Causes of Myopia and How to Prevent Development

Myopia is characterized by an increase in the eyeball, size, and its difference with the norm, indicates the degree of the disease. Taking into account the cause of the disease and at what stage it was discovered, ophthalmologists divide it into the following stages.

3 stages of myopia:

  • weak – deviation from the norm to three diopters;
  • average – up to six:
  • high – deviation of more than six diopters.


The main causes of myopia

  • Inheritance. Genetic predisposition may well be one of the causes of the disease. If the family of a child, even in distant generations, had relatives who had this disease, then there is a risk that it will be inherited. This is especially true for those in whom myopia was present in both parents. Then the risk of myopia in the offspring will be 50%. If only one of the parents needs such an analysis, then the probability of transmitting the disease to the child is 9%.
  • Nutrition. The causes of myopia can be found in malnutrition. Copper, zinc, potassium, copper – the main components for the nutrition of sclera. These trace elements cannot be avoided, especially for people with low vision..
  • Eye strain. In order for the eyes to rest and be able to function correctly, a person needs to constantly change focus, focus on different objects, and not just one. Factors such as insufficient distance from the monitor or book, poor lighting, too much time spent in front of the TV, little sleep – all these causes can cause myopia. In order to relax your eyes after a hard day, you need to do eye exercises.
  • Improper treatment. With early suspicions of myopia, do not rush to make a correction, because this can cause significant irritation, which will only aggravate the disease. There are enough ways to treat vision at home. Also, improperly selected contact lenses or glasses can have the development of the disease. Their use will make the deviations significantly more noticeable..
  • Weak eye muscles. This reason can be attributed to congenital causes of myopia. The muscles responsible for changing the curvature of the lens can be underdeveloped. In this case, myopia progresses, develops rapidly..

If the attending physician has found you have vision problems, in no case should you give up. Nowadays, there are enough modern technologies for the successful treatment of the disease. The main thing is to determine the causes of myopia, and then to take care of your health.