Plasmolifting – what is it with before and after photos. Who is shown the plasma-lifting cosmetic procedure and reviews


Today, new innovative technologies in the field of beauty and health provide each person with excellent ways to restore the body. One of these possibilities is the plasmolifting cosmetic procedure. Find out in what other areas the powerful effect of such sessions is used and whether there are contraindications to their conduct..

What is plasmolifting

This innovative rejuvenation technology is based on the activation of the body’s natural regenerative reserves. Plasmolifting is the administration to a person subcutaneously of his own plasma. To make a solution for such injections, blood is taken from a vein from a patient and, using a special technique, it is divided into different fractions. For plasma lifting use a liquid plasma portion enriched in platelets. What do such injections give? Using this method of exposure, the body starts self-healing mechanisms, the effect of which is not long in coming.

Plasma lifting face

Cosmetology is the first thing such injections are associated with. Plasma lifting for the face is a procedure, the advantages of which many women have already tried on themselves and have seen many advantages in this technique. What effect is achieved with this treatment course? With the introduction of plasma in the skin, self-healing processes are launched, elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid begin to be more actively produced. Plasma lifting helps well against acne, with it you can effectively deal with acne scars.

The procedure launches positive changes in the deep layers of the skin, which is almost immediately displayed on the appearance: the face shape is lifted, the most obvious signs of wilting – wrinkles are leveled. The lifting effect and a decrease in sagging skin can be well seen in comparative photos before and after these sessions, but this result can not be achieved at a time. How many plasmolifting procedures you need to do for the face – is decided individually for each client, often it will take at least 3-4 visits to a specialist.

Plasma lifting for hair

One of the indications in which it is considered effective to do this procedure is alopecia. Plasmolifting hair is also a series of injections that are given intradermally into the scalp. Plasma entering the deep layers of the skin activates the growth of hair follicles and effectively strengthens the hairs, stopping baldness. Accelerating the regenerative processes of the skin eliminates seborrhea. As frequent positive customer reviews indicate, after a course of such injections, excessive oily or dry hair strands disappear.

Joint plasmolifting

How is this regenerative procedure used in the treatment of musculoskeletal lesions? Plasmolifting – what is it, how to apply it in this case? Injections of one’s own plasma help a person: at the injection site, a quick recovery of the capillary network occurs, more beneficial substances necessary for its proper functioning begin to flow to the diseased joint. Joint plasmolifting is effective in the initial stages of arthritis, arthrosis, and meniscus damage. A big plus of such procedures is that they help the patient avoid surgery.

Plasma lifting in dentistry

The property of these therapeutic injections to enhance tissue regeneration explains their widespread use in dental practice. Indications for plasmolifting in dentistry are:

  • therapy of periodontal tissue inflammation;
  • elimination of bleeding gums, halitosis;
  • bone restoration;
  • elimination of loose teeth;
  • fixing dentures;
  • rehabilitation after surgery in the maxillofacial region.

Plasma lifting in gynecology

This procedure is very effective for women, not only to maintain their appearance in good shape, but also to improve the reproductive system. For example, the use of plasmolifting in gynecology works effectively in treatment regimens for inflammatory ailments. The course of such injections is able to solve many problems that give a woman a lot of unpleasant moments:

  • start the process of regeneration of damaged tissues and genital mucosa;
  • normalize the monthly cycle;
  • strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor;
  • prevent repeated gynecological diseases.

Plasma lifting procedure

What is the procedure for conducting such sessions? Before doing plasmolifting, you need to undergo preliminary training. The doctor should evaluate whether the patient has contraindications for this course, do a blood test for infections, a coagulogram, etc. The client needs to refrain from drinking alcohol, heavy foods and drugs that affect blood coagulation 3-4 days before the sessions. Next, proceed directly to the plasma lifting procedure:

  1. Venous blood is taken (from 20 to 100 ml, depending on the indications for use) in a special test tube that already contains an anticoagulant and a gel for blood separation.
  2. This container is placed in a centrifuge to separate platelet rich plasma..
  3. To make the procedure painless, anesthesia is applied to the areas of the skin where the injections will be made..
  4. The plasma obtained from the blood is injected into the tissues with the help of microinjections, where regeneration must be started..
  5. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to do at least 4 sessions with an interval of 1-2 weeks.

Plasmolifting – contraindications and consequences

Although it is believed that this procedure is practically harmless to the body, in some cases it cannot be done. So, now in medical circles the question is widely discussed whether this method causes such a side effect as the development of cancer, because plasma injections stimulate stem cells, which are often involved in the formation of oncology. In order not to cause negative consequences of plasmolifting for the body, it is forbidden to carry out the procedure if the patient has:

  • any inflammation and infection;
  • low immunity;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • allergies to substances that are used during injection;
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

Photo: plasmolifting – before and after

Women decide on such a procedure not so much after detailed awareness of the benefits of plasma injections, as after positive feedback from friends. If you do not have friends who have already tried this rejuvenation technique, view the photo before and after plasmolifting. This selection will help you make an informed decision about the need for such injections..


Vika, 41 years old

I watched for a long time, which would be more radical to try to rejuvenate the skin of the face. I chose plasma injections after such sessions worked successfully for my girlfriend. The result of the procedures made me very happy. The skin after them seems to be saturated with oxygen and moisture, wrinkles have decreased, and the face glows from the inside.

Olya, 37 years old

My experience with plasmolifting is negative. More than a week ago, they gave me a series of injections, and the traces and inflammation from them remained very noticeable, they came off just a little. I think this is because of my sensitive skin – it is very difficult to choose care for it. So I decided to feed her into the deeper layers and got the “result is evident” …

Nina, 47 years old

A course of such procedures helped me to heal well in terms of gynecology – I took a course of plasma injections in the treatment of cervical erosion. After the procedures, she noticed significant improvements in herself: the blood circulation between menstruation stopped, the pains in the lower abdomen disappeared. Although the price of the course of treatment is not cheap, it was worth it.