Orthopedic pillow for sleep – prices and reviews. How to choose and where to buy a pillow with orthopedic effect


The problem with the spine is a common phenomenon among modern people. Regular exercises and the correct position of the body during sleep will help to remove pain in the back. In order for the spine to fully relax, and the brain tissue supplied with the right amount of oxygen, a special orthopedic pillow is required.

Types of orthopedic pillows

The main rule of sleep is that the neck and spine should be in a straight line, and the head should be slightly tilted back. To create this position, you need a special product that fills the cervical bend. There are several types of orthopedic pillows, but latex ones are more common. The basis is foam rubber, which has high elasticity and softness. This type of product stands out for its durability (service life up to 10 years). They can be washed in an automatic machine or manually, cut with a knife to give the desired size.

Viscoelastic foam products are modified under the weight. Pillows are made from environmentally friendly materials. Manufacturers of such products claim that a person’s blood supply, respiration, and lung ventilation improve when they are used. The third type of orthopedic products is made of polyester. This is an ideal price / quality ratio. They are height adjustable and easy to erase. Pillows contain filler: sliding silicone balls, high mobility which provide softness.

Anatomical pillows for sleeping can be oval, rectangular, square and any other bizarre shape. They are also divided into types:

  1. Under the feet. Used to support the knees, pelvis, spine at the right angle to relieve muscle tension.
  2. Lumbar In a sitting position supports posture. Ideal for people who work for a long time at the computer or professional motorists.
  3. Wedge-shaped. Future mothers are used to support the back and abdomen during sleep.
  4. Cervical. Horseshoe shaped, used when traveling to support the neck muscles.
  5. Cervical. It is used to relax the muscles of the neck to get rid of snoring or headaches..

Buy orthopedic pillow

The classic type of these accessories attracts with its simplicity, ergonomics, grace. Those who sleep on their side, it is better to buy an orthopedic pillow with a recess for the shoulder. Anatomical products of the “wave” type, consisting of two rollers, are suitable for everyone, as they are universal. This design allows you to choose any comfortable position. The first roller is needed to rest on the back, the second to lie on its side. With caution, you should buy sleep accessories with fixed forms, inside of which cartridges are inserted. They may not fit the length of the neck..

Orthopedic pillow for cervical spine

Why are doctors not recommending placing one pillow on another or sleeping on high head restraints? With this position of the neck, a spasm is created that leads to headaches. Orthopedic pillow for the cervical spine will relieve muscle during rest, gently fixing the vertebrae. A special roller does not allow tilting the head to the sides, providing full circulation of blood in the vessels of the brain. In orthopedics, crescent-shaped products are used to support the cervical spine.

It is better to buy a pillow filled with gel balls, which do not cause allergies and pass air perfectly. The product cover should be made of natural fabrics: cotton, silk or wool. Rating of the best neck pillows:

  • TRAVELING (Poland);
  • polyurethane foam;
  • main advantages: a cover made of natural cotton, it is comfortable to sit on an office chair;
  • cons: to sleep on such a product, you need to get used to.

Another popular neck recess model:

  • Magniflex Comfort Pillow 52 * 32;
  • filler – latex foam with perforation;
  • pluses: ideal after spinal injuries, good for watching television, universal (you can sleep on your side and back);
  • Cons: high price, small size.

Orthopedic pillow with memory effect

Such a device is designed not only to give a good rest – it has a therapeutic effect. A pillow with orthopedic memory effect helps prevent osteochondrosis. Doctors actively recommend it to solve all problems with the spine in order to reduce pain and stress. The uniqueness of the product lies in the fact that the pillow with memory helps to relax the back muscles as much as possible, because the material retains its head shape for a long time. “Smart” orthopedic pillows are developed together with somnologists and neurologists, therefore, they easily adapt to the anatomical features of the owner.

The best products of this kind:

  • Fosta Fosta F 8021;
  • medical polyurethane, cover – polyester;
  • pluses: can take any position of the body;
  • cons: you need to get used to the “plasticine” effect.

A more expensive and high-quality model of the Russian manufacturer:

  • OrMax Dream Contur 50 * 30;
  • memory polyurethane, pillowcase made of cotton (80%) and polyester (20%);
  • pluses: relieves numbness of hands, dizziness, headaches;
  • Cons: high price, in the first week of use there may be discomfort, only hand wash.

Orthopedic pillow for sleep

Recently, orthopedic pillows for sleeping with bamboo filling have appeared on the market. They are not filled with plant slices, but in their composition are more like a synthetic winterizer. The product is filled with bamboo fiber, an unusually flexible and soft raw material. Production processing of plants is relatively inexpensive, so products can also be bought at an affordable price..

