How to get rid of papillomas at home


When brown growths appear on the body, do not ignore such a health problem. These are papillomas, the treatment of which is carried out by a dermatologist. The causes of the disease are considered weakened immunity, the activity of the virus. Such growths are difficult to conservative therapy, surgical intervention is not excluded.

How to treat papillomas at home

Papillomas are hanging warts that patients have to fight for a single year. Neoplasms equally occur on the body of a woman and a man, while capturing the most unexpected zones, chest and genitals are no exception. To cure such formations, the first thing is to consult a doctor, and then determine an effective remedy for home use.

Removal of papillomas by a doctor

Remedy for papillomas in a pharmacy

When figuring out how to remove papillomas at home, pay attention to medications that have successfully coped with the problem for more than a year. They do not need to be prepared, you just need to get an appointment, and then visit the pharmacy. The following medications are effective against genital growths and not only:

  • Verrucacid – oil for affected skin with a mummifying effect;
  • celandine extract for cauterizing neoplasms;
  • Solkoderm – a solution for drying and falling away of growths;
  • Superchistel for the rapid fall of papillomas from the surface of the skin;
  • Lipas is a special pencil that cauterizes warts, which represents dry silver nitrate.

Ointment for papillomas

If you need a positive result from treatment, before removing papillomas at home, figure out how to smear the affected areas correctly, which medications for external use should be used with the combined treatment regimen. Pills alone are not enough. To get rid of papillomas, doctors prescribe local medicines. The following agents are especially effective:

  • Oxolinic, Salicylic ointment. Accelerate the processes of regeneration of affected tissues.
  • Cryopharma – a progressive medicine for freezing warts.
  • Viferon ointment for excision of external papillomas, accelerating the recovery of affected structures.

Ointment for papillomas

Taking antiviral drugs

When figuring out how to get rid of papillomas at home, it is important not to forget that these are only external manifestations of the ailment. There are also internal anomalies, for example, increased HPV activity. Having drunk a course of antiviral drugs, you can strengthen the weakened immunity, bring the pathogenic virus into the so-called “sleeping” form. Positive dynamics of the disease is observed when choosing such antiviral drugs:

  • Panavir, which stimulates the production of interferon;
  • Indinol to stimulate weakened immunity;
  • Isorinosine to Suppress Pathogenic Virus Activity.

How to get rid of papillomas folk remedies

To independently remove warts on the neck and other parts of the body, you need to remember the grandmother’s proven recipes. Conspiracies are unlikely to help, but there are real recipes that have helped even one generation to get rid of papillomas. As a part of the chosen remedy, such components as celandine, Kalanchoe, wormwood, dandelion, chestnut leaves, garlic are welcome. Iodine, castor oil, vinegar, laundry soap, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and acidic apple juice also have positive dynamics..

Papilloma soap

Removal of papillomas at home

The patient’s prompt action will cause the warts to quickly disappear. To cleanse the body of HPV is much more difficult. The pathogenic virus can be in the human body for a long time mainly in an asymptomatic form. The doctor will tell you not only how to remove the papillomas at home, but also transfer the HPV to the “sleeping” form. Superficial self-medication can only harm health, complicate the clinical picture, provoke frequent relapses.

Celandine from papillomas

  1. You can quickly get rid of papillomas if you carefully rub small neoplasms on the body with concentrated celandine juice and do not rinse. This natural antiseptic has an instant effect. Carry out the procedure several times during the day, until the protruding over the skin surface, the growth does not dry out and fall away.
  2. For the preparation of ointments from warts, 5 tsp is recommended. combine celandine powder with 1 tsp. lanolin and add as much Vaseline. Mix the mass, lubricate the sore spot several times a day until the symptoms disappear completely. If you do not know how to get rid of papillomas at home, use this effective tool..

Papillomas on the face

How to cure papilloma at home with garlic

Onions and garlic are natural antiseptics that can first dry and then permanently remove the growth on the skin. There are many recipes with these ingredients, but first you need to find out if the patient does not have an allergic reaction to these natural substances. The easiest treatment option:

  1. Squeeze the garlic, and with the resulting slurry in concentrated form, lubricate the focus of the pathology.
  2. Perform the procedure an unlimited number of times to get rid of growths that spoil the appearance in a week.

Laundry soap

If you are looking for an opportunity to get rid of papillomas on your neck at home, use a proven folk remedy:

  1. Dry laundry soap on a fine grater, and then with a thick layer lay chips on the pathology site.
  2. Perform the procedure at night until the papilloma disappears.
  3. You can dilute the soap with a cream to a viscous consistency and do the same steps.
  4. Hypoallergenic, helps to quickly get rid of papillomas and is suitable for the treatment of intimate places.

How to get rid of human papillomavirus

Many patients find that getting rid of HPV is a matter of time, but it is not. The virus cannot be eradicated; it can only be converted to a “sleeping” form, the number of relapses can be reduced, and the period of remission extended. For this, it is necessary to take immunostimulants, use natural vitamins in courses and adhere to an active lifestyle, and temper. Otherwise, such warts will appear more often than usual, and getting rid of them will be unrealistic..