Sulfur-tar ointment for skin treatment


The therapeutic composition based on sulfur and tar has been tested by many generations; therefore, the effectiveness of sulfur-tar composition has been proven for a long time. The main advantage of this tool is the lack of synthetic components, so the drug has virtually no contraindications, is able to fight many skin diseases.

Composition and indications for use

The ointment consists of three main ingredients that have not changed in the entire history of its existence:

  • tar birch;
  • sulfur precipitated;
  • medical vaseline (as an auxiliary substance for stable emulsion and convenient use).

The composition of the cream determines the main indications for external use, mainly these are various infectious, fungal skin lesions, as well as dermatitis caused by a violation of the immune system:

  • seborrhea;
  • lichen (except pink);
  • scabies;
  • psoriasis.

Sulfur in the composition of the drug determines the antiparasitic, regenerative ability of the drug. This substance is able to destroy most pathogenic microorganisms on the skin, and when combined with organic substances, forming pentathionic acid and sulfides, it carries out a bactericidal effect, stimulates skin regeneration. Tar is known for its local disinfecting property, the ability to have an irritating effect on the skin, stimulating its regeneration and renewal. An ointment based on these components has the following properties:

  • antiparasitic;
  • regenerative;
  • antimicrobial;
  • antifungal;
  • locally irritating.

Psoriasis on the occipital part of the head

How to apply ointment from lichen on the skin

Today you can buy drugs for depriving a person in any pharmacy. Such medicines may take the form of ointments, creams, sprays, tinctures. Although a more effective and least dangerous remedy for depriving a person is sulfur-tar composition. The price of such a drug is affordable for everyone, and the effect of use will be noticeable from the first week, however, you should not self-medicate by searching for a photo of the disease on the Internet, prescribing procedures without consulting a dermatologist, because this can be dangerous. Sulfur-tar ointment from lichen for a person is effective against such types of lichen:

  • ringworm (trichophytosis, microsporia);
  • bran-shaped (color, multi-colored);
  • red flat;
  • herpes zoster (in conjunction with antiviral therapy).

Apply the product to affected areas of the skin (spots) before going to bed under a bandage if severe itching is observed. Treatment lasts from two to 4 weeks, depending on the course of the disease. The course of treatment is prescribed by the doctor after identifying the type of disease, while simultaneously monitoring the healing process and, possibly, adjusting the prescribed course with concomitant drugs.

Ointment versus versicolor

How to apply seborrhea ointment

For the treatment of dry and liquid seborrhea, sulfur-tar, sulfur-salicylic ointments are used together with the use of “talkers”, hydrogen sulfide baths, multivitamin treatment, and normalization of the nervous system. Only complex treatment in conjunction with a diet in which it is supposed to consume less carbohydrates, fats, salt, and a complete recovery of the skin is possible. Sulfur-based ointment is rubbed into the damaged areas for 8 days and for the tenth, after a one-day break. The doctor may prescribe a second course if necessary..

Choosing a medicine in a pharmacy

How to choose an ointment against lichen and scabies

When choosing a remedy for depriving, scabies are guided by the price of the medicine, the volume of the tube or jar, taking into account the duration of the course of treatment. The composition of sulfur-tar cream from different manufacturers can differ only in the percentage of the main active ingredients, which may have a difference of 5 to 10%, which is indicated in the instructions. Otherwise, all sulfur-tar ointments have a stable composition, quality and therapeutic effect, therefore, when choosing a cream, the main role is played by the price.