Another novelty is an orthopedic accessory with a pillowcase made of camel wool. The unique properties of the cover provide a good sleep and have a beneficial effect on the health of the whole organism. Buckwheat husk pillows are highly appreciated, especially for babies from 2 months. The product does not cause allergic reactions in the baby, but thanks to its structure provides a soft and springy support for the neck. High-quality orthopedic pillows that are easy to buy in the online store:

  • Hilbert Harmonie;
  • viscoelastic foam;
  • pluses: a recess in the middle keeps the head in the correct position;
  • cons: can not be exposed to UV rays.

New generation of orthopedic products for sleep:

  • Sissel Temp-control (Sweden);
  • cast polyurethane foam, pillowcase – 100% cotton;
  • pluses: indispensable for osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other problems of the spinal column;
  • Cons: only for adults, for a child – large.

Children’s orthopedic pillows

It is a little more difficult for a child to choose a product for sleeping, because he first needs to explain how to sleep on an orthopedic pillow, and give time to get used to. For newborn babies, such accessories are not needed, and by the year the orthopedists insist on using a roller under the head. Children’s orthopedic pillows come in many different configurations: inclined (angle – up to 30 degrees), anatomical with memory, lateral, for fixing the whole body, in the shape of a butterfly with roller-petals on the sides. The most popular products for children:

  • Trelax MIMI;
  • silver ion polyurethane, cotton;
  • pluses: prevents the risk of developing osteochondrosis, scoliosis, poor posture;
  • Cons: only for newborns (up to 18 months).

Another successful model of a Russian manufacturer for older children:

  • Trelax OPTIMA BABY:
  • polyurethane foam, 100% cotton;
  • pluses: the correct position of a dream, nice design;
  • Cons: not all children get used to, spots from the cover do not wash, you can not sleep on your stomach.

Orthopedic foot pillow

Such a product helps to adjust the position of the body on the bed and any other surface. An orthopedic pillow under the legs is made in the form of a roller, and it is placed under the knees or between the lower extremities. This is a great solution to relieve tension on the spine for lovers of relaxation on their sides. When a person is resting on his back, the pillow is set under his knees. This pregnant accessory is often bought by pregnant women to prevent the development of varicose veins. Popular models:

  • Passer PN0000;
  • polyurethane, cotton;
  • pluses: relieves leg fatigue, you can adjust the height;
  • cons: wedge-shaped is only suitable for sleeping on the back.

Inflatable orthopedic accessory for legs, which is pumped with air:

  • high quality PVC;
  • pluses: promotes relaxation of the hip joint, knee and ankle;
  • minuses: before use it is necessary to inflate.

Orthopedic Travel Pillow

Long trips should also be comfortable. Orthopedic travel pillow is created in the shape of a bagel. In it, the neck and shoulder girdle are in the most correct position, which helps to avoid sagging and swelling during long flights. The most popular among travelers are inflatable headrests. When folded, they take up little space, but are much cheaper. Models worth paying attention to:

  • Trives, TOP-126;
  • polyurethane foam, polyester 60%, cotton 40%;
  • Pros: adjustable roller height and degree of rigidity;
  • cons: large dimensions for travel.

Inflatable model:

  • Fosta F 8053;
  • PVC, velvet;
  • pluses: low price, takes into account the anatomical features of the neck;
  • cons: need to inflate before use.

How to choose an orthopedic pillow

The selection of an orthopedic product must be approached responsibly. The right choice depends on who will use the product. The best orthopedic pillow for an adult is in the shape of a classic rectangle. This is a universal model that provides complete rest and the correct position of the spine. The child should choose pillows from children’s models on the recommendation of an orthopedist.


Maria, 29 years old

I bought a gift for my husband an orthopedic pillow on the Internet. The choice was made on the photo in the catalog and customer reviews. I liked the wedge-shaped product for the Kromax driver’s seat. The husband is satisfied! He works as a trucker, and the beveled shape tilts the pelvis forward while sitting, relieving pressure from the spine, providing optimal posture.

Serge, 35 years old

Together with his wife, they purchased Ascon’s orthopedic mattress, and then decided to order pillows. They chose for a long time until they settled on Othello PROMOBILE products with camphor fillers. They perfectly follow the contours of the nape and neck, so it is comfortable not only to sleep, but also to sit with them. Pillows look very attractive.

Helena, 49 years old

If you want to extend your youth, do not buy creams, super expensive in cost, but orthopedic accessories for a comfortable sleep. I have already had an orthopedic pillow for 5 years, which not only helps to keep my head up while relaxing, but also ionizes the air around me. I sleep on her like a baby. I get up early to work, but full of energy!