Is wipe harmful to health and others. Is there any harm from a wipe without nicotine


Some smokers try to cope with their addiction, looking for different options to replace addiction. Recently, a new device on the gadget market – electronic cigarettes. The device is actively gaining popularity, it is often advertised. However, the question remains whether electronic cigarettes are harmful to human health.?

Is wiping harmful to health?

The main negative effect of regular cigarettes is the burning of tobacco, the release of harmful substances. The wipe does not contain smoke, only steam, so-called soaring occurs. Many people are sure that this fact makes electronic cigarettes less harmful, but another aspect should be taken into account, which indicates why the electronic cigarette is dangerous for health – the composition of the liquid for smoking. Some of them contain the same nicotine, flavors, other ingredients that may have a negative effect on the body..

What harm from wipe to the body

If you are thinking about whether the wipe is harmful, it should be borne in mind that soaring has replaced combustion, but the composition has not changed much. Nicotine is contained in both cases, the only difference is in the method and intensity of its delivery. In the case of wipe, this indicator is lower, but the substance still has a neurotropic effect, causes drug addiction. Nicotine destroys blood vessels, worsens the condition of the heart. With a constant wipe of a wipe with this substance, the same dependence will form as with regular tobacco products.

The effects of smoking electronic cigarettes without nicotine

It was described above whether a wipe is harmful, but for justice it is worth mentioning options for liquids that may not contain nicotine. This significantly reduces the negative effect that the process has. The effect of wipe is still being carefully studied by experts, and they can not say how harmful it is to human health. The absence of tar, other harmful substances reduces the likelihood of lung cancer by 3 times.

At the moment, there is no scientifically confirmed information about the specific consequences of using liquids without nicotine while smoking a wipe, but the thermal effect on the organs of the smoker persists. At the same time, people who are nearby are absolutely not in danger if there is at least some ventilation. You can safely stand on the street next to a person who smokes a wipe.

What is dangerous wipe fluid without nicotine

Many people are interested in whether electronic cigarettes without nicotine are harmful, because there is no main negative element in the liquid. Earlier it was said that the risk of getting sick is reduced several times, but to say that soaring is absolutely harmless is still impossible. The composition of the substance for the wipe includes aromatic additives, standard surveillance does not control this moment, therefore, carcinogens may be contained there. There are several more elements that cause caution:

  1. Glycerol. It is a trihydric alcohol that has a sweetish flavor. It is often used in the food industry to obtain higher viscosity products. The toxicity of this substance is extremely low, but when soared, it can cause respiratory tract irritation, an allergic reaction. In wipe liquids, its content is extremely low, so it does not cause harm with moderate smoking.
  2. Propylene glycol. Another dubious element, which is a colorless liquid with a viscous consistency. It is used in the food industry in the manufacture of medicines. In small quantities, it is absolutely harmless, but with frequent and prolonged use it is able to inhibit the nervous system, worsen the condition of the kidneys.

Is it harmful to smoke a wipe compared to a hookah?

After the advent of electronic cigarettes, many began to compare them with a hookah. This is not to say which of these two options does more harm, because it’s almost the same thing..

The main difference from standard tobacco products is the absence of burning. In a hookah, tobacco does not burn, there the liquid evaporates under the influence of heat from coal.

To add flavor, the same substances are used (glycerin, flavorings) as in wipe liquid. Next, the smoke passes through the filter water and gets to the smoker through the hose. For this reason, tobacco looks like dried grass, not ashes..

How often can a person smoke a hookah? According to average estimates, people hammer it no more than 1-2 times a week. The exception is avid lovers who can do this every day. As a rule, hookah is smoked in the company, so the received dose of nicotine is divided into all participants. To say whether electronic cigarettes do more harm than a hookah, it is worth operating with specific numbers. If you smoke a wipe every hour, then the negative effect will be clearly stronger.

More frequent vaping is available due to the simplicity of preparing an electronic cigarette. Hookah will have to collect, fill, hammer, heat the coals. Moreover, this can only be done at home. You can wipe while going to work or to a meeting. To reduce the harm from smoking will be possible only by reducing the frequency of the process. In other cases, your body will receive small doses of harmful substances that will not greatly affect it, but will not bring benefits.

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