How to treat prostate adenoma with folk remedies

When a person chooses a treatment regimen for a disease that he has identified, he is often alarmed by the side effects of taking medications and medical manipulations. At this stage, many people are interested in what methods of treatment of the disease are in the piggy bank of alternative medicine. Read information on how to treat prostate adenoma with folk remedies, and whether this disease can be cured without surgical intervention. You will learn how soda, propolis, bee morbidity and what herbs can help you with this disease can be useful in the treatment process..

Can prostate adenoma be cured without surgery

What is this disease? Prostate adenoma is a benign tumor process of the prostate that occurs due to hormonal changes in the body with age. During the development of the disease, the function of urination is disrupted or may stop altogether. The vast majority of men who have been diagnosed with this diagnosis are afraid of the prospects of surgery and are interested in all the possibilities of how to cure prostate adenoma without surgery.

Conservative treatment of this disease with medications and traditional medicine is possible when prostate adenoma of the 1st degree is detected. With a 2 degree of this disease, there are often cases when you can not do without surgery. If grade 3 prostate adenoma is diagnosed, tumor removal is often the only way to help a man return to a full life.

Such facts focus on the fact that the patient, regardless of whether he chose to be treated with medicines or folk remedies, should consult a urologist. A regular examination will help evaluate the progress of the treatment process. Also, the doctor will monitor whether prostate cancer has developed, because this disease and adenoma are manifested by the same symptoms.

How to treat prostate adenoma with folk remedies

The treasury of traditional medicine potion prescriptions is priceless. Along with the medications prescribed by specialists, a large number of men successfully use folk remedies for prostate adenoma. Look at the selection of easy-to-use methods of treating this ailment and choose the recipe that suits you that will help get rid of the disease forever.


This tool is found in every home and can come in handy when dealing with such a male affliction. Treatment of prostate adenoma with soda consists in its use inside and out, for baths. Wellness procedures should be carried out as follows:

  1. Warm up for 20 minutes in a water bath 1 teaspoon of young birch leaves or buds, filled with 250 ml of boiling water. Strain the broth, salt it with a pinch of soda. Take the drug before meals, 4 times throughout the day.
  2. 1 tablespoon soda and 1 teaspoon Add iodine to 1 liter of cooled boiled water, stir and pour into a container of hot water. Take a bath for 20 minutes.


Treatment of prostate adenoma disease with folk remedies includes the use of propolis – a useful beekeeping product that positively affects the health of the whole organism. If you do not have an individual intolerance to this substance, start the fight against male illness with the help of such a unique natural medicine. It is very simple to prepare propolis tincture or use candles that include this healing substance.

Alcohol tincture is prepared and applied according to the recipe:

  1. Grind 10 g of propolis carefully, add to 100 ml of alcohol. Shake the fluid thoroughly for half an hour..
  2. Put on a dark shelf for 3 days, then shake, place for 2 hours in the cold and strain.
  3. Consume 20 days by adding 15 drops of propolis tincture to 50 ml of water or boiled milk and drinking three times a day for 10 minutes. before eating. After a 15-day break, the course is repeated..

To successfully remove the painful symptoms of prostate adenoma, men should use ready-made candles with propolis. Suppositories are bought at a pharmacy or made on their own in such a simple way:

  1. Grind 10 g of propolis and pour it with 30 ml of alcohol. Leave the mixture for 10 days in a cabinet on a dark shelf, mix daily.
  2. Next, evaporate the alcohol over a fire to obtain a light brown mass.
  3. Heat the resulting mass in a water bath with 150 g of cocoa butter or butter until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. When the mixture cools down, roll 10 candles.

For proper storage, each candle should be wrapped in foil and stored in the refrigerator. New suppositories are made after using the previous ones, preventing long storage. You need to apply 1 candle before bedtime, inserting it into the anus. This course of treatment lasts 30 days. After a two-month break, you need to repeat the treatment procedure 2-3 more times. The use of such a popular method of treatment will help relieve inflammation and minimize the possibility of exacerbation of the disease.

Bee subpestilence

The dead bees will serve well in the fight against such a male disease. Treatment of prostate adenoma with bee death is an effective tool, for this purpose they prepare a decoction according to this recipe:

  1. Put on fire 0.5 l of cold water, in which 2 tbsp. l dried insect bodies.
  2. After boiling, cook for two hours in a very low heat, then strain. Store the drug for no more than 10 days in the refrigerator.
  3. Take a decoction inside three times a day before meals, 1 tbsp. spoon, jamming 1 teaspoon of honey at will. The treatment should be carried out for a month and a half, after a break of 30 days, repeat the course twice more.


As a medicine for prostate adenoma, various medicinal herbs can be used. Here are some recipes:

  1. 4 tsp parsley seeds, powdered, must be poured with boiling water, strain the infusion after 20 minutes. Drink a three-month course, taking 4 times a day for 1 tbsp. l funds 15 minutes before meals.
  2. 2 months (if desired, and longer) drink unsweetened tea twice a day, using fireweed instead of tea leaves (another name for the herb is Ivan tea).
  3. Drink tea three times a day, brewing fresh or dried nettle leaves.
  4. Drink three times a day before meals for 2 tsp. freshly squeezed celery juice.


Treatment of prostate adenoma disease with folk remedies involves the use of celandine, which is credited with the property of slowing the development of the tumor. When using it, you need not exceed the daily dose – in large quantities it is toxic. To treat prostate changes with this healing herb, you will need to dry the celandine or buy it at a pharmacy. The infusion is prepared in such a quick way:

  1. Pour in a jar or thermos a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp. l celandine.
  2. Strain after 4 hours.
  3. Drink the drug in a 20-day course, 1 tbsp. l before dinner and breakfast.

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