Olive oil – benefits and harms. The use of olive oil in cooking, cosmetology and traditional medicine


Ancient people always appreciated the gifts of nature, actively used them for therapeutic and preventive purposes. The benefits of olive oil for the body of an extra class, since this is a unique natural remedy, due to its natural composition, is able to overcome a number of dangerous pathologies, improve the condition of human skin.

Olive oil – composition

This unique product is obtained by cold pressing, and fresh olives and olives collected exclusively from November to March become billets. Since such exotic fruits are quickly oxidized after harvesting, it is necessary to process them productively, to obtain a liquid that is valuable to health. The chemical composition of olive oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and minerals. It:

  • phenols, polyphenols, phenolic acids inhibit the aging process of the skin;
  • oleic acid accelerates metabolic processes, strengthens the vascular walls;
  • terpene alcohols, tocopherols stabilize blood sugar;
  • Omega 9 is considered the prevention of diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis;
  • Qualification prevents oncology (especially in modern gynecology);
  • sterol and? sitosterol prevent vascular pathology, hypertension;
  • linoleic acid increases visual acuity, accelerates the process of regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • Vitamin D strengthens bones, considered to be the prevention of rickets;
  • Vitamin A is useful for low vision, skin problems;
  • Vitamin E, being an antioxidant, prevents the formation of cancer cells, intoxication of the body.
  • steatico and palmitelaiko fatty acids against atherosclerosis;
  • vitamin K is good for the intestines, especially in children.

Olive Oil – Benefits

Before choosing such a natural remedy, it is important to carefully study its beneficial properties, to completely eliminate contraindications and harm to health. The benefits of olive oil are noted in modern medicine, nutrition, cosmetology; even pregnant women are not prohibited for the prevention of the constituent substances. The healing properties of this oil base are detailed below:

  • reduction of bad cholesterol in the blood;
  • mild laxative effect, especially relevant for chronic constipation;
  • skin rejuvenation, productive disposal of small facial wrinkles;
  • diabetes prevention;
  • improvement of intestinal motility;
  • acceleration of the metabolism process;
  • health improvement during pregnancy;
  • improving hair quality, getting rid of dandruff;
  • maintaining youth, natural beauty;
  • strengthening immunity for infants.

The benefits of olive oil for women

If we talk about the female body, this product is valuable in modern gynecology. This is an excellent prophylaxis of cancer, the benefits of this herbal component for patients at risk of breast cancer are especially obvious. The harm to health is minimal, but the therapeutic effect is noticeable immediately. The enormous benefits of olive oil for women are detailed below:

  • smoothing the dermis from wrinkles;
  • prevention of fragility, hair loss;
  • nutrition and hydration of dry skin type;
  • increased lactation during breastfeeding;
  • strengthening immunity during pregnancy;
  • increase the strength of nails;
  • metabolic acceleration.

The benefits of fasting olive oil

The use of an oil base inside is appropriate on an empty stomach, especially with digestive problems, overweight. The first time to eat without harm to health is recommended for a teaspoon, but then increase the dose to a tablespoon (also every morning). The benefits of olive oil on an empty stomach include starting the digestive tract, speeding up the metabolism, suppressing wild appetite, preventing hemorrhoids, eliminating toxins. The main thing is to take this unique remedy correctly.

Olive oil treatment

Before choosing an oil base for intensive care, you need to decide on the variety, the method of processing olives after collection. For example, according to the Spanish classification, this natural product is especially valuable after the first spin. This is Extra virgin olive oil, which is much more expensive than its “followers”. Virgin olive oil is a product of the second extraction, therefore inferior in quality and characteristics. Pomace oil, Pure olive oil – extracts obtained by chemical extraction.

An effective treatment with olive oil is possible when choosing a Greek product obtained by the first pressing method:

  • elimination of emotional instability, extensive nervous disorders;
  • strengthening of blood vessels and myocardium, especially in chronic “cores”;
  • positive dynamics for back pain;
  • maintaining muscle tone, rapid restoration of affected tissues;
  • twilight vision improvement.

Olive oil for hair

The oil base of the second extraction is actively involved in cosmetology, and not only to eliminate facial wrinkles from the face, but also to strengthen hair follicles, improve the overall appearance of the hairstyle. Olive oil for hair has the following beneficial properties, which remain harmless even after cold pressing:

  • moisturizing and nourishing hair follicles;
  • elimination of split ends;
  • smoothing naughty curls;
  • providing hairstyle durability;
  • rich hair color after using a refined or unrefined base.

Olive oil for face

After the first spin, the oily base is especially valuable for sensitive skin, prone to dryness and peeling. The benefits and harms of olive oil interest every woman, but even in the case of oily skin, such a unique composition does not harm. A few drops and a natural blush will appear on the cheeks, and soon there will be no trace of expression wrinkles. Olive oil for the face can be used unfiltered, but consult your dermatologist first.

Olive oil for constipation

Cold pressing provides a mild laxative effect in the digestive system. If you use olive oil for constipation in moderate portions, tangible harm to the digestive system is completely eliminated. But the benefits for intestinal motility are enormous, since after the first intake, the feces are normalized, discomfort and the most unpleasant sensations will disappear.

Gastritis olive oil

Wooden oil is actively used for dangerous diseases of the stomach, prone to their chronic transformation, frequent relapses with acute attacks of pain. Olive oil does not harm gastritis, but it envelops the affected mucosa, reduces the aggressive effect of certain food products, and normalizes the acidity of gastric juice.

Pancreatitis Olive Oil

To cleanse the liver and facilitate the work of the pancreas, doctors recommend using olive oil at home – the benefits and harms depend on daily doses, the method of direct use. In general, this natural remedy is used to cleanse the liver and eliminate intoxication products from the systemic circulation. Pancreatitis olive oil reduces the number of seizures, prolongs the period of remission.

Olive oil for hemorrhoids

So that the hemorrhoid does not become inflamed, it is necessary to take olive oil inside. The benefits of prevention are obvious, the harm is minimal. If inflammation predominates in the active phase, the patient is shown to use rectal suppositories with the participation of this herbal component. Olive oil for hemorrhoids can be used internally and externally to enhance the desired therapeutic effect.

Olive oil for gallstones

With pathogenic stagnation of bile, as well as in the case of the formation of stones and sand, this natural product is useful. It has anti-inflammatory and splitting effects, provides rapid movement and productive elimination of such tumors in a natural way. Olive oil with stones in the gallbladder is the main or auxiliary medicine, is involved in recipes for the preparation of medicinal fees.

Important: Use carefully, otherwise a blockage of ducts becomes a health hazard.

Olive Oil – Harm

A negative effect on the body is also present, for example, it’s time to remember that this is a high-calorie product, which is allowed to be consumed in strictly limited doses. The harm of olive oil is present in baby food, so parents try to avoid the presence of peanut, palmitic elements in the product. Otherwise, the risk of an allergic reaction, the occurrence of problems with children’s digestion is increased.

Olive Oil – Contraindications

This fragrant base for treatment and prevention is not allowed to all interested buyers. Absolute contraindications of olive oil reduce the number of people wishing to use this healing product in practice. Medical restrictions are as follows:

  • tendency to allergic reaction in contact with this fragrant product;
  • the risk of obesity, diabetes;
  • obesity of the liver;
  • bowel disorder;
  • blockage of the duct in gallstone disease;
  • potential complications of cholecystitis.

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