Allergy to mosquito bites – photo. Treatment of an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite for a child and adult


For many, mosquito bites are a common occurrence that you can ignore. Redness, swelling, and itching quickly go away. There is a category of people whose bites of these insects cause a serious allergic reaction (kulitsidoz).

Why is there an allergy to mosquito bites?

The response of the human body to the injection of allergen contained in the saliva of insects into the bloodstream is coulicidosis. An allergy to mosquito bites is a common occurrence, it can make life unbearable and carry a health hazard. The standard reaction after an insect attack: redness, slight swelling, very noticeable itching. As a rule, such symptoms disappear within 2-3 days, but some people have a stronger “response”. Culicidosis is a very serious problem, so you should study its symptoms in advance.

An allergic reaction to a mosquito bite can be triggered by the following factors:

  1. The problem is inherited..
  2. The immune system instantly responds to a protein that is found in the saliva of an insect (mosquitoes, midges, bees, and so on).
  3. High sensitivity. Sometimes this indicator increases due to improper diet, living in an unfavorable environmental situation, due to the appearance of some ailments.

Why a mosquito bite itches

Many would be interested to know why, after a mosquito bite, the skin itches. The insect secretes saliva during the process of exhausting blood. The human body perceives it as a substance of a foreign nature and produces antibodies to get rid of it. After a bite, blood circulation increases, and if you scratch this area, the skin becomes inflamed, pain and itching appear.

Woman scratches a mosquito bite on her hand

How is an allergy to a mosquito bite

An allergy to a mosquito bite is classified by severity level, each of which has specific symptoms:

  1. Local response. The affected area increases to 10 centimeters or more. The skin at the wound site swells, turns red and hurts. Sometimes a large blister forms, which passes a long period of time.
  2. General reaction for an allergy to a mosquito bite. Signs: urticaria (small rash), runny nose, severe skin itching, shortness of breath, significant weakness, general malaise, Quincke edema (acute, dangerous allergic reaction, extensive edema).
  3. A severe form of kulicidosis is characterized by the following symptoms: severe nausea, vomiting, drop in blood pressure, shortness of breath, anaphylactic shock.

How is allergy from mosquito bites treated

For timely, competent therapy, it is necessary to go to the attending physician at the first symptoms of kulitsidoz. Treatment will depend on the severity of the ailment: home independent getting rid of the disease or the help of an allergist. Acute allergy to mosquitoes in a child or adult is treated in a hospital. Possible therapeutic effects will now be described..

Blister on the skin after a mosquito bite

How to relieve an itch from a mosquito bite

The discomfort and scabies that appear after a mosquito attack can be eliminated with the help of special preparations or effective folk remedies. Medicines in the form of ointments, gels, creams or infusions are applied in a thin layer exclusively on clean skin. Effective remedies to combat puffiness, redness and itching are:

  • Psilo-Balm;
  • Fenistil-gel;
  • Cream Lifeguard;
  • Lotion or balm Asterisk;
  • Alcohol tincture of calendula.

If we talk about folk recipes against skin irritation after insect bites, then they are also many. For example, the affected area is treated with brilliant green, decoctions and infusions of such herbs as a string, chamomile, dandelion, wormwood. Soda, boric alcohol, propolis, drops of valocordin or corvalol are also very good at symptomatic symptoms of kulicidosis. Also, napkins moistened with alcohol are applied to the bite site.


Swelling after a mosquito bite

Often with allergies to mosquitoes, a noticeable swelling appears. To eliminate it, it is recommended to use antihistamines. For example, Suprastin, Tavegil, Claritin, Telfast tablets. In severe manifestations of the disease, swelling with a cream with hormones (Advantan ointment, Sinaflan, Fenistil) should be smeared. The drugs described above are quick-acting, remove swelling, soreness, swelling, reduce the area of ​​redness, relieve general allergic symptoms.

Mosquito Allergy and Antibiotics

A violent, painful reaction to insect bites in some cases is eliminated by antibiotics. Only a doctor can prescribe antibacterial drugs to an allergy sufferer. Combined therapy with antibiotics is prescribed in case of swelling, the formation of infection at the site of a bite. Effective medicines are: hormonal ointments Trimistin, Kremgen, cream Triderm. To cure inflammation, eliminate suppuration, anoint the affected area with antibiotics (Synthomycin, Levomekol, Oflokain).

Traces of mosquito bites on a child’s feet