How not to go crazy after giving birth: tips for young mothers


Here you are at home. Your baby is nearby in his crib. This is undoubtedly great happiness, but often it is clouded by domestic problems. The birth of a child is always associated with a change in the habitual home way. The young mother now has much more problems and responsibilities. How not to go crazy with this cycle of affairs? How to stay calm and mom? It is difficult but possible.

Postpartum Depression: How to Fight It

The psychological state of a young mother often causes concern among loved ones. In the morning, I just do not want to raise my head from the pillow, there is an aversion to everything around. There is no talk about personal care. What happened to this strong woman who was just boiling with vital energy?

The birth process never goes unnoticed for the female body. Following him is always the strongest hormonal restructuring of the body. Therefore, it is not surprising that a young mother has postpartum depression. Oddly enough, this is completely normal.

No need to start going crazy because of the little things. Release all fears from yourself. You will surely manage, otherwise it cannot be. Do not try to consider yourself a bad mom. This will negatively affect your perception of all future changes..

Life after childbirth: new goals

Now your whole life is subordinated only to this tiny creature, which you call a son or daughter. All day only according to the schedule of the baby. Sleep, rest, feeding, cleaning, cooking – only when the baby asks or allows. Yes, everything was different before. Now new circumstances, new living conditions. And you definitely need to adapt to them.

Clearly define for yourself the purpose of your new life. Do you want to be perfect? There are no perfect people. The ideal mother is not at all the one who manages everything. EVERYTHING is just impossible! It’s important to learn to respect yourself the way you are.

Take for granted new circumstances, stop feeling like their hostage.


Postpartum Depression: How to Relax

The most important rule is to learn how to relax. Getting up in the morning, don’t immediately imagine the whole list of affairs, don’t start frantically clutching at once and losing your mind. Everything is fixable, doable and requires your self-discipline, and not panic and sagging. Keep yourself in control. As soon as you understand this rule, everything will start to turn out faster and easier..

Now about the periods of sleep. Many young mothers try to do as many household chores as possible while the baby is sleeping. This is fundamentally wrong, especially regarding daytime sleep. Quite the opposite. Accustom yourself to sleep an hour or two in the afternoon when the baby is sleeping. After all, a mother with a lack of sleep does not just become angry – she is generally dangerous to society.


No need to get hung up on washing, cleaning or cooking. Do what you need, everything else afterwards.

While the baby is distracted by toys, you can clean the room. It is not necessary to clean the entire apartment today. Also, during this period, you can have time to hang out the laundry that the machine washed during your joint sleep. Or remove and decompose already dried up. By the way, it is desirable to stroke it in the evening, when the child settles down to sleep at night. Just do not try to overload everything “in one go.” If the child does not have allergies, then the same diapers can be stroked on one side. Allocate for half an hour – hour, no more.

Do not complicate your life with endless throwing around the apartment. Ensure that all things are in the place where you use them. Baby clothes should be where you usually change clothes. Or at least folded on adjacent shelves of one cabinet.

The same can be said for hygiene products, bathing accessories and everything else..

Overcoming Postpartum Depression: A Hobby

Be sure to take time for your hobbies. Does it seem complicated to you? Not at all.

Interested in knitting or photography? Then you have a great opportunity to combine them with walks. While the baby admires the twigs and leaves, you can manage to find a couple of beautiful landscapes or tie several rows of a new blouse. The same is true for drawing. Want to sew? Give the child a few shreds, and he will be busy for some time not with you.

What would you like? What can you do? Almost any hobby can be combined with daily activities and worries..


Overcoming Depression: Helping Others

Never forget about yourself! Dissolving in worries about the family, you sometimes need to remember what cosmetics, nail polish and hair dye are.

Do you think your household needs a servant in a greasy robe and an unkempt head on his head? Not at all. They want to see a blossoming, happy mother. And also – beautiful. So love yourself and do not forget about the elementary care that is needed by any of the women.

To allocate time “for yourself” it is advisable to attract dad. Agree that evening walks with the child will be his responsibility. Just don’t try to waste your time doing laundry-cooking.

Now you understand how not to go crazy on maternity leave? To do this, you need to ease household difficulties as much as possible. Fortunately, washing machines, blenders, microwave ovens, kangaroos and slings have long entered our lives. Actively use all the available grandparents, and do not forget about dad. Let it help too.


The older the child, the less worry his mother has. And not because he is independent. It’s just that over time, any young mother gets used to follow our simple recommendations and makes her life much easier and happier.