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Almost every person at least once faced with depression, which can trigger various factors: problems in his personal life, health condition, financial difficulties. A depressive state is accompanied by apathy, a breakdown, negative thoughts. For many who have encountered a problem, the urgent question is: how to deal with depression. Defeating a disease (and this is a disease that adversely affects the physical, emotional state) is possible with the help of special therapy, medications, or by pulling yourself together, changing your life.

Causes of depression

The development of depression can occur as a result of external factors that adversely affect the emotional state of a person, his physical health. Troubles in the professional sphere, problems in personal life or the presence of a serious illness always entail a deterioration of mood, the appearance of apathy. Common causes of depression are:

  • separation from a loved one;
  • death of a loved one;
  • troubles at work that entail financial difficulties;
  • identification of an incurable disease or pathology;
  • birth of a child, pregnancy.

To decide how to deal with depression, it is important to correctly establish the causes of its development. Based on the source of a bad mood and a serious condition, it is necessary to choose the right methods of getting rid of the symptoms and consequences of the disease in order to get the maximum effect. So, it is much easier to deal with seasonal autumn spleen, because conservative methods will help here, in contrast to overcoming postpartum depression. Consider the main causes of the development of the disease, which will help in the future to choose a method of treatment.

After breaking up

A common cause of depression is parting with a loved one. This is caused by a strong emotional attachment to the partner who left, left, insulting sincere feelings, neglecting the emotions of a recently loved person. A sudden break in relations provokes the development of internal discomfort, feelings of apathy, melancholy, detachment, which leads to depression. In such a situation, a person closes within himself, tries to protect himself from everyone, everything, including new feelings, thereby condemning himself to loneliness.

After divorce

The collapse of the family, a change in established habits, lifestyle and lifestyle of some drives into a deep depression. Divorce is a difficult psychological process that negatively affects a person’s condition, deprives of life colors, meaning and desire to do something. Neither favorite food, nor watching films, nor communicating with friends helps to fill the void formed in the soul. Favorite work or hobby does not cause former joy, but once favorite things, photographs reminiscent of family life, inspire melancholy, sadness.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormonal, physical changes in the body occur in the girl’s body, which affects the emotional state, can lead to depression. In most cases, the interesting position of the fair sex is accompanied by euphoria, immense joy and happiness, but quite the opposite reaction is often found – stress, loss of strength, bad mood and apathy.

To find the answer to the question of how to deal with depression during pregnancy, one should take into account that the disease can develop and proceed in different ways, depending on whether this child is desirable or an accident:

  1. In an unwanted pregnancy, the cause of depression may be a collapse of hope due to the birth of a child; severance or deterioration of relations with the future father of the child; financial difficulties associated with unexpected and unplanned conception. In this case, to fight the disease, it is worth while it has the initial form, otherwise it can negatively affect the health of the baby or lead to a miscarriage.
  2. If everything is very clear with the first option, then the question naturally arises as to why depression occurs during a desired pregnancy and how to deal with it. The development of a complex psycho-emotional state leads to a change in the usual way of life, a decrease in activity (both physical and business, emotional), an increase in sensitivity, tearfulness.

After childbirth

Postpartum depression is a common occurrence and occurs in every third woman on maternity leave. The causes of poor mood, deterioration of the emotional state immediately after childbirth include:

  • Dissatisfaction with their appearance, the presence of a postpartum abdomen and extra pounds.
  • Complications after childbirth, a severe physical condition affects the psyche and can provoke the development of depression.
  • Difficulties with the child, his frequent crying, constant demand for attention, fear can not cope with maternal responsibilities – leads to depression, which is extremely difficult to deal with.
  • A radical change in lifestyle, the emergence of new responsibilities, a high level of responsibility for the child – all this puts moral pressure on the woman and sometimes breaks them, provoking the development of stress, depression, depression.

At work

Labor activity is often the cause of depression, which must be fought, otherwise it can negatively affect work results, skills and abilities, as well as financial condition. The main reasons for the development of depression in the professional sphere are:

  • Fear of not coping with assigned responsibilities, not meeting the expectations of others.
  • Work causes negative emotions, anger, aggression, provokes the development of prolonged stress, depression.
  • Lack of money, unfair and disproportionate remuneration in accordance with the work performed.

Can I overcome depression and apathy on my own?

