How to brush your dog’s teeth and do it right?

It’s necessary to brush your teeth for this reason: does plaque form? The stone that provokes periodontal disease and tooth loss, bacteria accumulate, which leads to inflammation, bleeding gums, and later bacteria can enter the heart, liver, kidneys of the dog through the bleeding gums, infecting the organs. In the best case, intoxication of the body can be eliminated with a course of antibiotics, in the worst case the dog may die.

You can brush your teeth either independently or in a veterinary clinic. You should start immediately after the dairy has fallen and the permanent ones have grown (tentatively – 9-10 months). As for visiting a veterinary clinic, it all depends on the condition of the pet’s oral cavity – if a lot of tartar has accumulated, the gums are bleeding, then it’s better to contact. You may need to take a course of antibiotics, and the first time to brush your teeth, you will have to inject a sleeping pill.

How to teach a dog to brush his teeth?

Like everything you do with your beloved pet, brushing your teeth should look like a fun game. A prerequisite is that the owner should not be afraid of the procedure, otherwise the dog will also be afraid. First you need to train the dog to calmly take your finger in her mouth. To do this, first try dipping your finger in chicken stock or meat sauce, then let the dog sniff it, lick it, and then gently move your finger over the gums. Dip each time she licks. At the same time, try to talk in the same tone as if you were going to go for a walk or play. Two or three days are enough for a flexible dog to get used to, and a more temperamental one may take a week..


Next, the finger is wrapped with gauze, the accustoming procedure is repeated. After it becomes habitual for the dog to brush his teeth, you can start brushing. The scheme is the same as with gauze on the finger, only time may be required more, because the bristles are significantly different from gauze. Once the dog gets used to the brush in his mouth, you can try toothpaste for dogs. Usually they come with any taste attractive to the dog (chicken, meat and other things), so they are well received by the animal. You need to start brushing your teeth with one or three, so as not to scare the animal. And do not forget that at this moment you are playing with a pet.

How to carry out the procedure of brushing your teeth?

A dog can brush his teeth only after feeding after 1.5-2 hours. You need to drive with a brush at an angle of 45 degrees, in circular movements, and then up and down, just as you brush your teeth. Pressure should not be given, as bleeding from the gums can be provoked. Now there are a lot of options for toothpastes, gels, powders, as well as types of brushes (ordinary ones that can be put on a finger) – choose those that will be convenient for you and the animal will like.


And now many have a logical question: why don’t anyone brush their yard dogs, and yet they have white teeth and no plaque? The answer is very simple – yard, unlike room and thoroughbred, gnaw a lot of solid objects (bones, sticks and even nuts), thereby removing plaque and getting rid of germs. Therefore, to prevent diseases of the teeth and gums, try to let your pet nibble hard objects, and also do not forget to clean!