Antioxidants – what is it. Antioxidant products and preparations for the elimination of free radicals


Unique substances necessary for the human body are antioxidants. They have the ability to withstand molecules of oxidants, neutralizing their negative effects. Contains substances in special preparations or foods.

What are antioxidants for?

Useful substances – antioxidants – contribute to the accelerated recovery of cells destroyed as a result of the negative effects of free radicals. Few people know why antioxidants are needed, but they have only a positive effect on the human body:

  • This is a unique natural and completely natural antioxidant, which helps to restore tissues and cells destroyed by free radicals..
  • The photoaging process slows down, cells are reliably protected from damage by ultraviolet rays.
  • The main positive property is that the inflammatory reaction that occurs with prolonged exposure to the sun is minimized..
  • The activity of aging is reduced.
  • The free radical is neutralized, the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cell membranes is stopped.
  • Another useful feature is that the risk of developing cancer is minimized..

The effect on the body of free radicals

Free radicals are molecules that have the ability to attach another electron. The molecule has one unpaired electron, so it easily enters into chemical reactions, due to which the existing voids are filled. As a result of attachment, the molecule becomes completely safe. Chemical reactions provoked by free radicals have a certain effect on the human body.

If the number of these molecules is within normal limits, immunity can control them. A substance such as an antioxidant will help prevent body oxidation..

Free radicals control the following functions:

  • activation of certain enzymes;
  • the destruction of bacteria, viruses;
  • hormone production;
  • energy production.

With an increase in the number of free radicals, more active production of these molecules occurs, which causes serious harm to the body. A change in the structure of proteins begins, a method of encoding genetic information, its transmission from cell to cell. The human immune system perceives pathologically altered proteins as foreign material and begins their destruction. With a heavy load, immunity drops, a serious disease (kidney, heart failure), oncology can develop.

What are antioxidants?

Molecules having a negatively charged electron are antioxidant substances. They are of great benefit, because they help prevent the development of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, promote the elimination of toxins from the body, and accelerate the healing process. Oxidants and antioxidants must be present in the human body, because they ensure its functioning.

Almost every product includes a unique antioxidant. Doctors recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Any natural antioxidant neutralizes the harmful effects on the environment (smoky streets, ultraviolet radiation, frequent stresses), bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse). Use them to slow down the aging process of the body..

Antioxidant activity

Medicine has not fully studied what effect these substances have on the human body. The experimental data remain contradictory. Some studies show that antioxidant drugs have no effect on the development of lung cancer in smokers, but vitamin C in combination with A helps prevent precancerous polyps in the stomach..

The activity of substances helps prevent the onset of cancer of the intestine, the prostate. A person can maintain food at the right level of antioxidants and improve his own health. The second option is to use a special vitamin complex. It is imperative to seek the help of a doctor who will prescribe drugs that will contain the right amount of useful substance.

The benefits and harms of antioxidants

Any strong antioxidant is good for the body. However, not all substances have a positive effect. It is important to know what the benefits and harms of antioxidants are and what products they will contain. Food should be varied. The main thing is to observe the measure, adjust the menu. This should be done not only by the woman, the future mother, but also by the man.

If you constantly use a product that will contain a large amount of antioxidants, there is a risk of provoking their negative effect, right up to the onset of cancer. There are also such substances that are not able to neutralize free radicals: they will not work properly, helping to accelerate the oxidation process. So it turns out, if you often use one herbal product, which contains a large amount of vitamin A and C.

The doctor may prohibit the use of foods that will contain vitamin E, otherwise you can cause serious harm to the heart. Nutrition should be balanced, and food should be completely natural, because then the positive property of these substances will appear on the body. The benefits are clear:

  • aging is prevented;
  • useful substances help maintain beauty and youth for a long time.

Where are the most antioxidants?

It is useful to know where antioxidants are contained and in what quantity, because they are useful when their amount does not exceed the permissible norm. The pharmacy provides a wide selection of drugs that contain the desired vitamin. However, just one tablet will not help solve the existing problem. You must still try to lead a healthy lifestyle and get rid of existing bad habits.

Antioxidants – drugs in pharmacies

If the body lacks nutrients, proper nutrition is not enough. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe an antioxidant drug, but they cannot be selected on their own. The list of the most useful tools contains:

  1. Lipin – an antioxidant drug, lyophilized powder that supports the immune system.
  2. Coenzyme – enhancing the body’s defense. Free radicals are excreted, blood circulation is activated.
  3. Glutargin is a powerful antioxidant drug used for liver diseases and to eliminate the effects of alcohol intoxication..

Vitamins Antioxidants

Vitamins with antioxidants can be prescribed, which contain a complex of minerals and nutrients. A strong antioxidant effect is exerted by:

  1. Vitrum antioxidant – protects the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  2. Vitrum Forte – premature aging and wear of organs and systems slows down.


Antioxidant Products

Food is of utmost importance to the human body. Natural antioxidants are found in the right amount in foods such as:

  • coffee;
  • beans;
  • apples
  • carrot;
  • black wild currant;
  • wild strawberries;
  • prunes
  • cranberry;
  • raspberry;
  • boiled artichoke;
  • blackberry;
  • spinach;
  • rosehip;
  • potatoes;
  • Bell pepper;
  • apricot;
  • seafood;
  • milk;
  • cabbage.

Antioxidants in cosmetics

Cosmetology can not do without this valuable substance that performs several functions simultaneously. Any antioxidant stops the degradation of the skin, restores the content of nutrients, protects cells. Antioxidants in cosmetology play the role of stabilizers. In the manufacture of a cosmetic product, vitamin E, C, A and others are added. Cosmetics and creams should contain substances in the right proportions. So, C is very unstable, with the introduction of 5% it does not give an effect, and from 5 to 15% of the vitamin contain only serum.

Antioxidants – what is it in medicine

The use of antioxidants in medicine continues to cause a lot of controversy and controversy. These substances in the body must be kept within normal limits, then they can:

  1. prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, oncology;
  2. eliminate problems associated with the work of the kidneys;
  3. improve overall health.

Oncology antioxidants

The appointment of antioxidants in oncology is used by many doctors. After confirming the diagnosis and determining the severity of the course of the disease, preparations containing the desired substance will be selected. Correction of nutrition is carried out, because in the diet there should be foods rich in antioxidants. In each case, the therapy is carried out strictly on an individual basis..

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