Medications for Psoriasis


Get rid of scaly lichen will not work forever. The main cause of this disease is considered a violation of the body’s immune system. Symptoms may occur unexpectedly or occur under the influence of external factors. The treatment of psoriasis with medicines involves the implementation of a comprehensive and phased use of drugs of different categories. If signs of the disease are identified, one must undergo a course of examination to establish an accurate diagnosis and selection of therapeutic methods.

How and how to cure psoriasis at home

There are several thousand effective drugs that can significantly extend the remission of scaly lichen. The treatment process is carried out in stages. First, the doctor recommends local treatment and the use of external agents, and in the absence of a result, prescribes a course of taking medications for internal use. The first category includes ointments, creams, plasters, lotions, shampoos, aerosols. The second group of medicines – substances for injection or tablets.


Means for the treatment of psoriasis are represented by a wide range, but salicylic ointment occupies the main place in it. If the disease reaches a severe stage, the drug becomes an auxiliary component in the course of taking other medicines. Salicylic ointment for psoriasis is used by the cyclic method. Breaks are taken every 10 days. Side effects can be an allergic reaction, headaches, and vomiting. Contraindications include pregnancy or kidney failure..

Cream Skin-cap


The treatment of psoriasis with certain medications is not recommended for a long time. Such funds include steroid ointments. When used correctly, the symptoms of scaly lichen pass in a short period of time. If the method of use is chosen incorrectly, then stretch marks appear at the site of irritation, new other areas of the skin are affected, and the product becomes a useless preparation.

Corticosteroid ointments include:

  • “Skin-cap”;
  • Friderm;
  • Sinalar.

Cream Kartalin


The use of hormonal drugs is associated with a risk of side effects. Safe means are non-hormonal ointments. Most of them are created on the basis of natural components, a special place among which is tar. This component is included in the ingredients of traditional medicine and many medicines. The disadvantage of non-hormonal ointments is a pungent smell, and after applying them, you can not be in the sun.

Non-hormonal ointments include:

  • “Dayvoneks” (ointment suitable for use in childhood, safe to use, used by the cyclic method);
  • “Kartalin” (non-hormonal drug, contraindication is individual intolerance to the components, it is recommended to supplement the course of treatment with antihistamines);
  • ichthyol, sulfuric, sulfur-tar, dermatol, zinc, naphthalon (the course of treatment should not exceed 20 days).

Cream King of the Skin


Means for external use in the treatment of scaly lichen are divided into several categories. Creams can be vitamin-containing, hormonal or non-hormonal. Their method of application is always the same – the product is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin with light movements, the procedure is performed several times a day, and the course of treatment ends in three weeks.

Psoriasis creams:

  • “Ditranol” (the period of remission lasts up to 6 months, it can cause burns on healthy skin, it has the property of staining the affected areas of the skin);
  • “Unna” (the composition of the drug includes olive oil and vitamin A, does not cause allergies, non-hormonal agent);
  • “King of the Skin” (a Chinese preparation, the composition includes local herbs, sophora, pearl powder, used for exacerbations).

Supplements Eubikor


With exacerbation of scaly lichen, doctors prescribe special drugs. Treatment of psoriasis with medicines in the form of tablets is a measure that is taken in emergency cases. Preparations should be combined with ointments or creams. The period of admission is limited to 10-30 days. The dosage is calculated by the doctor, taking into account the patient’s age, individual characteristics of the body and stage of the disease.

List of titles:

  • “Claritin” (the course of treatment is from 5 to 10 days, has a mild sedative effect, antihistamine);
  • “Likopid” (it is prescribed if the digestive system is broken, it belongs to the category of hepatoprotectors);
  • “Eubicor” (dietary supplement, used not only in the treatment of psoriasis, but also for prevention).

Ampoules for injection Diprospan


Injections are prescribed only with an acute stage of the disease or the presence of severe inflammatory processes. The composition of the substances used includes calcium chloride or sodium thiosulfate. Injections are prescribed by specialists. It is not recommended to independently apply such a technique for the treatment of psoriasis with medications. The course of injections can last from 10 to 30 days. During pregnancy or lactation, injections are contraindicated.

Drugs for injections:

  • “Tavegil” (antihistamine);
  • “Diprospan” (glucocorticosteroid);
  • Remicade (immunosuppressant).

Features of the treatment of psoriasis with medicines

The location of the site of scaly lichen is of key importance when choosing drugs for getting rid of the disease. If psoriasis appears in the scalp, then do not use a hair dryer, tongs, curlers, and other styling products. Scales that remain at the site of irritation are easily removed if the skin area is previously smeared with olive or other vegetable oil. Medicines are selected according to a certain scheme.

Shampoo Nizoral

On the head

The answer to the question of how to cure psoriasis can never be unequivocal. If signs of the disease are found on the head, doctors prescribe keratolytics. The hair is treated with shampoos based on coal or wood resins. After two weeks, a second examination is prescribed by a specialist. If there is no result, treatment continues with lotions or solutions with corticosteroid or glucocorticoid hormones.

How to treat psoriasis on the head:

  • tar shampoos (Squafan, Friderm Tar);
  • ketoconazole shampoos (Nizoral, Perhotal, Sebozol).

On the body

There are several forms of psoriasis. Foci of the disease can occur on the hands, elbows, legs, other parts of the human body. The treatment of the disease must be agreed with the doctor. Based on the clinical picture and the area of ​​the affected areas, an individual course of taking medications is compiled. The first means of combating psoriasis are always ointments and creams. Only in the absence of effect are potent drugs or phototherapy procedures prescribed.

Treatment for psoriasis with damage to more than 5% of the skin:

  • corticosteroid ointments;
  • “Methotrexate”;
  • Alefacept;
  • Infliximab.

Ointment Protopic

On the face

A cream or ointment for psoriasis is always the first means that experts prescribe. The skin on the face is more tender, therefore, the elimination of the symptoms of the disease should be treated with special attention. Preparations with calcineurin inhibitors are suitable for long-term use and are not addictive to the body. In case of their low effectiveness, doctors recommend using a cream with vitamin D.

Drugs that are not recommended for the treatment of scaly lichen on the face:

  • creams and ointments with “Ditranol”;
  • similar means with “Tizarotenom”.

Drug Reviews

Anna, 36 years: A year ago, psoriasis in my hands was revealed. The skin was constantly scratching, peeling, and the hands had to be hidden from prying eyes. The doctor recommended starting treatment with Kartalin ointment. After two weeks of using the product, I began to notice an improvement. Redness became less, itching delivered less discomfort. Psoriasis has not yet recurred..

Valentina, 40 years old: I have been suffering from psoriasis since childhood. First, spots appeared on the legs and arms, then spread throughout the body. I tried many ointments and creams, but there was no effect. I switched to complex treatment. She smeared the skin with salicylic ointment, took antihistamines, and gave injections. I knew that it would not be possible to quickly cure the disease, but for six months I did not remember about it.

Mary, 62: For several years, I have psoriasis on my elbows. The disease did not lead to complications, so it was possible to fight with it with creams. There was an addiction and a decrease in efficiency. Now I use corticosteroid ointments (Skin-cap, Friderm). Remission can be achieved in 4-5 months. The doctor has not yet prescribed other medicines.