpkin Oil for Men

By adding pumpkin seed oil to the diet, a strong sex will get excellent results. The component has a good effect on sex hormones, the benefits of pumpkin oil for men of any age are known from ancient recipes. Doctors-naturopaths advise taking the product for diseases: prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, prostate adenoma. After taking about a month, many patients notice that spermatogenesis and erection are improving..

Pumpkin Oil – Benefits for Women

The anti-inflammatory effect that the substance has makes it useful for women. One of the most successful qualities, if taken orally, is considered to be the ability to alleviate premenstrual syndrome and preclimatic state. This is due to the rare combination of vitamins B, E, F with zinc and phytosterols. All components together affect the overall hormonal background, so the benefits of pumpkin oil for women are undoubted.

It is better for ladies to combine treatment with traditional therapy. This is used for gynecological problems:

  • female infertility;
  • cervical erosion;
  • anemia
  • cystitis;
  • colpitis;
  • constipation
  • obesity;
  • miscarriage;
  • threatened abortion.

Pumpkin seed oil – application

The use of pumpkin oil originates from European traditions. Now it covers many industries. Used in:

  • cosmetology;
  • Cooking
  • dietetics;
  • folk medicine.

In the field of cooking, the composition can be taken only in cold form – in salads, cold soups, prepared sauces. You can’t fry on it. This includes the field of dietetics and fitness, these body science sciences include the principles of proper nutrition. Not bypassed the product and traditional medicine. An important rule is to start taking it after consulting a doctor..

In cosmetology, there was also widespread use of the antioxidant, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties of pumpkin seed oil. It is used in home-made and industry-made anti-aging creams. From this healing component make masks for hair, face, body. Well suited for a complex of therapeutic relaxing massage.

Pumpkin Hair Oil

A great way to make a rare hairline luxuriant is to start using the healing properties of pumpkin hair oil. When leaving, the density returns, so those people who have begun baldness are recommended to rub the substance into the affected areas. Ulcers from psoriasis and eczema, localized on the head, also become less noticeable. The overall effect of the product on the hair is invaluable:

  1. the roots of weakened hair are strengthened;
  2. elasticity returns;
  3. hair begins to grow back faster.

An effective way is to use oil along with other ingredients in the mask. The procedure lasts 3-5 minutes a week. Here are some of them:

  • Add 1-2 drops to hair shampoo. You do not need to mix large quantities at once, it is better to do this before the procedure.
  • Universal mask suitable for different types of hair. A tablespoon of oil is applied to the scalp, distributed from the roots to the ends and wrapped in a towel for 1 hour. Rinsed with warm water with shampoo.
  • When falling out, use together with garlic juice. The course is 3-4 times a week.

Worm Pumpkin Oil

The simplest and most effective recipe in which pumpkin oil is used for parasites is a three-time intake during the day along with other food. In the morning, it is better to drink a teaspoon on an empty stomach, and then the same amount 2 more times a day at regular intervals. If at the same time limit the use of sweet, spicy food, then the process will pass it faster. The course takes about a month, it takes at least half a liter.

Pumpkin seed oil for prostatitis

Oil treatment of pumpkin seeds of the genital area was not an innovation. So did the doctors for 2000 years BC. e. This agent, which is credited with miraculous antibacterial properties, does not contain any other additives. Pumpkin oil with prostatitis, decreased sexual function, adenoma is applied to a cotton swab and injected shallow into the rectum. Another method is a water-oil microclyster. On the ? glasses of water you need to take a tablespoon of pumpkin seed oil. 1 liter is enough for the course.

Pumpkin Oil During Pregnancy

For pregnant women, the use of the product is especially indicated. Pumpkin oil during pregnancy not only serves as a storehouse of useful substances for the baby and mother, but also protects the skin of the abdomen from stretch marks, contributes to a better blood supply to the fetus in the womb. After the birth of a child, you need to continue taking with caution. The component has a laxative effect, but the use of small amounts will strengthen the immunity of the newborn and increase lactation in women.

Pumpkin Face Oil

Burns, ulcers, age spots – with all these defects, pumpkin face oil treatment is used. Even aging skin becomes younger. Oil is applied in a thin layer on the cleansed face, left for 30-35 minutes and washed off with warm water, the excess is blotted with a paper towel. A simple home-made cream will help with oily or combination skin: 1 tbsp. l kefir is ground with 1 tsp pumpkin oil. For 10-15 minutes, the composition is absorbed and will benefit the skin.

Pumpkin Slimming Oil

This type of oil is the basis of many diets because of the good vitamin balance. The use makes up the function of the intestinal brush from accumulated toxins, the damaged hormonal background and the functioning of the digestive organs normalize. The product is high-calorie, so you need the pumpkin oil for weight loss correctly in the diet, otherwise efforts will not reach the goal. Observe the maximum intake of 2-3 tbsp. liters per day and add a little oil to all dishes.

Pumpkin seed oil – contraindications

The use of any product is necessary only after the permission of the doctor. After all, there are also contraindications to the use of pumpkin oil. Acceptance of the product is prohibited or shown with restrictions to people:

  • with individual intolerance;
  • with cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, the gall bladder becomes inflamed, the stones begin to move, their elimination is dangerous;
  • with diabetes;
  • with a type of intestine that reacts sharply to oil products with the appearance of loose stools and flatulence.


Svetlana, 45 years old

When digestive problems started, the gastroenterologist prescribed pumpkin seed oil as a food supplement. The smell is simply unrealistic, it resembles toasted pumpkin seeds and its taste is appropriate. I began to buy at the pharmacy constantly, but it can’t be stored for a long time, it will not work to buy more. I advise everyone to try!

Alena, 28 years old

This product helped me a year ago during pregnancy. Even early on, stretch marks crawled across my stomach, creams cost a lot of money. The saleswoman in the pharmacy suggested that they often take pumpkin seed oil for external use. Smeared up to 3 times a day, the skin has become more elastic. Later, in the third trimester, it was useful for stretch marks on the chest..

Ekaterina, 54 years old

I will share my story. After menopause, the hair “fell off”. She cut her hair shorter and made them smaller. Thought already about buying a wig. A friend helped, she wrote me a recipe from the Internet, according to which the oil was mixed with garlic gruel and applied to the head. Enough 2 weeks: hair began to grow again.

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