Learning to love your appearance: practical tips

You waved your hand at yourself and forgot what it means to catch admiring glances on yourself? Do not accept even sincere compliments? Surely the question “Do you love your body?” you answer sharply – “Why?”. We bet you fell out of love to care for yourself, you are no longer used to pamper yourself and decorate.

This state of the gray mouse (or the driven horse) is dangerous for the female nature – it is urgent to change the setting!

How do you feel about your appearance?

You should start with the right attitude towards physical beauty. After all, what is appearance? Just a shell behind which your true identity is hidden, and most importantly, the dignity of each person is his inner world and the desire to give love to others.

You, of course, agree that the woman who is in peace and harmony with herself and the world is beautiful. Relatives do not appreciate you for the facial features and curves of the figure, but for your warmth and care, the ability to support in difficult times, for the good nature and light coming from the inside.

There is an expression that you can love the soul without knowing the body, and, hand on heart, most men will sign it. So even if you have imperfect external data, you can and will be happy in life. If you are discouraged about your appearance, remind yourself of these common truths more often.

Tune in to be beautiful

How to love your body if you criticize yourself many times a day? There are girls who don’t want to look in the mirror, and prefer to think about buying clothes only for urgent need – so as not to get upset in the dressing room once again …

Self-dislike is a form of psychological cruelty, and if you scold yourself for extra pounds or small breasts, you are already halfway to depression. Or maybe depression has already overtaken you?

Indeed, a low assessment of their physical data is often the true cause of psychological disorders, as well as failures in his personal life, lack of success at work, and God knows what else! Start the fight against self-image and despondency today, otherwise every year, what’s there, every day it will be more difficult to solve the problem of low self-esteem.

You really need a positive attitude. How to work it out if you are used to walking depressed and don’t remember when you liked yourself in reflection?

Try some psychological tricks on yourself – they helped many girls, and you will benefit:

  • pronounce affirmations daily (brief phrases in which you affirm your attractiveness, confidence, calmness, etc.);
  • make a list of goals in appearance – 2-3 or more specific achievable goals, promise yourself to achieve them in such a time;
  • keep a Beauty Diary – a notebook where you plan classes in the gym or jogging in the park, visiting a massage therapist (hairdresser, beautician), weekly procedures (masks, peeling). So you will not miss anything, and you will be able to evaluate your successes, and this is very important;
  • Introduce a ban on complaints – to husband, girlfriends, colleagues, mom … Lowering yourself below the plinth in the eyes of others is now prohibited! On the contrary, make yourself compliments (alone with yourself), and admiration of others (hairstyle, fragrance, new handbag) with gratitude, do not argue;
  • one more trick: call yourself affectionate nicknames, in which there are no offensive nuances for you.

Changes begin small, do not rush things, there will be disruptions, and a bad mood, and resentment … The main thing – do not believe your bad thoughts, work on confidence, pull yourself physically, and the results will not be long in coming!

Your body is your business

To learn to appreciate and love the body, think more often about how it serves you faithfully, moves, works, renews itself, and helps you achieve success. Your body is the closest and dearest, which obediently carries out any of your commands..

If you want to be discouraged and depressed – it weakens, you want to bloom and enjoy life – it becomes stronger and responds with gratitude to the care of it.

But not everyone around understands how important it is to keep your body in good shape. Are there among your acquaintances heavy smokers, girlfriends who are beating you up for a glass of beer or two instead of a useful trip to fitness? We are our environment, so if you constantly communicate with people who hate your body and harm it, then their lifestyle will be reflected in you. You need it?

Surely there are around seemingly harmless prudes, and aggressive critics who constantly, directly or indirectly, reproach you with unattractiveness and lack of willpower, joke about you, gradually humiliate, compare.

If you want to love yourself and rejoice at what nature has given you – cut off your communication with such “well-wishers”, especially if it so happens that you have become dependent on the opinions of these people. You are beautiful inside and out, and no one has the right to dissuade you from this! And with small flaws we will now begin to work.

What you don’t like list

As in popular television shows, stand in front of a full-length mirror in one of your underwear and lovingly examine your figure. Yes, in some places it’s bad, in others it’s thick, and I would like it better. – write in a notebook that you need to adjust. Now spend an hour and measure your wardrobe, casual and casual, with shoes and your usual accessories.

Again, we observe what is wrong: if the sweater does not sit, write – “Urgent to the lingerie store for a new bra”; if the dress doesn’t look, mark – “Stoop. Correct your posture! “; and so on, all over the wardrobe, on all counts.

How to Look Better: Quick Tips

Here are a few female tricks that will instantly make you more attractive and happier as a woman, if you pay a little attention to this:

  • wear the right underwear (is there an increase in volume, corrective, tightening – you know how it changes appearance even when you are in jeans and a sweater?);
  • change glasses to contact lenses (convenient, beautiful, minus 5 years of age!);
  • get rid of uncomfortable shoes, and along with it from fatigue and shuffling gait, promise yourself that you will only wear a comfortable shoe – on heels, stilettos or on low speed;
  • refresh the hair color in the beauty salon, color the gray hair, if any, make the natural shade more saturated, highlight a few strands with a light tone – your face will shine !;
  • strengthen your abs, back and legs with exercises (find out which ones are right for you). Fitness for a woman is an urgent need, do exercises with dumbbells for these muscle groups 1-2 times a week, and you will move beautifully, walk, keep your back, some health problems may disappear (often we do not have enough physical activity to lose stress);
  • black things in the wardrobe should not seize power. Leave a small black dress, a leather jacket, a pair of black turtlenecks, wear the rest in feminine shades (pink, raspberry, peach, beige, burgundy, lilac, emerald, yellow);
  • if you want to learn how to love your body, give it a constant feeling of freshness and purity. All you need is a bath, deodorant and light perfume, as well as exemplary accuracy;
  • get rid of stretched things that have lost their appearance, change worn-out home clothes in a timely manner – your body will thank you in the form of a cheerful mood and excellent tone!

To love is to take care of needs

Good sleep, proper nutrition, exercise – this is what works for the long term. You want to live a long, full, active life?

If you have children, you have probably at least once dreamed of becoming a grandmother, so whether you are a clumsy ruin or a peppy and kind old woman depends on how you deal with your health right now – depleting its strength for the sake of momentary pleasures or training, accumulating energy for many years.

Stop smoking, raise a glass only on holidays, take sick leave and leave, do not work for wear, undergo a preventive medical examination and timely solve all health problems.

The way you relate to your body is transmitted to others. Take care of yourself, take care of yourself, give yourself care, albeit less than your beloved spouse and children, but do not forget to do this, including for the sake of loved ones. You are a woman, and women draw inner strength from beauty and harmony!