Many people know the classic methods that help fight depression. These include consultations and therapy with a psychologist, taking special medications (antidepressants), and the implementation of certain doctor’s recommendations. But the possibility of treating the disease on their own has already been proven and tested in people. This is a long, laborious process that requires considerable effort, but to achieve a positive result is quite realistic. In order to fight depression on your own, you must:

  • Identify the cause of a bad, depressed mood, depression and eliminate everything that reminds of troubles, people who have left your life and abandon a reclusive life.
  • Find a strong motivation to help you see the new meaning of life, get out of a state of deep depression.
  • Gather all your strength into a fist, tune in to a positive and effective outcome of the fight.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help, since it is extremely difficult to deal with such a serious illness on your own. When a reliable shoulder of a faithful friend or loved one is near, it is much easier to cope with depression, it gives strength and self-confidence, and a friend will not let you turn off the right track.

Ways to Overcome Depression and Bad Mood

In order to fight depression, there are several ways that can be used in combination to achieve an effective result. They can be used in a complex or just some of them – all individually. How to deal with depression:

  • Determine the cause of the bad mood. The choice of the method of dealing with depression is affected by the cause of the depressed state, apathy. To start therapy, you should get rid of everything that makes you sad, makes you cry and reminds you of the troubles that led to such a sad state. This is the only sure way to get rid of old life, depression and start a new life..
  • Make a list of what pleases you. Think about what you enjoy, what can again bring joy back to life, make you laugh and feel like a really happy person. This can be a hobby, a favorite hobby, walking and meeting friends, playing sports, riding a carousel with a child or reading your favorite book. Try to devote more time to such activities – this will help get rid of a bad mood, distract from negative thoughts and get a boost of positive energy.
  • Change what you can change. Try to make at least minimal changes in those areas of life where it is possible: change work, environment, environment; change appearance, visit a beauty salon, update your wardrobe; give up bad habits or at least your usual route to work. This will allow us to take a fresh look at life, open up new opportunities, and forget about depression..
  • Set goals and focus on them. A person cannot live aimlessly, he needs an incentive to move forward. Make a list of 10 goals for the coming year and promise yourself to achieve them, no matter what.
  • Rest and relax more often. Fighting a serious emotional state, getting a boost of energy will help a full sleep (at least 8 hours at night). In addition, do not forget about rest from work and workdays. Go to the weekend countryside, visit the cinema or just read a good book – the main thing is that the lesson is fun.
  • Eat right. Refuse junk food, foods that irritate the nervous system, for example, alcohol and caffeine are the causative agents (this will also help fight the hypertension that often accompanies depression). Try to eat more raw vegetables and fruits that can give you a boost of energy, well-being and mood.
  • Go in for sports. Because sport is the best way to fight depression and bad mood. It can be simple morning exercises, jogging, swimming or cycling.
  • Come up with a new hobby. Find yourself an activity that will help you escape from problems, stupid thoughts, and get rid of feelings of anxiety. This may be a new hobby, learning another profession or learning a foreign language.
  • Get help from a therapist. If you can’t deal with depression on your own for a long time, do not hesitate to seek help from professionals. Talking with a specialist will help you look at the problem with different eyes, see options for overcoming depression.

Treatment for depression without pills at home

It is possible to fight depression at home, for this it is not necessary to take medications or go to classes with a psychologist or psychotherapist. Such effective and simple ways will help:

  • Massage. Impact on the skin, muscles and joints makes the body relax, gives calm, relaxation and helps to distract from negative thoughts, improve the emotional state.
  • Meditation. The meditation procedure will help to fight depression, during which there is an opportunity to look at the problem from the side, to see alternative solutions to the problem. For deeply religious people, visiting a temple or holy place, reading a prayer, or confession can help get rid of depression..
  • Reading. Special literature will help fight bad mood and depression. A vivid example is the book by Dale Carnegie, “How to Overcome a Feeling of Concern”.
  • Breathing exercises. Such therapy will help restore spiritual balance, improve mood. The methods where breath holding occurs include bodyflex, oxysease, although they are aimed at losing weight, their positive effect on overall well-being and emotional state has been proven.
  • Yoga. The ideal option is to improve the psycho-emotional state, to get rid of obsessive negative thoughts, to find reassurance, to see a solution to a sore problem.

It is not always possible to cope with depression on your own, sometimes in order to fight the disease there is not enough willpower, desire, motivation or the disease is so serious that it is impossible to overcome the disease without the help of a professional. An effective way to get rid of a depressed, depressed state is to undergo a consultation with a psychologist who will help you choose the right solution to the problem or prescribe pills.

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