Why you can’t sleep on your stomach. Proper posture for sleep.


Sleep is the most important component of human life. It helps to restore strength lost during wakefulness, strengthen immunity. Not only the emotional, but also the physical health of a person depends on the duration of the night’s rest and the correct posture. Why are some 4–5 hours enough for some to recover, while others feel overwhelmed even after a 10-hour “break”? What could be the threat to the wrong posture of the body? The results of modern research confirm the centuries-old experience of our ancestors. Bottom line – gradually you need to abandon the habit of sleeping on your stomach.

The role of sleep in human life

Why is a certain rhythm of sleep so important for the body? A person spends the third part of his life in a dream. During this condition, the body processes the information received during the wakeful period with the help of the subconscious. Breathing is leveled, the central nervous system organizes its activity, energy is accumulated and health is restored. Diseases and ailments recede. The senses receive the necessary respite, adjusting the mental state of a person.

How to sleep and why it is undesirable to reduce the duration of the night “sleep” period? Mandatory conditions for an effective holiday are:

  • Good ventilation.
  • Optimum temperature conditions (not higher than 20–21 C) in the room.
  • Comfortable posture. Not all postures in which people are used to sleeping are good for the body. Some of them cannot be used: they can provoke the development of diseases of the vascular system, lead to a deterioration in the activity of the genitourinary system and stomach.

What do doctors advise about this? It is not recommended to sleep from the left side, so as not to disturb the rhythm of deep breathing, increasing the load on the heart. You can not sleep on the stomach for a long time because of the possible crushing of the vessels of the brain in the cervical region. For women who monitor their own beauty, this position of the body leads to the risk of additional wrinkles and swelling of the face.

Can I sleep on my stomach:

The question of the prohibition of sleep on the stomach is sometimes puzzling. After all, so many people prefer to fall asleep. If health allows, then this situation does not harm the health of most members of the population of our planet. There is a very important “but” in this case: rest in this position should be short-lived. To a fair half of humanity, in order to avoid wrinkles in the neck and nasolabial folds of the face, it is better to abandon the usual pillow, replacing it with an orthopedic.

Some people suffering from central nervous system diseases, heart ailments, atherosclerosis, are forbidden to sleep on their stomach for medical reasons. A slightly raised body, an even position of the spine, rest on the back or the right side are optimal postures. During pregnancy, the question of why you can’t sleep on your stomach is very acute, especially if previously a woman loved to relax at night, lying on her stomach. Religious taboos and traditions also play an important role in choosing a “sleepy” posture..

During pregnancy

How harmful is sleeping on my stomach during pregnancy? In the first trimester, the mother’s tummy is practically invisible, and the fetus is reliably protected by the pelvic bones. But already in this period it is better to break the habit of such a habit so as not to create additional pressure on the child. The development of the fetus, its growth cause a displacement of the organs of the expectant mother, so pregnant women should not sleep on their stomach.

Gynecologists are unanimous in their opinion that sleeping on the stomach is dangerous for the health of the unborn child and his mother. The possibility of asphyxiation of the baby, the development of pathologies is a good reason why pregnant women should not sleep on the stomach. Particularly noteworthy is the location of the body of the future mother in a dream during the last trimester of pregnancy, when the respiratory, nervous system of the baby is formed.

In Islam and Judaism, Muslims

Why in Islam you can’t sleep on your stomach? Separate religious movements prohibit such a comfortable position for a sleeping person. Muslims forbid men to sleep on their stomachs. For women, such a restriction is not provided, but supporting a spouse, Muslim women voluntarily choose the word “not.” According to the beliefs of Islam, the prophet considers this position unnatural. The Qur’an says that “sleeping on your stomach is a hateful act.” The genitals of a Muslim man in this position are in an unnatural state, which is why in Islam you can’t sleep on your stomach.

Judaism does not impose such severe restrictions. The religion of the Jews is not forbidden to lie on your stomach, but you can’t sleep. Sacred books recognize this body posture as not conforming to the canons. Pundits largely agree with this interpretation. In this state, metabolic processes in the body are disturbed during sleep. Human health largely depends on the quality of night rest, especially for people aged.

The consequences of sleeping on your stomach

Scientists and doctors agree that it is impossible to sleep on the stomach, because:

  • Arteries in the cervical region are compressed, blocking the access of blood to the brain.
  • Turning the head to the side, a high pillow contribute to the outflow of blood from the brain, which leads to oxygen starvation.
  • Disturbed breathing.
  • The tendency of the skin of the face, and the body as a whole, to the formation of deep wrinkles increases.
  • For women, special attention must be paid to the chest. Under the weight of their own body, the mammary glands are compressed, which sometimes leads to a feeling of discomfort after sleep.
  • Genitourinary dysfunction, decreased libido – these effects were discovered by American scientists by examining the state of the body of people who prefer to sleep on their stomachs most of the night.

Why can’t many people sleep on their stomachs? How dangerous is the position of the body when a person involuntarily rolls onto his stomach? Such a pose can bring both harm and benefit, depending on the situation, medical contraindications. The feeling of discomfort, bloating or colic is faster if you lie on your stomach. Neonatologists recommend that mothers lay their babies on their stomach, leaving them to sleep in this position. The surface of the mattress, warmed by the natural heat of the baby’s body, prevents the development of flatulence.

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