Home Hedgehog: A Guide to Proper Care

Zoologists know 16 species of individuals, and any of them can live next to a person. Before deciding to have such a pet, think about whether you can provide him with decent conditions. A domestic hedgehog needs a lot of space, he must live in an aviary, the size of which depends on the size of the individual (from 1 m2 for dwarf or eared hedgehogs to 9 m2 for ordinary individuals). Put in a cage a special wheel, a drinking bowl and a feeder, if desired a house. In addition, this animal needs daily walks in the apartment for at least two to three hours.

You can’t wash your hedgehogs; water is a great shock to them, which can also undermine their health. But they are happy to take hygienic baths of fine sand or special fillers. It is almost impossible to accustom these domestic animals to the tray, but usually they themselves choose one of the corners of their aviary, and you just have to place a tank with sawdust there. It’s better to clean the cage and change the litter no more than once a week, the animals are difficult to change the environment.


Many species hibernate in winter. Take this period seriously.

Where to buy a hedgehog?

Do not buy a home hedgehog in natural markets from random sellers, such an animal may be old or sick. Be sure to check the documents that indicate the origin and age of the animal.

In no case do not take wild hedgehogs to the house, usually on such forest guests there are a lot of ticks, wild animals bite and are difficult to tame.

You can buy a pet in special nurseries or in zoos. The price of a three-month-old baby in Moscow is about 10 thousand rubles.

How to feed a home hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are predators, in nature they feed on insects and small rodents. For many it becomes a discovery that they do not drink milk, do not eat apples and mushrooms. Get ready for the fact that along with a cute new pet in your apartment a variety of cockroaches, crickets and bugs will settle. They should be 50-70% of the diet.

How to feed a home hedgehog

In addition, domestic hedgehogs can be fed with mice, worms or meat (any low-fat minced meat), eggs, sometimes vegetables or fruits. You need to feed them 1-2 times a day. Avoid overeating, as animals are not able to control hunger.

Dairy products, cabbage, canned food, pork, fish, sweets, nuts, potatoes, bananas, any salty, smoked and fried foods are strictly contraindicated.

These animals do not like invading their territory, they do not live in pairs, but usually get along well with other pets. Hedgehogs are very sensitive to unfamiliar odors and sounds, from constant stress they can become sick or become noisy and aggressive. Experienced owners do not recommend having such an exotic pet in a house with children or crowded.