Top places in St. Petersburg – Russia

St. Petersburg is beautiful and interesting at any time of the year. But it’s better to come here in the summer. Then you can admire the fountains, see how bridges are drawn, ride along the amazing canals of the city.

Where to go in St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The best places in St. Petersburg

Palace Square is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. The architectural ensemble of the square includes the building of the Winter Palace, the General Staff Building, built in a semicircle with an arch decorated with sculptural compositions, and the Headquarters of the Guards Corps. In the middle of the square stands a monument to the war of 1812. Alexander Column.

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

In the building of the Winter Palace, which in itself is unusually beautiful, is one of the largest museums in the world the Hermitage. Here you can get acquainted not only with art collections, but also admire the interior of the palace. From the main entrance – the Jordan stairs, you will go to the enfilade of the main halls of the imperial palace.


Saint-Petersburg, Russia

After visiting the Hermitage, take a walk along the Neva embankment and in no case refuse a water excursion. St. Petersburg is often called “northern Venice.” This is no coincidence – the city is spread out on 44 islands that encircle numerous rivers and canals. Sailing on a boat or river tram under low bridges, you will see palaces and noble mansions located along the rivers.

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia

It is difficult to imagine St. Petersburg without churches and cathedrals, which delight with its grandeur and interior decoration. Many cathedrals are located in the city center. This is the Savior on Spilled Blood (Church of the Resurrection), Kazan and Peter and Paul Cathedrals, Smolny Monastery. The symbol of St. Petersburg is St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The height of the cathedral is 111.3 m. Among the largest domed cathedrals in the world, St. Isaac’s Cathedral takes fourth place. From the observation deck of the dome offers a magnificent view of the city.

St. Isaac's Cathedral

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Take time to visit the palace and park ensemble on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. These are Peterhof and Peterhof fountains. It is impossible to convey in words the impressions of the view of the cascade of fountains decorated with gilded sculptures – you just need to see it.

Peterhof Fountains2

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

You can return to St. Petersburg again and again, and you can always see something new. Indeed, in order to visit all the museums, temples, palaces of the city and get acquainted with all the sights, you need a very, very long time. In June, you can enjoy the romance of the white nights and get an unforgettable experience of building bridges. In winter, devote time to visiting museums and palaces.

Good luck!

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