Tanning: how not to harm the skin

The street is summer, but, unfortunately, not all of us will be able to relax at sea during the holidays. Someone decided to spend a vacation in the country, while someone stayed in the city. But everyone wants to look tanned like a summer.

How to become the owner of a stunning golden tan if you do not want to go to the lake or the sea? Very simple! Need to visit the solarium.

A bit of history

By the way, a solarium is a relatively new invention, since it appeared only forty years ago. And the first devices were not at all like modern capsules. At the very beginning, it was an ordinary bench, in front of which a special ultraviolet lamp was installed. That’s how people sunbathed some four decades ago.

But gradually, this method of getting a tan became more and more popular. And along with its popularity, the demand for cosmetics was also growing, which is worth using even if you decide to sunbathe just a little.

Special cosmetics for tanning will help you become the owner of a more persistent tan, while protecting the skin from all sorts of negative consequences. These effects include redness, itching, peeling, and slight irritation..

But how minimal the negative consequences were, it is better to avoid them, since we have one skin for life. And, therefore, it must be treated very carefully!

Interestingly, any tanning cosmetics in a tanning bed has a “cumulative” effect. That is, if you sunbathe regularly, for example, twice a week, then each time the effect of its use will be longer.

Means that activate tanning

Before proceeding to the description of the pros and cons of such funds, it must be said that in some European countries tanning beds have already been banned. The reason for such prohibitions can be considered the potential harm from such artificial darkening of the skin..

Many well-known scientists claim that intense ultraviolet rays, in principle, are very harmful to our health. An intense tan can even explain the development of skin cancer..

And what can we say about the deliberate purposeful exposure of the body to the solarium. So abuse such a pastime is not worth it. But you never know!

Do not think that for procedures in the tanning bed, an ordinary tanning cream is suitable, which you can buy at any pharmacy. These two types of cosmetics have nothing in common. Conventional products should protect your skin from burns as much as possible. So if you do not tan too much, then this will be considered normal.

But cosmetics intended exclusively for sunbathing in the cabin should help to acquire skin of the color you want. At the same time, if you use such services of salons every day for several hours, then you can not avoid burns. That is why we advise you to treat this with caution, and to know the measure!

What’s the secret?

Now back to the activators. Why does the use of certain products help you become the owner of a beautiful golden skin? And it’s all about tyrosine, which must be part of any such cosmetic product.

Tyrosine is an amino acid that makes our skin produce melanin, a pigment that stimulates darkening of the skin. That is, a lot of melanin has developed – tanning is available, there is no melanin – there is no tanning. As you can see, in this case the mechanism is very simple.

 Tyrosine is only included in expensive tanning products in the solarium. But in the composition of cheap analogues often add ordinary bronzers. They do not affect the production of melanin. These funds simply tint the skin. And that is why the effect is temporary, since any cream has the ability to wash off. 

Means with the so-called crucible effect can accelerate the purchase of tanning. Cosmetics with this effect enhance blood microcirculation, as a result of which all, even the smallest, vessels in the skin expand. It is here that melanin is produced, which we already spoke about a little earlier.

So getting a tan is accelerated. Attention! Means with a crucible effect are not suitable for sensitive skin, because the constant expansion of pores can lead to serious irritation, which I think you do not need.

By the way, not only those who, for any reason, cannot go to the sea, sunbathe in the solarium. This procedure is also popular among those who will very soon go to the sunny sea shore..

In this case, visiting a salon is not a whim, but, one might say, a necessity. After all, the skin needs to be prepared for intense ultraviolet.

Preparation for rest: what to do

Before we begin to choose a sunblock, you should consider their classification.

So, tanning products can be divided into the following types:

  • Developers
  • Fixers;
  • Activators.

All these creams are used before tanning in a well-defined sequence. First, use a developer. Such a cream stimulates the production of melanin, which means that the skin will begin to darken. Then we take a fixer. This tool will help moisturize the skin, prevent irritation and consolidate the effect obtained after using the developer.

And the last step is to use an activator. Thanks to such cosmetics, tanning becomes more intense..

Professional cosmetics for tanning

In order to get a tan, it’s not enough just to read several posts from the Internet and go to the nearest salon. First of all, it’s worth thoroughly studying this issue from all sides, but it’s better to find a real master who is an expert in his field.

It is the advice of a professional that will help you choose the best option for a really beautiful, and, most importantly, safe, tan.

And now let’s give an example of one of the best tanning products in the solarium. This is a tanning booster from Accelerator lotion, which includes natural vegetable oils. Such a cream can not only neutralize the minimum negative consequences of the intense influence of ultraviolet rays on your skin, but also provide your body with excellent care.

Yes, of course, this tool is not cheap. But you can’t save on yourself! Therefore, it is better to buy one high-quality cream than constantly spend money on cheap funds with bronzers.

A short list of the best tools for tanning

Now we will tell you about some of the most popular tanning products..

So, these include:

Emerald Bay. A feature of this tool is the presence of sugarcane and shea butter in the composition. These ingredients make these cosmetics very beneficial for our skin;

Devoted Creations is a real treasure for any woman. The products of this manufacturer not only perfectly show and fix the tan, but also stop the aging of the skin, make it smoother and more even;

Soleo. These are premium cosmetics. Using some products of this company, you can not only perfectly tan, but also lose weight. So maybe it’s worth the money to spend on this cosmetic miracle product..

As you can see, buying good tanning cosmetics, you not only make your skin more beautiful, but also healthier.

And those who believe that cosmetics and a solarium are incompatible things, remember, there is nothing more necessary for your skin during sunbathing than a well-chosen product that can minimize all risks.