Cedar oil – medicinal properties and composition. What is useful pine nut oil and how to take


A rare plant extract – pine nut oil – is a product that has no analogues in composition and useful properties. The benefits of the composition, rejuvenating and restorative effect on the body have been known for a long time. Cedar oil has a pleasant taste and aroma. Used product for the treatment, prevention of diseases and in cosmetology.

Cedar oil – healing properties

The beneficial properties of cedar oil make it possible to use this tool in the treatment of many diseases. The substance is extracted from the bark of a tree – Siberian pine. The name was replaced due to the outward similarity of cedar and pine. The difference is that real cedar has larger nuts, but not as tasty as pine. Before taking the extract, you need to know what cedar oil is useful for and what diseases are treated with this product..

The unique composition of cedar oil allows the use of a valuable product for external and internal use. It contains:

  • vitamins (A, PP, E, D);
  • macroelements, microelements (phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, iodine);
  • essential amino acids (isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, tryptophan);
  • fatty acid;
  • squirrels.

The benefits of the substance are huge. Pine extract has antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, anti-aging properties. Especially useful is the use of cedar oil, due to its content of fat-soluble acids. In addition, this substance is a powerful antioxidant, so it and pine gum are often used in medicine..

Cedar Oil – Application

The use of cedar oil is very extensive. The composition can be used to treat diseases, eliminate gastrointestinal problems, rejuvenation. The beneficial properties of pine nuts have been known to people since ancient times. Now the field of application of the substance has become more extensive. Cedar oil helps in the treatment of such diseases and conditions:

  • gastrointestinal problems (gastritis, ulcer, heartburn, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation);
  • worsening with varicose veins, with psoriasis;
  • keratitis, eczema;
  • colds (ARVI, ARI, bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis);
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart attack, atherosclerosis, arrhythmias);
  • diseases of the joints, muscles and bones;
  • the need for increased sexual desire (for men);
  • in cosmetology, for massage.

Cedar Hair Oil

Many methods of healing the scalp, hair follicles are based on the use of this healing essential component. Cedar hair oil is just a godsend for women. With constant use, the product will help restore the structure, give shine, restore vitality to the hair. There are some very effective recipes..

Means against hair loss:

  1. For cooking you will need:
    • Cedar oil – 3 ml;
    • Egg yolk – 2 pcs..
  2. Execution process:
    • In a non-metallic container, both components must be mixed until a homogeneous mass is formed..
    • Application should begin with the roots.
    • Leave for 1.5 hours, after wrapping the head with cling film.
    • Rinse thoroughly with warm water..

Mask that stimulates rapid hair growth:

  1. For cooking, you need the following ingredients:
    • Cedar and Rosemary Oil – 5 ml;
    • Burdock and jojoba oil – 10 ml;
  2. Operating procedure:
    • Preheat the mixture in a porcelain bowl.
    • Add tincture of hot red pepper.
    • Apply with massage movements on the scalp, easily rubbing the mixture with your fingertips.
    • Wrap your head in a plastic bag, put on a woolen shawl or hat. Exposure time 2-3 hours.
    • Then wash your hair well with shampoo.
    • Do not use the mask for scalp diseases or immediately after painting..

Cedar oil for face

In cosmetology, cedar oil is used for face and body. When used correctly, the substance gives an amazing effect. Such cosmetics are suitable for all types of skin: it will nourish aging, prone to dryness, and oily – to dry it. This extract has many useful qualities:

  • tones up the skin of the face;
  • refreshing;
  • gives elasticity;
  • removes wrinkles;
  • strengthens capillaries;
  • eliminates peeling.

Cedar oil for gastritis

Cedar oil is used for gastritis not only as a folk remedy. This method of treatment has long been used by official medicine. Edible oil of pine nuts has a pleasant taste, with light sweet notes. The main indication is the treatment of gastritis with high acidity. Enveloping abilities will help with unpleasant symptoms of the disease: heartburn, epigastric pain.

Here are some recipes for using the extract inside:

  1. Before eating, take a teaspoon (10 ml) twice a day daily. The course of treatment is 19-22 days. Regular intake will promote healing of ulcers on the gastric mucosa.
  2. Dilute the hood with milk in a ratio of 1: 1. Take on an empty stomach on a teaspoon. The course of treatment is 15 days. The method is good when hepatic symptoms join gastrointestinal diseases.

Cedar oil for children

Cedar oil is widely used for children. Based on its beneficial properties, it can be used to massage a child, with frequent diseases of the respiratory tract, to strengthen immunity or as a vitamin preparation. The composition moisturizes and cleanses the skin well, heals minor abrasions and scratches. How to apply the remedy:

  1. For inhalation, take cedar essential oil. Inhalation time – from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the age of the baby.
  2. Children will help to adapt quickly at school. Starting from the age of 6, you can give half a tsp. in the morning, before meals, once a day.

Cedar oil – contraindications

Cedar oil has no contraindications. The substance is well tolerated, does not cause allergic reactions. The composition will not bring harm to your body. Taking the drug helps to get all the necessary substances. It is shown to use a healing composition even during breastfeeding. This miraculous product has a positive effect on the woman and the fetus during pregnancy..

How to choose cedar oil

To know how to choose cedar oil, you need to consider the methods of production. It:

  • cold pressed;
  • hot pressing;
  • extraction.

The most potent remedy for treatment and rejuvenation? substance obtained by cold pressing or extraction. This product is light yellow in color, has a pleasant smell and taste. Its healing properties are unusually high. Hot pressed cedar hood extract contains the least useful substances and is suitable only for cosmetic purposes.

The price of cedar oil

The price of cedar oil depends on the volume of the container, the method of preparation and manufacturer. Buy healing extract of Siberian pine, which will help improve health, can be inexpensive. To do this, order it in the catalog of the online store. You can buy a miraculous product in liquid form or in capsules.


Victor, 55 years old

I use Siberian pine extract for the treatment of stomach ulcers. The neighbor advised to buy in the online store, so the price is lower. I use it warm twice a day in a spoon, a course of 25 days. So I drink twice a year and I am satisfied with the result, better than all pills: both natural and affordable. I don’t go to doctors for two years and do not complain.

Olga, 40 years old

I make anti-aging masks for face skin with cedar oil and clay. The benefits are very noticeable. Small wrinkles generally disappeared, large ones became almost invisible. It is seen that the skin has become elastic. I also tone the whole body by adding a few drops to a hot bath. I advise all friends this miraculous natural remedy.

Vera, 65

The doctor advised drinking cedar extract for my atherosclerosis and varicose veins, he says, better than expensive omega acids. I took the drug in a pharmacy, several packs per treatment course. I drink a teaspoon three times a day, tasty. Tinnitus has passed, I’m waiting for the result further. Noticed that she began to sleep better, more energy appeared.