How to improve eyesight with myopia in the home

It is possible to improve eyesight by means of only occupations, nevertheless it is impossible. They have only a preventive effect, prevent fatigue, and compensate for minimal defects. But with myopia of the initial stage, it is necessary to practice them.

Eye Disease Prevention

Traditional medicine can provide many time-tested recipes for improving vision at home. Myopia is no exception, and its successful prevention is carried out, among other things, by eating foods that are especially rich in vision for useful elements.

Thus, berries of forest blueberries are extremely rich in condensed tannins. It is useful to use them only in fresh or frozen form. Also, to improve vision with myopia at the initial stage, products such as pumpkin seeds, fresh bell peppers, carrots will help.

Therapeutic treatment for myopia

In order to find an effective treatment method, you need to know what the disease is. Scientifically speaking, myopia or anomaly of refraction is a problem that occurs when the structure of the eye lenses is disturbed. The refraction of light rays in them is wrong, so at large distances the image looks blurry.


The main therapy for improving vision is to rest your eyes. If your activity is connected with working on a computer, reading or working with papers, then the best way to relax is to simply view the vast panoramas. It is enough to take breaks between cases every hour for five minutes, which you spend on a review from the window of the surroundings. In this case, the therapy is most effective if you alternately focus your eyes on distant and close objects.

If vision has already deteriorated, it is important not to let it develop further. You can purchase special reading glasses in the pharmacy, in which plates with holes in the form of a grid are inserted instead of lenses, or you can practice with one of the following exercises.

Vision Improvement Exercises

  1. Massage the eyelids with your fingers for five minutes, while rotating the eyeballs;
  2. Pull your hand forward, then focus your eyes on the tip of your index finger, and then slowly bring it closer to your eyes;
  3. For a few minutes, blinking at a fast pace, I do not focus my eyes on a specific subject;
  4. Look at an object located half a meter from the face, alternately closing one of the eyes with your hand (the eye itself remains open).

To improve and correct vision with myopia at the initial stage is quite simple, and this is a very effective procedure. Do not underestimate her, as she is able to protect you from expensive surgical intervention.