How to train a cat to a tray

It’s easier to train and explain to the cat the rules for using the tray than it seems. Do not worry about the cleanliness of your pet – these are wayward, but very clean animals, different mind.

The first thing to do with the appearance of a cat at home is to immediately buy a tray and a filler for it. The purchase procedure should not be postponed, since the animal needs to cope with its natural needs. Even a cat accustomed from previous owners, having not found its toilet, can ruin somewhere in a secluded place, turning the procedure into a habit.

What to do if the cat does not go to the tray

If the cat didn’t do its job in the tray, don’t be upset, especially not shout at the animal. Better soak a piece of paper with what it has done and take the tray with the cat. Thus, you show where her toilet is and learn to walk into it. After thoroughly washing the place where she smeared, be sure to spray a strongly smelling substance. To do this, it is enough to use even a deodorant, liquid air freshener, men’s cologne. In extreme cases, you can contact the pet store and buy a special tool. Of course, you will want to hide the tray away so that it does not spoil the appearance of the apartment. It is a natural, understandable desire. But place it so that the cat always has free access. Otherwise, all your efforts will be lost. The fact that cats are very clean also applies to timely cleaning of the tray. If you pay, this is not enough attention – even a disciplined pet will look for nooks and crannies in the apartment, disdaining a crowded, dirty toilet. Not knowing how to train a cat to a tray, you can make many mistakes. For example, taking your pet to bed. This is a fairly common trend and no one can be blamed for it. But, be prepared that even an adult animal will be too lazy to go far from a warm bed, beloved mistress, and will do its job nearby. Still, it is better if everyone will sleep in their place.

How to accustom the cat to the tray

Usually, to train a cat to a tray is very easy: it takes a little patience, perseverance and tact. The process of training itself, if we deal with it purposefully, takes only 1-2 days, and then it is only controlled.

Reasons for rejecting the tray

But if your cat stubbornly ignores the toilet, there may be several reasons:

the tray is located in a too uncomfortable or noisy place – move it;

Do not like the filler – you need to buy another. Perhaps with larger or smaller granules. Try to lay paper in a tray;

perhaps being in her toilet, she experienced pain, discomfort – change your place.

Going to the store to buy a cat tray, do not stop your choice on small items. Even if the cat is still small, it will grow in just a few months – and it will become small for her. It is more expedient to immediately choose a product of suitable sizes and forget about this issue for a long time. You really love animals, but don’t know how to train, cope with a cat so that it goes to the tray? Do not worry: you only need a little love, patience and everything will turn out.

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