Moisturizing face mask


Thanks to proper skin care, a woman can look great at any age. Over the years, everyone begins to show wrinkles, his face ages, and his skin becomes dry. This condition is due to the fact that the body lacks nutrients.

You can extend your youth and make your face more beautiful thanks to a moisturizing face mask. In order to cook it, special knowledge is not required at all, since the recipes are simple and do not take much time.


  • Moisturizing face mask: benefits and rules of use
  • Best Moisturizing Face Mask: Recipe
  • Moisturizing face masks: homemade recipes for different skin types

Moisturizing face mask: benefits and rules of use

Many women and girls ask why a moisturizing face mask is needed. The answer to this question is simple: hydration is necessary so that the skin remains healthy, looks attractive, and most importantly young. After all, the main cause of aging is dehydration of the skin..

Each cell of our body contains a certain amount of water, if this amount decreases, the cells work.

moisturizing facial mask

Perhaps not everyone knows, but moisturizing masks are relevant in the summer, in the winter they negatively affect the skin, and as a result, the skin becomes flaky. In winter, it’s better to cook nourishing face masks.

Best Moisturizing Face Mask: Recipe

An effective moisturizing face mask based on chamomile. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin well, relieves irritation, as well as peeling.

To prepare a mask at home, you need to take the following ingredients:

  • One glass of pure water, better than 200 grams.
  • Dry chamomile flowers – three spoons.
  • A spoonful of butter, butter or vegetable.
moisturizing facial mask

The method of preparation of this moisturizing mask:

Boil water and add it to the bowl with daisies, close tightly with a lid. Observe 30 minutes, then strain the product and add oil there.

Suitable for dry skin and normal skin..

Moisturizing face masks: homemade recipes for different skin types

  • Moisturizing mask for dry skin: a recipe

Hercules home-based moisturizing face mask is a good way to soften and moisturize the skin..

Take a few spoons of Hercules flakes, and then pour them with hot water or milk. When the product has cooled to 40 degrees, add a small spoonful of honey to it. Stir everything very well, and then gently apply to a clean face. Moisturizing oatmeal face mask suitable for girls and women at any age.

moisturizing facial mask

Moisturizing mask for problem skin: recipe

The best moisturizing facial mask for problem skin is prepared on the basis of the following ingredients: apple and milk.

Peel and cut an apple into pieces, put it in milk. As soon as the milk boils, remove the apples and chop them well until a smoothie is formed. A moisturizing face mask is applied to a cleaned face and left for 30 minutes. Effective recipes for other masks can be found on the Internet. Moisturizing face mask is the most effective and best..

Moisturizing mask for oily skin: a recipe

It is believed that a moisturizing facial mask is not suitable for owners of oily skin, but this is a misconception. Of course, for oily skin, it would be better if they just wipe it, but sometimes you still need variety. That is why a moisturizing facial mask can be used in this case. An effective homemade mask based on lemon and cranberries.

Take half a spoonful of lemon or cranberry juice and yolk. Mix everything and then apply on face. A moisturizing face mask is used to relieve inflammation and irritation. But do not leave it for more than 15 minutes, as the juice of the ingredients contain quite active substances.

moisturizing facial mask

Normal Skin Day Moisturizing Mask: Recipe

A moisturizing facial mask, prepared at home, allows you to soften the skin, saturate it with useful substances.

You can use recipes used by friends or acquaintances, as well as recipes from magazines. A good, moisturizing face mask consists of the following ingredients: yolk and grapefruit pulp.

Take a spoonful of pulp and rub it well with the yolk. Wipe your face with a cotton swab, after moistening it in grapefruit juice, and then apply the mixture. Wash with warm water after 20 minutes..

Moisturizing face mask is the best way to preserve its beauty and attractiveness for many years. You can use different recipes, and constantly alternate them with each other, from this the home mask will not become less effective.