Manicure for dogs and cats: well-groomed claws of our favorites

For many housewives, dogs and cats wear clothes from leading designers, effectively cut their hair, smell of expensive perfumes and have perfect manicures. Let your beloved baby always look great, especially since it is very useful for its claws..

Today, beauty salons are visited by both the glamorous mistresses of pets, and they themselves. A manicure for dogs is considered a particularly popular procedure. Now every fashionista will be able to go out with her neat little baby.

Dog manicure

With beautiful and well-groomed paws, your favorite doggie will stand out among the mass of other dogs. Such a bright and correct manicure for dogs will not only decorate it, but also protect the claws in bad weather. Someone prefers to wear fashionable shoes on their pet, and someone chooses professional nail care, including polishing and coloring with colored varnish.

Cat manicure

Your cat can look dazzling if you cover her long sharp claws with bright varnish. In the beauty salon for pets you will be offered many shades of special varnishes that dry quickly, so your pet will not harm the just made manicure. Varnish on the claws is applied after they are completely processed..

Cat manicure

Now, thanks to the skill of salon workers, the legs of furry fashionistas and fashionistas will become beautiful and well-groomed. Boys will look like eminent noble lords, and girls will look like true aristocratic ladies. And all this thanks to manicure for cats and dogs.

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