Vitamin B5 – what foods are in it. Instructions for use pantothenic acid in ampoules and tablets


Often suffer from acute respiratory infections? Fingers go numb, headache and depression does not go away? Perhaps this is how pantothenic acid deficiency affects the body. This substance is widely distributed in food, so a deficiency is possible only with diets, various diseases. Find out how it is useful..

Vitamin B5 What the body needs

The described substance is necessary for the formation of antibodies and strengthening immunity, ensuring the normal functioning of the brain. In addition, the body needs water-soluble vitamin B5 for the production of glucocorticoids, the activation of redox processes. Thanks to the beneficial substance, pantothenic acid:

  • metabolism, fats, carbohydrates are normalized;
  • sex hormones are synthesized;
  • fatty acids, amino acids are formed;
  • the aging process of the body slows down;
  • B4 is converted to acetylcholine, important for the functioning of the brain;
  • there is a synthesis of cholesterol in the body;
  • heart function is stimulated;
  • obesity does not develop;
  • fatty acid metabolism is carried out;
  • blood coagulates;
  • slags, toxins are removed;
  • other substances are better absorbed;
  • side effects of antibiotics and other drugs are reduced;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome does not occur;
  • allergy is better treated;
  • intestinal motility improves;
  • harmful fat deposits do not form, do not accumulate.

Vitamin B5 for hair

The described substance is involved in almost all processes occurring in the human body, is present everywhere in nature. It is indispensable for hair, so it is included in the composition of expensive and effective shampoos. Pantothenic acid stimulates the awakening of the bulbs, intensive growth, improved structure of the hair. Vitamin B5 for hair helps to retain moisture, and this contributes to silkiness, shine and volume of curls. Pantothenic acid is perfectly absorbed by the skin, eliminates dandruff, helps in the initial stages of baldness.

Vitamin B5 for the skin

Calcium pantothenate is also indispensable for skin health. The vitamins of group B makes it smooth, supple, moisturized, healthy. Pantothenic acid promotes tissue regeneration, reduces fat production, and has a calming effect. Vitamin B5 for the skin has a smoothing, anti-aging effect. Thanks to the useful substance, age spots are eliminated, burns heal faster, irritated areas calm down. With the required amount of pantothenic acid, acne and acne do not occur in the body.

Vitamin B5 deficiency

Deficiency of a useful substance is possible in people who are fond of processed foods with monosodium glutamate, sitting on diets, suffering from problems with the gastrointestinal tract. A decrease in the amount of pantethine is possible with smoking, taking birth control medications. To determine the deficiency of pantothenic acid, a microbiological blood test is performed. Symptoms of vitamin B5 deficiency:

  • hair loss;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • deterioration of gastric function, digestion;
  • nausea;
  • irritability;
  • insomnia;
  • colitis;
  • muscle pain;
  • arthritis;
  • heaviness of the legs;
  • heart diseases;
  • flaky skin;
  • headaches;
  • numbness of the toes;
  • frequent colds due to a decrease in immunity;
  • pressure reduction;
  • cracks in the corners of the mouth;
  • severe toxicosis during pregnancy;
  • duodenal ulcer.

Excess Vitamin B5

If a large amount of the substance is found in the human body, this does not constitute any danger. Vitamin B5 is not toxic, quickly excreted in the urine and is not able to lead to pathological conditions. An overdose can occur if a person has an individual intolerance to pantothenic acid, he drinks multivitamin complexes, single drugs uncontrollably, without a medical indication. The consequences of excess vitamin B5:

  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting or nausea;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • burning in the stomach.

Vitamin B5 – which foods contain

To prevent pantothenic acid deficiency, it is necessary to eat fully, including products of plant and animal origin in the diet. For good assimilation, it is important that the gastrointestinal tract works normally – any disturbances reduce absorption. It is advisable to eat foods raw, because processing reduces the content of beneficial pantothenic acid. Vitamin B5 is found in:

  • baker’s yeast;
  • meat (veal and beef);
  • nuts
  • buckwheat;
  • pork and liver;
  • eggs
  • sunflower seeds;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • fish and caviar;
  • rye flour;
  • milk, cottage cheese;
  • mushrooms;
  • sprouted wheat;
  • legumes (beans, green peas, peeled peas);
  • honey;
  • fruits (oranges, apples);
  • chicken liver;
  • cereals.

Vitamin B5 – instructions for use

If animal and vegetable products cannot provide a sufficient amount of pantothenic acid, you can drink it in dosage form. Instructions for use of vitamin B5 are simple and understandable, located in the insert for the drug. As a rule, adults are recommended a dosage of 40-80 g daily. Children need 10-40 mg. For the treatment of diseases, provitamin B5 can be taken in large doses, if prescribed by a doctor. Calcium pantothenate with a unique formula is often prescribed for:

  • chronic alcoholism;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • asthma, bronchitis;
  • problems with the nervous system;
  • toxicosis of pregnant women;
  • hay fever;
  • allergies
  • tuberculosis
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • violation of the thyroid gland;
  • hepatitis;
  • cirrhosis.

Vitamin B5 tablets

There are times when the body is not enough pantothenic acid. This happens with an unbalanced diet, dieting, during pregnancy. Your doctor may prescribe vitamin B5 tablets. Many beneficial substances contain brewer’s yeast, which are cheaper than other medicines. Effective preparations Calcium pantothenate and Calcium Pangamat, intended for oral administration. Pantothenic acid contains vitamin complexes, for example, Vitrum Beauty, Supradin.

Vitamin B5 Ampoules

A useful substance is also sold in ampoules for injections. For example, for the complex treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy, drug intoxication, doctors use a Serbian drug Beviplex. Vitamin B5 in ampoules is presented by Pharmstandard in Calcium Pantothenate. All of these medications with pantothenic acid have good reviews among doctors and their patients..