Hair Care – Choose a Shampoo

In order to choose a shampoo, use a simple principle: first carefully read the text on the package and use the shampoo that is designed for your hair type, and after the start of use, carefully analyze the results. With the huge variety of detergents that industry offers today, you can correctly choose a tool for washing any problem hair.

How to choose a shampoo. Shampoo Selection


The positive results of using shampoo can be considered:
well washed hair,
lack of fat on them,
shine after drying,
locks comb well, obedient,
no scalp irritation.

In addition, a good shampoo should: compensate for the loss of proteins, moisture and nutrients, increase hair elasticity, protect the hair cuticle and smooth the cuticle scales, do not make the hair too heavy, have a UV filter, remove static electricity from the hair, give the hair a silky look.

In order to understand that this shampoo is not suitable for you, one or two times use is enough. But in order to conclude that this shampoo is for you, you must regularly use it for at least a few weeks. After you have selected a shampoo that suits you completely, do not change it to another.
Conventionally, all existing shampoos can be divided into the following groups:
ordinary neutral they are intended only for purification,
medicinal or caring, shampoos for deep cleaning.
tinted (differ in the method of application – not on the scalp, but on the hair),


Classification of shampoos – which shamun to choose

Shampoo for oily hair. It contains a large amount of detergents that cleanse the skin and hair from excess fat.
Shampoo for normal hair. Contains less detergent. It cleanses the hair without interfering with the natural release of oils.
Shampoo for dry hair. It contains few detergents, a moisturizer is added to it, which prevents excessive dryness of the skin and hair.
Mild shampoo for frequent washing. Very weak, does not irritate the skin and does not dry hair.
Anti-dandruff shampoo. Contains substances that slow down the division of skin cells, and also removes dead scales. Using it too often makes hair dull and dry..


Well-proven baby shampoos. They are adapted to any water and do not degrease hair..